Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Jihadist CBRN Threat

Here is the new acronym you should learn to go along with WMD and IED. CBRN weaponry apparently is the next threat level for Islamic terrorists will use in America and Western nations. CBRN stands for Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear.

After reading a STRATFOR report CBRN weaponry is the next level sought by Islamic terrorists to wreak havoc among civilians. STRATFOR believes Islamic terrorists have been hampered by American efforts so much that it is a difficult goal to achieve by al-Qaeda and its sympathizers. However, the goal is not unattainable and there is some belief that components of CBRN are possessed by Islamic terrorists but not enough to deploy with a significant amount of destruction to limb and life of the innocent.

Here are the STRATFOR details.

JRH 2/11/10

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