Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The New Threat—Body Bombs

Thanks to Islamic Terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (Undie Bomber or Christmas Bomber or etc.) American airports have or are about to use x-ray body scanners to catch hidden weaponry or hidden explosives.

America’s Islamic enemies (really the West in general) are only barbaric in their ways. They are not without innovation. Recently the UK’s
MI5 has uncovered Intelligence that al-Qaeda intends to plant explosives inside the human body of an Islamic terrorist to blow up airlines. Personally I doubt that such a tactic would be limited to airlines. It could replace the homicidal-suicide nut jobs who strap on an explosive jacket to kill innocent men, women and children in an effort to terrorize non-Muslims into submission to Islam.

ACT for America has sent an email as an Action Alert that includes a story from the Daily Mail.

JRH 2/3/10
The New Threat—Body Bombs

ACT for America
Sent: Feb 2, 2010 at 10:21 AM

British intelligence has uncovered the newest threat from Islamic terrorism—bombs surgically implanted inside the bodies of jihadists.

This is the latest, chilling reminder that our current system of “security,” a politically correct-driven focus on detecting weapons rather than focusing on detecting potential terrorists, is and will remain vulnerable to penetration by our sworn enemies.

Syndicated columnist Tony Blankley made these remarkably salient observations in a recent column entitled “Governing elites’ idiocy on terrorism”:

“...there is a widening gap between public common sense and governing class idiocy when it comes to spotting Islamist danger in our midst—and doing something about it.

...The slaughtered American troops at Ft. Hood are just among the early few in what will surely become whole legions of the dead victims of political correctness—if the public does not soon succeed at overruling the Western governing elite’s unconscionable moral blindness to the malign danger in our midst.”

Last week we launched the “ACT! IMPACT! 2010” campaign. Our sense of urgency has never been greater. With public opinion turning ever more sharply against the politically correct “idiocy” of our governing elites, NOW, more than ever, is the time for us to ACT.

We will do everything we can this year to fight for you and for common sense against this “idiocy.”

The fact that our efforts have helped fuel public outcry, which is causing the Obama administration to reconsider trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City, is a striking example of how grassroots America can force changes in government policy.

We will do as much as our funding allows us to. We can succeed, but only if we act. If you haven’t already done so, please stand with us by signing up as a monthly contributing Patriot Partner or making a one-time gift as a Contributing Member.

We need “1010 for 2010,” 1010 ACT! for America members to join us in this campaign so we can fund our first three major projects, including the Congressional Scorecard and the “Effective Contact” online grassroots lobbying program.

When you
click here to make your contribution online, or click here to print out a reply form to mail in your gift, we will send you a special gift as our way of saying “thank you.”

We know for many of our members these are difficult economic times. We only ask that you do what you can so we can do what we can. Thank you!

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