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Pakistan Blasphemy Laws Persecute Christians

Martha Bibi to right
John R. Houk
© April 30, 2013

I received an email from Shamim Masih regarding the Pakistani Christian Martha Bibi. She is scheduled for a court date in Lahore, Pakistan relating to – guess what? If you follow the persecution of Christians in Pakistan the answer is easy. Martha Bibi’s crime is blaspheming against Islam. Blasphemy is a death sentence in Pakistan. Blasphemy can be anything from insulting the religion of Islam, the prophet Mohammed, against Islam’s Allah, against the Quran and so on of ridiculous accusations that lead to a capital crime in Pakistan.

I had heard the name “Bibi” in one of the rare moments of the international press noticing how Muslims persecute Christians with often trumped up charges of Blasphemy. So when I went to double check on that name “Bibi” I discovered it was a different person from the news report from Shamim. The other person is Asia Bibi who has the notoriety of being the first woman convicted for a blasphemy charge with a sentence of death by hanging. Asia has been languishing in jail since November 2010 awaiting an appeal to be heard on her death sentence. I found out that Asia Bibi may get her day around the same time frame in Lahore, Pakistan as Martha Bibi.

There are a number of blasphemy legal issues facing Christians. Here are a few links that you probably will not see from Western MSM:

Apparently many of the minority rights NGOs in Pakistan take turns using available money to provide legal aid to these persecuted Christians under Islamic Blasphemy Laws. Shamim points out that her current legal council is being handled by what Shamim calls World Vision in Pakistan or WVIP. I like to see what some of these NGOs do specifically because some of them may tend to slant to exploitation than actual legitimate help. I must interject that all the NGOs Shamim has been involved with appear to be on the legitimate side of the scale. Anyway, I could not find an NGO with the name World Vision in Pakistan. However, I did find an organization called World Vision in Progress (Foundation) using the same acronym WVIP. The NGO I found is focused on Pakistan so I am going to guess this is whom Shamim Masih is alluding.

Here is the email Shamim Masih has sent regarding Martha Bibi.

JRH 4/30/13
WVIP to fight for the fate of Martha Bibi in Pakistani court

By Shamim Masih
Sent: 4/30/2013 10:23 AM
Updated per author request 5/3/13

LAHORE (Shamim Masih): World Vision in Progress – WVIP has submitted the power of attorney in the court to defend Martha Bibi, accused of blasphemy case. A Pakistani court has fixed May 09, 2013 as the date of to hear the case of a Christian woman accused of blasphemy.

According to Lazar Allah Rakha, WVIP’s lawyer penal Salvance Jacob, Nadeem Hassan and Lazar Allah Rakha has filed the power of attorney to precede the case of Martha Bibi in Lahore today on 30th April 2013.

Martha Bibi, 45, married with 6 children, accused of the blasphemy case and was arrested on January 22, 2007 under a blasphemy case registered on the application of a local Muslim, since then she is facing the trail court. Earlier CLAAS and LEAD family has been taking care of her case in the court.

She was arrested in early 2007 and later released from prison on bail, but the trial was pending in the Kasur session court. Her lawyer had moved an application for transference of her case to Lahore session court to avoid any misshape and Lahore High Court has accepted it and shifted it to Lahore court, said Allah Rakha.

The Christian human rights activist and lawyer said that WVIP has been extending “moral and financial support” to Martha and her family as well.

WVIP has urged Christian around the world to pray for “protection of Martha” and for “her deliverance from the blasphemy trial.”

Be Blessed,

Shamim Masih
Pakistan Blasphemy Laws Persecute Christians
John R. Houk
© April 30, 2013
WVIP to fight for the fate of Martha Bibi in Pakistani

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Newbill Emails from 3-29 to 4-2-13

Monsanto Frankenfoods
Tony Newbill
Edited by John R. Houk

Here are a series of emails from Tony Newbill with a bit of editing by yours truly. Newbill’s emails typically deal with Conspiracy issues which I love to read. I hope you enjoy them as well.

JRH 4/29/13

Corporate-Government Conspiracy is Fascism
Sent: 3/29/2013 9:31 AM

To better understand this article you should become familiar with the Monsanto Company, the Monsanto Protection Act and Genetically Engineered Organism (GMO) which also known as Genetically Engineered (GE) seed.

