Friday, February 19, 2010

Islam is Peaceful, Ask your Public School

John R. Houk
© February 19, 2010

I have long been against the revisionist and multicultural propaganda that is embedded in America’s public schools courtesy of a Secular Humanist agenda. I have been disturbed that homosexuality is taught as a valid alternate lifestyle even though that lifestyle runs absolutely against the grain of God’s Holy Word. Now I am discovering that Islamic multiculturalist are coming as speakers to our public schools to propagandize that Islam is a religion of peace.

Not only are Muslim speakers educating brainwashing our children and youth about Islam but some of the speakers are what would be termed as radical Muslims.

It turns out radical Muslims Othman Shibly and son Hassan Shibly have been speakers at America’s public schools. These two at one time (maybe still, I don’t know) worked for Bridges TV in Buffalo, NY. There is a reason why this is significant. Bridges TV was part of a Saudi financed effort to propagandize Americans in the Buffalo area that Islam is peaceful and not hateful as is reported honestly by anti-jihadists and the few images that can’t help but make the news in the Mainstream Media (MSM).

At one time the managing executive of Bridges TV was one Muzzammil Hassan. Hassan decapitated his wife in an honor killing for her effort to leave her husband. Mr. Hassan was not as moderate as he pretended. Neither are the Shiblys.

So I have to ask the ACLU and anti-Christian sentiments in the Public Schools a question. Why are not Christian speakers allowed to speak about how Christianity influenced America’s foundations and growth?

Nonie Darwish writing for FrontPage Magazine used the Shiblys as an example of how Islamic propaganda is used in America’s public schools.

I will post Darwish’s expose of Islamic propaganda here at Since I made aware of Darwish’s article by ACT for America I will also post the obligatory email appeal for donations. ACT is a fantastic grassroots ‘tell the truth’ about Islam organization. Although ACT’s email included the Darwish article I am going to use the FrontPage Magazine format couple with ACT’s highlighted areas.

JRH 2/19/10.

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