Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the Forest of Eden

I have just finished reading a very compelling essay from Norma Zager. Zager is associated with Ari Bussel with Post Cards From Israel. The Post Cards website publishes essays of Jewish insight of thoughts about Israel and Judaism. I get the impression (I could be wrong) that Bussel and Zager have a Liberal Jewish mindset which slants to the center. The implication being they are not Orthodox Jews but either Conservative or Reform Judaism. I don’t know I am just guessing from their writing.

They submit essay to SlantRight often. Some are awesome and some simply do not fit here at a Christian Right (somewhat Neoconservative) blog.

The Zager essay entitled, In the Forest of Eden embraces the topic of Israeli survival in the midst of Jewish hatred shot from Muslims, a humanistic Leftist West (including America) and ironically self-loathing Liberal American Jews.

There is one more thing in Zager’s essay one doesn’t read in Jewish political writings very often. She honors and welcomes the support of American Evangelical Christians (notably the Christian Right) for the cause of Israeli existence.

JRH 2/14/2010

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