Thursday, February 4, 2010

Activist Conservative Constructionist Judiciary

John R. Houk
© February 4, 2010

Okay I have to admit I am a Chuck Norris fan from his martial arts, Hollywood and TV entertainment. Saying that I am gratified Norris is in the Conservative realm of thinking. Does being a noted Personality discredit him from having political opinions made public? I believe the answer is no. If it was yes then the huge profile of politically active Leftist actors should have no influence, yet we all know they do.

Norris wrote an article which I read at Human Events concerning the danger our nation faces with President Barack Hussein Obama nominating Federal Judicial appointees of the same mold as his extra-Constitutional Czars and many of his Executive Branch appointments. That mold is Leftist. Indeed, the Leftist mold is radical.

The scope of the appointees is a decent snapshot of what BHO meant when he campaigned for Change. That Change is a socio-political transformation away from what has made America great. And it is true, America is great. Regardless of American Leftist self-loathing and concerns from many of our Slanted Left friends of Europe, America is great.

Has America made mistakes and moral lapses? Undoubtedly.

Has America become a domineering empire squashing war-losing nations into abject submission? The answer is not even close to the nature of historical world empires utilizing military victories to secure power and domination. Quite the contrary: The U. S. A. has been unnaturally benevolent in the first two global wars. President Wilson attempted to establish a League of Nations after entering WWI to shift the balance to victory for the more democratic nations. The irony being the U. S. Senate did not ratify membership of America in the League. By the end of WWII America had become the supreme military power providing aid to rebuild the destruction of winners and losers alike. Yes America is great.

The transformation which President BHO imagines must mean the jettisoning of America’s Christian foundations and the Christian morality that our Founding Fathers initiated from the influence of the earliest colonialists through the Declaration of Independence and framed for our future in the U. S. Constitution. Forget the Leftist argument that many of our Founding Fathers were Deists. Even the Deists believed in a rule of law that was encapsulated from Christian Morality and Christian Godliness.

Chuck Norris shouts in writing that we must raise a voice to support a Conservative Federal Judiciary. We all know Leftist Judges and Justices are activist in the thought of an evolving “Living Constitution.” Meaning laws are not interpreted based on their intent but on how laws should affect America’s future. Leftists and Secular Humanists view traditional Christianity as an archaic anomaly unworthy of respect because they are the nice words of history largely based on human myth. It is no wonder that as a Leftist transformation progresses, America becomes a less safe place to live.

Americans lock their doors. Americans worry about a troubled child or teenager becoming deranged and walking into a school and going Columbine on their sons and daughters. Americans are continually pumped with propaganda that homosexual rights are an innate portion of humanity when the Creator in His Word stipulates otherwise. Pornography has become so normal in America that parents concerned about raising decent children insist that personal computers and laptops be used in very open family areas. A Conservative and a Christian could go on and on how a Leftist transformation has diluted a great America.

In effect Chuck Norris is calling for Judges and Justices to become Conservative activists to counter the Leftist activist judiciary. Many a Conservative have a problem with the word “activist” used next to the word “judiciary.” The Conservative thought being why can’t a Judge or Justice weigh a law according to Constitutional intent with fairness. Unfortunately in the 21st century the old fashioned constructionist Judge or Justice is considered a Conservative by the Left. Hence, a call for an activist Conservative Judiciary is merely a call for constructionist interpretation of the U. S. Constitution.

So I say go Chuck Norris in calling for Americans to battle the appointments of Leftist “Living Constitution” Judges and Justices. After all the Left battled President Reagan and President Bush’s appointments of constructionist judges out of fear of reversing a Leftist American transformation that began in the 1960’s and is receiving a huge accelerated push from President Barack Hussein Obama.

JRH 2/4/10

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