(NaturalNews) President Barack Obama campaigned on promises to end secret prisons, decriminalize marijuana, balance the budget, honor the Second Amendment and make health care affordable. But what really unfolded was an explosion in the national debt (now $16 trillion and climbing), the signing of the NDAA, a claimed new power to kill any American at any time, even on U.S. soil, the use of military drones to murder American children overseas, a full-on assault against the Bill of Rights, a doubling of health insurance rates and the destruction of the U.S. economy.

But that's not all.

Now Obama has signed the "Monsanto Protection Act" into law, stabbing America in the heart yet again and proving that no matter how convincing politicians appear on the campaign trail, they are still sociopathic liars in the end.

The Monsanto Protection Act, part of the
HR 933 continuing resolution, allows Monsanto to override U.S. federal courts on the issue of planting experimental genetically engineered crops all across the country. Even if those experimental crops are found to be extremely dangerous or to cause a runaway crop plague, the U.S. government now has no judicial power to stop them from being planted and harvested.

reports, the bill "effectively bars federal courts from being able to halt the sale or planting of GMO or GE crops and seeds, no matter what health consequences from the consumption of these products may come to light in the future."
GMOs now evade all regulations: America has become a grand Monsanto experiment

A Food Democracy Now petition now states:
With the Senate passage of the Monsanto Protection Act, biotech lobbyists are one step closer to making sure that their new GMO crops can evade any serious scientific or regulatory review.

This dangerous provision, the Monsanto Protection Act, strips judges of their constitutional mandate to protect consumer and farmer rights and the environment, while opening up the floodgates for the planting of new untested genetically engineered crops, endangering farmers, citizens and the environment.

Corporate-government conspiracy is fascism

This new law forces the USDA to automatically approve all GMO planting permits sought by Monsanto and other biotech firms, effectively granting Monsanto dominion over the U.S. government. This is the very definition of fascism, a form of tyrannical government where corporations conspire with the government to destroy or confiscate all rights, powers and assets, leaving the people impoverished and powerless.

What's interesting about this development is that now even democrats …
Read the Rest
Reason for Rejecting U.S. Dollar and U.S. Food Trade?
Sent: 3/29/2013 11:16 AM

This could create the reason why the US dollar is rejected with the rejection of US food trade.

It should come as no surprise to many of you to find out that Monsanto actually authored the wording of its own Monsanto Protection Act hidden in the recently passed and signed Continuing Resolution spending bill. How could a major corporation write its own laws and regulations, you ask?

Quite frankly I think it’s important to understand that the entire Senate passed the bill containing the Protection Act, but the politician who actually gave Monsanto the pen in order to write their very own legislation is no others than Roy Blunt — a Republican Senator from Missouri. As the latest IB Times article reveals, the Missouri politician worked with Monsanto to write the Monsanto Protection Act. This was confirmed by a New York news report I will get to shortly.

As you probably know I do not play the political clown game of left versus right, and instead highlight corruption and wrongdoing wherever it is found — regardless of party affiliation. In the case of Senator Blunt, he admits to colluding with Monsanto, a corporation that has literally been caught running ‘slave-like’ working conditions in which workers are unable to leave or eat (among many worse misdeeds).

This is one of the most blatant offenses against the citizens of the United States I’ve seen in a long time. A population that Blunt swore to serve. It’s not for the United States public at all, and it’s a serious matter that I don’t think is properly understood. The passing of this bill into law means that Monsanto is now immune from federal courts regarding any suspension or action on their crops that have been deemed to be dangerous to the people (or the environment).

This means crops that were approved and later found to damage the environment or the public will be immune from United States government action. Theoretically, one million studies could find that Monsanto’s latest creation was causing a massive cancer wave and … Read the Rest
Sent: 3/30/2013 9:38 AM

What do You Think about These Videos????
Sent: 3/30/2013 10:09 AM

Oh the Hypocrisy...... Capitalism relies on Trust..!
Sent: 4/1/2013 7:44 AM

Oh the Hypocrisy...... Capitalism relies on Trust and this does nothing to ensure the system is trustworthy!!!!! 

Cyprus’ President-related company transfers 21mn to London prior to bailout agreement – report

A company owned by in-laws of Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades wired 21 million from Laiki Bank to London days before the Eurogroup’s crisis-triggering levy proposal, claims a Cypriot newspaper. The president demands an investigation.

