Friday, February 5, 2010

Is Israel’s Right to Exist about to be Threatened?

John R. Houk
© February 5, 2010

The American government and most of the interests of the European Union are demanding the establishment of a Palestinian State carved out of traditional lands that were Jewish in time immemorial. The once Jordanian occupied region they termed as the West Bank (because Jordan was the East Bank) and now termed by Israel as Judea and Samaria is the land America and the EU wish to deliver to a people who in reality have never existed as a nation. Part of this call for Palestinian statehood by America and the EU is to steal the Eastern part of Jerusalem as if that has been an Arab enclave. The reality is when Jordan occupied Judea and Samaria after the 1948 war they also occupied the Eastern part of Jerusalem giving the boot to Jewish inhabitants. The synagogues and Jewish revered sites were then desecrated by Muslim Arabs as the Jews were given the boot.

When Israel recaptured all of Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria at the end of Jordan’s 1967 invasion, did the Western minded Jewish government of Israel allow reprisals and desecration of Muslim sites? No, indeed the Israeli government went out of its way to accommodate Arab Muslims. The Muslims were even allowed to keep the most revered site of all Judaism – The Temple Mount. Even after the Israeli reacquisition of their Land, the accommodated Muslims exacted desecration of Jewish sites in Judea and Samaria.

Remarkably Christian Arabs have been/are just as anti-Jewish as Muslim Arabs. It is remarkable to me for even the Christian Arabs began to leave Judea and Samaria out of fear of Muslim Arabs. The city of Bethlehem was at one time a Christian majority city. Now the Muslims have become the significant majority as Christians have fled to safer places to live.

With all this in mind, the American government and the EU still insist on legitimizing the existence of a Muslim Palestine people by creating a State that has never existed.

Israel has the same experience with less significant Gaza formerly ruled by Egypt. Gaza is now ruled by radical Islamic terrorists known as Hamas. The Arab refugees that are there are the result of the 1948 war to prevent Israel’s inception as a Jewish nation shortly after German Nazis attempted to exterminate Jews in Europe.

The American government and the EU would be creating another situation in which a second Holocaust may erupt by forcibly allow the existence of a State of Palestine whose continued ultimate goal is to exterminate Jews and terminate Israel.

Now how much sense does that make?

Caroline Glick wrote an excellent article that further gives the image that America and the EU (wittingly or unwittingly) is preparing to throw Israel under the bus. The Muslim history connected to the modern State of Israel has been a continuous agenda of finding ways to obliterate Israel. Egypt and Jordan have grown weary of losing wars embarrassingly to tiny Israel and have officially recognized the Jewish State as a nation. However being Muslim in orientation they both still call for the creation of a Muslim Palestinian State which I have noted would exist to have the goal of Israel’s destruction.

Glick points to the very real potential of a war building between Syria, Iran and the Islamic terrorists committed to Israel’s destruction (viz., Hamas, Hezbollah and the various PLO (PA) umbrella terrorists led by Fatah).

With America and the EU hot to forge economic ties with oil abundant Muslim regimes and their client Muslim States, the antagonistic Muslim nations and terrorists may becoming bold enough to embark on yet another war of destruction of Israel. The one change that has occurred compared to past Muslim nation emboldenment is that psycho-Shi’ite Muslim Iran is actually evolving into a self-sufficient regional military power. Iran is the region’s biggest supporter of terrorism. Even Shi’ites and Sunnis have a long history of mutual dislike; it is becoming apparent when it comes to the existence of Israel the mutual dislike is tossed out the window. Iran has been funneling support to Sunni Hamas along with the expected support of Shi’ite client terrorist Hezbollah. Syria has basically become a client rogue nation client of Iran. The Fatah dominated Palestine Authority (PA) is even indicating a more public (i.e. toward Western news outlets) belligerence toward Israel. Glick believes this is all a precursor to a soon erupting war between Israel and the surrounding hostile nations and terrorists.

If Glick is correct (and I believe she is) then one has to ask, “What will America and the EU do if there is a war with Israel?” Let us make the question even more difficult for America and the EU. What will American and the EU do if Israel (wisely) preemptively attacks first to offset any belligerent Muslim threat to Israel’s National Security?

The EU nations have been going through a period of reemerging anti-Semitism. I suspect the EU would condemn Israel for starting a war. The EU will be sided with the United Nations who have subscribed to the fallacious Goldstone Report which accuses Israel of war crimes for attacking Hamas who launched missiles into Israeli civilian areas.

What will the Obama Administration do? President BHO will weigh the political options. He will throw Israel under the bus if he feels there is enough political division among Americans and Congress concerning blame or support for Israel. If American public support remains strong for Israel BHO will choose between verbally chastising the Iranian and Syrian regimes and sending military aid to Israel. President BHO’s commitment to Israel will depend on the domestic political pressures of America.

JRH 2/5/10

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