Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Final Victory for Kaufman on the State Level

John R. Houk
© February 2, 2010

Islamic organizations have pursued a legal path in the Western World termed Lawfare (or Legal Jihad) have tried to use the wealth that pours into their financial coffers from Muslim donations (zakat) of the Ummah and wealthy Muslims in particular. Most of the source of the wealthy Muslims is the result of oil wealth. The Muslim nations with the most oil are also the hotbed locations of what the West calls radical Islam.

There has been a history of Lawfare in the West against Western Journalists and journalism that is critical of the Islam that ends up supporting Islamic terrorism globally. The whole purpose of Lawfare is to extort a journalist, author or publishing house to not print exposing anti-Islamic (okay, let’s say radical) articles, essays and books. The extortion has to do with the seeming huge wealth of Islamic organizations or Islamic billionaires. The goal of Lawfare is to threaten or tie up the finances of people and publishers with expensive litigation. An individual most likely would be bankrupted if they were to confront the huge legal fees involved in Lawfare litigation. America has begun to take steps to nix Lawfare legislatively and judicially. One such victory against Lawfare has been the ongoing case of multiple American-Islamic organizations pursuing Lawfare against Joe Kaufman.

I have been tracking this off and on since 2007:

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You can kind of see the progression. The last post above related to the Texas Appellate Court throwing out the case against Kaufman. The Islamic organizations pursuing Kaufman did not stop at the Appellate level, rather they used the litigation prowess to take Kaufman to the Texas State Supreme Court in order to bully or bankrupt Kaufman.

I am gratified to report Kaufman has found success in his free speech rights with vindication from the Texas State Supreme Court. I wonder if Lawfare oriented Muslims will try their hand in the Federal Court system and work it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States? Time will tell. Go Joe Kaufman.

JRH 2/2/10

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