During two days, 12 and 13 of March, the company A. Loutsios & Sons Ltd., co-owned by Loutsios John, the husband of Nikos Anastasiadis’ daughter, Elsa, took five promissory notes worth 21 million from Laiki Bank. The money was then transferred to London, reported Cypriot newspaper Harangue, affiliated to the communist-rooted AKEL party.

The withdrawal was fulfilled just three days before the Eurogroup meeting when euro finance ministers agreed a 10 billion euro ($13 billion) bailout for Cyprus.

The company, however, has firmly denied the reports.

Earlier in March the Eurogroup proposed the Cypriot government impose a new tax that would make citizens shoulder a 12.5-percent crisis tax on savings larger than 100,000, with a tax of 3 percent on smaller deposits.

The initial agreement suggested 9.9 and 6.7 percent levies on deposits above and below the 100,000 threshold respectively.

At dawn of March 25, Cyprus and the troika of international backers (EU, ECB, IMF) reached agreement on a 10bn bailout plan, aimed at preventing the bankruptcy of the island’s financial system and the country’s exit from the Eurozone.

The depositors holding over 100,000 euros at the Bank of Cyprus will lose 37.5 per cent in money in exchange for bank shares. These big depositors may further lose up to 22.5 per cent more if the experts consider bank’s balance insufficient.

This means that those with big deposits in Cyprus’ largest bank could lose could lose up to 60 percent of their savings in a harsh new EU and IMF bailout deal. Those with deposits less than 100,000 euros will be protected under the Cyprus deposit guarantee.

Thanks, World Reserve Currency, But No Thanks: Australia And China To Enable Direct Currency Convertibility
4/1/2013 10:34 AM

A month ago we pointed out that as a result of Australia's unprecedented reliance on China as a target export market, accounting for nearly 30% of all Australian exports (with the flipside being just as true, as Australia now is the fifth-biggest source of Chinese imports), the two countries may as well be joined at the hip.

Over the weekend, Australia appears to have come to the same conclusion, with the Australian reporting that the land down under is set to say goodbye to the world's "reserve currency" in its trade dealings with the world's biggest marginal economic power, China, and will enable the direct convertibility of the Australian dollar into Chinese yuan, without US Dollar intermediation, in the process "slashing costs for thousands of business" and also confirming speculation that China is fully intent on, little by little, chipping away at the dollar's reserve currency status until one day it no longer is.

And while previously the focus was on Chinese currency swap arrangements, the uniqueness of this weekend's news is that Read the Rest

The Culmination of Limiting Life in the USA
4/2/2013 9:10 AM

The Culmination of Limiting Life in the USA: Is this driven from an Ideology about Global Overpopulation Fears among the Elite that see the world from their Private Jet Window???

Is the President’s Efforts to Map Human brains a path towards using Eugenics to Select what Human traits are desirable and which are NOT???? And will this chart a course that takes Humanity away from the True Creator of Life and interrupt LIBERTY for all people if that Person is deemed not desirable due to a Human Determined Defect?? Does this set Humanity in the USA and the world on a dangerous slippery Slope of Limiting Unalienable Rights???

Eugenics is the applied science of the bio-social movement which advocates practices to improve the genetic composition of a population, usually a human population.[2][3] Eugenics is widely referred to as a pseudoscience [4] and is infamously linked to the racial policies that led to Nazi Germany's Holocaust.[5].

It is a social philosophy advocating the improvement of human hereditary traits through the promotion of higher reproduction of more desired people and traits, and reduced reproduction of less desired people and traits.[6]

Obama unveils White House brain-mapping project

By Maggie Fox, Senior Writer, NBC News

President Obama pitched a human brain research initiative on Tuesday that he likened to the Human Genome Project to map all the human DNA, and said it will not only help find cures for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and autism, but create jobs and drive economic growth.

Obama proposed $100 million in federal funding to kick start the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies or BRAIN Initiative.

It's not clear just what the initiative will do. Obama and collins said they'd appointed a "dream team" of experts to lay out the agenda -- they should report back before the end of the summer. They are led by neurobiologists Cori Bargmann of Rockefeller University and William Newsome of Stanford University.

The public-private initiative, with money from groups such as the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's brain mapping project, aims to find a way to take pictures of the brain in action in real time.

The $100 million funding will come from the National Institutes of Health, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the National Science Foundation, the White House said.

“We want to understand the brain to know how we reason, how we memorize, how we learn, how we move, how our emotions work. These abilities define us, yet we hardly understand any of it," said Miyoung Chun, vice president of science programs at The Kavli Foundation, which is taking part in the initiative and which funds basic research in neuroscience and physics.

The project has some big money and some big science to build on. Allen pumped another $300 million into his institute's brain mapping initiative a year ago, and has published freely available maps of the human and mouse brains. The Howard Hughes Medical Institute built a whole research campus devoted to brain science, called Janelia Farm, in Virginia.

Arati Prabhakar, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) pointed to a project that allowed a quadriplegic woman to control a robot arm with her thoughts alone.

Not everybody is happy about a centralized, administration-led project. Michael Eisen, a biologist at the University of California at Berkeley, said earlier this year that grand projects in biology such as Project ENCODE for DNA analysis were emerging as the "greatest threat" to individual discovery-driven science.

"It's one thing to fund neuroscience, another to have a centralized 10-year project to 'solve the brain,'" Eisen wrote in a Twitter update in February.

There needs to be Limits Placed on where this Kind of Practice Intersects with Political and Congressional Legislative Law and Order in Effecting decisions made on the Individual basis of LIFE because as you see in Washington State trying to Force Capital Investment in Limiting Life would set a dangerous Precedent on Just How and why Life would be allowed or not.

Senator: Abortion insurance bill won't move forward

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) - Despite a majority of Washington state senators having signed a letter in support of a measure requiring insurers to cover abortion, a key lawmaker said Monday that it will not advance from her committee.

Republican Sen. Randi Becker of Eatonville, chairwoman of the Senate Health Care Committee, announced that the bill would not move forward hours after her panel heard testimony on it.

"Even advocates of the bill admit that there is no need for the bill today as every health insurer in the state of Washington provides for abortion coverage," said Becker in a written statement. "As such, the decision of the committee is that the bill will not move forward from here this year."

The hearing attracted more than 250 people from both sides of the abortion issue, with many of those wearing rival buttons and ribbons and dressed in dueling color schemes left to watch the proceedings on a screen in a nearby room.

The bill, which supporters call the Reproductive Parity Act, was passed by the House by a 53-43 vote in February, with mostly Democrats in favor and Republicans opposed.

Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat and a bill supporter, has repeatedly urged the Senate to vote on it.

The bill would make Washington the first state to require insurers that cover maternity care - which they all most do - to also pay for abortions. Similar legislation has been introduced each session in the New York State Assembly for over a decade but has never received a public hearing.

In testimony before Becker's committee, those supporting the measure said it would ensure continued abortion coverage in the state once federal health care reforms taking effect next year trigger bureaucratic hurdles for insurers paying for the procedure.

The bill would ensure that a woman's decision about whether to get an abortion "is left with her, her family, her health-care provider and her God," said Elaine Rose, CEO of Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest, addressing the committee. "Not with government, not with her insurance plan, and with all due respect, not with any of you."

Opponents countered that abortion insurance coverage is already widespread in the state and that the bill is unnecessary. They also said the measure threatens the religious freedoms of businesses and individuals who oppose abortion rights and do not want to subsidize the cost of the procedure for others.

"You all have the second amendment right to bear arms, to own a gun," said Peggy O'Ban, spokeswoman for Human Life of Washington. "But does that mean I have to buy it for you?"

JRH Comment: God bless State Senator Randi Becker for preventing murderous Leftist Democrats from mandating insurance companies to kill unborn babies for birth control.
© Tony Newbill
Edited by John R. Houk

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Responding to the Lies of Islam

It is always good to have a Christian perspective on Islam. Here is a seminar that was videoed for Dr. Gary Cass.

JRH 4/28/13
Responding to the Lies of Islam

By Dr. Gary Cass
Sent: 04/25/2013 07:55 PM

In light of what happened in Boston, this message is more timely then ever. Please watch this video. It's long but worthwhile. Once you've watched it, forward it along to your friends and family.

Nobody has the courage to face reality. This video is sobering but truthful and extremely helpful.