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JRH 2/29/12

Media finally paying attention to eligibility?

BHO Vampire Sucks Liberty's Blood
A Birther moment in the sun is about to dawn or set according to the findings delivered by Sherriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ as analyzed by a relatively voluntary Cold Case Posse that the Sherriff appointed. There is even going to be a live broadcast (at least over the Internet) on March 1, 2012 to provide at least a summary of the Cold Case Posse findings. WND has even made a link to get a hold of a free copy of the Cold Case Posse document.

JRH 2/29/12
Media finally paying attention to eligibility?
See which major networks plan on covering Cold Case Posse results

February 29, 2012 12:55 PM CT

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Poll after poll in recent months has indicated that Americans have a high level of concern over Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president, with one poll showing fully half of the nation wants Congress to investigate the question.

But reporters for the traditional media – networks, major newspapers, major news corporations and conglomerates – mostly have giggled when talk turns to the serious question of just what the U.S. Constitution requires of presidents.

Nevertheless, media organizations from all political persuasions are seeking admittance to a news conference to be held by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz.

The event is tomorrow at 1 p.m. Mountain Standard Time in Phoenix, 3 p.m. Eastern, and will be live-streamed by WND.

The topic of discussion will be an investigation by Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse into concerns about Obama’s eligibility. It’s the first time an official law enforcement report has addressed many of the allegations about the presumptive 2012 Democratic nominee for president.

The issues include Obama’s eligibility under the U.S. Constitution’s requirements, questions about his use of a Connecticut Social Security number and the image of his purported birth certificate from Hawaii.

Top national media organizations have indicated their plans to attend, and bookings for radio and television reports are in the works. Expected are reporters from the Associated Press, Reuters, Univision, the Washington Times and NBC, CBS and ABC affiliates, as well statewide radio networks, among many others.

Because of the circumstances, a decision was made to hold the press conference at the sheriff’s training center on the outskirts of Phoenix, rather than at the downtown office.
The event is expected to draw protesters who object to the sheriff’s office review of allegations that Obama may attempt to use a fraudulent document to have his name placed on the 2012 presidential election ballot in Arizona.

Without releasing any details, Arpaio has said the findings “could be a shock.”

He constituted a special five-member law enforcement posse last year to investigate allegations brought by members of the Surprise, Ariz., Tea Party that the Obama birth certificate released to the public by the White House on April 27 might be a forgery.

The posse is made up of three former law enforcement officers and two retired attorneys with law enforcement experience. Members have been examining evidence since September concerning Obama’s eligibility to be president under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, which requires a president to be a natural-born citizen.

Among other issues, there also have been allegations of Obama’s use of a Social Security number that corresponds to a Connecticut address, even though the president apparently had no links there.

WND earlier reported a private investigation found that the Social Security number being used by Obama does not pass a check with E-Verify, the electronic system the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has created to verify whether or not someone is authorized to work legally in the country.

Arpaio’s investigation is the first official law enforcement look at the allegations surrounding Obama’s eligibility. Many of the private investigators who have examined it contend there are too many questionable circumstances to believe that everything regarding Obama is above-board.

Arpaio previously told WND that when he launched his Cold Case Posse it was with the possibility that he would clear Obama.

He said it wasn’t an issue he could ignore, after 250 members of the tea party organization “came to me and asked their sheriff to investigate Obama and the birth certificate.”

The WND TV live-streaming coverage of the news conference Thursday is possible through the support of the Western Center for Journalism.

The decisions in dozens of court cases over the last few years questioning Obama’s eligibility were typified by a recent decision in Georgia in which several individuals filed challenges to Obama’s name on the 2012 ballot and provided evidence to a hearing officer.

Even though Obama and his lawyer deliberately snubbed the case – the lawyer wrote the judge a letter in advance telling him Obama would not attend – the judge threw out the evidence presented by several attorneys and ruled in favor of Obama.

Similar ballot challenges are being filed in a long list of other states already.

The Arpaio investigators were given the case following a meeting held in the sheriff’s office Aug. 17, 2011, with tea party representatives from Surprise, Ariz., who presented a petition signed by more than 250 Maricopa County residents. The petitioners expressed concern that their voting rights could be irreparably compromised if Obama uses a forged birth certificate to be placed on the 2012 presidential ballot in Arizona or otherwise is found to be ineligible.

The tea party letter formally stated the following charge: “The Surprise Tea Party is concerned that no law enforcement agency or other duly constituted government agency has conducted an investigation into the Obama birth certificate to determine if it is in fact an authentic copy of 1961 birth records on file for Barack Obama at the Hawaii Department of Health in Honolulu, or whether it, or they are forgeries.”

The posse was constituted as a 501(c)3 organization, designed to cost the people of Maricopa County nothing, while enabling people from around the country to contribute to its mission.

Those wishing to send a tax-deductible contribution directly to the Cold Case Posse may do so by mailing a check or money order to: MCSO Cold Case Posse, P.O. Box 74374, Phoenix, AZ 85087.

WND has reported that dozens of experts with varying ranges of competency who have looked at the situation believe the birth documentation image released by Obama last year is not genuine.

A flying-banner and billboard campaign to let people know about the questions regarding eligibility that was started by WND CEO and Editor Joseph Farah also has raised the public’s awareness of the situation.

Farah wrote recently that the underlying question to be determined is whether the U.S. Constitution remains the law of the land, or whether it has become “an archaic old document that needs to be amended.”

“At its core, it’s really quite simple: Does Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution dealing with who can serve as president of the United States simply mean that any citizen age 35 or older is eligible? If so, why did the founders use a different term altogether – ‘natural born citizen’? What is a ‘natural born citizen’? Is it anyone born in the United States? If so, why have candidates born outside the United States been deemed eligible? Do we owe it to America’s future to go back in history to determine what that term actually means?

“Until now, as hard as it may be to believe, no official vetting of Obama’s credentials has been done – not by the 50 secretaries of state who oversee elections, not by the Federal Elections Commission that administers the nation’s elections laws, not by the Electoral College, not by any judge in America, not by Congress, not by anyone,” he continued.

Even before the results become public, Farah said he’s confident there will be a significant impact.

“I strongly believe it could be a game-changer,” he said.
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Islamic group threatens WND

Truth about Islam
A foreign Radical Islamic group threatens WorldNetDaily (WND) if it does not conform to journalistic dhimmitude when reporting on the darker nature of Islam. The threat came from Faarooq al Mohammedi alleging to represent United Muslim Nations International. The threat did not actually say “journalistic dhimmitude” yet the message/threat equates to the same thing.

If anyone finds out any information about this fairly hidden Radical Islam feel free to email me at WND believes United Muslim Nations International may be operating this blog site entitled “The True Religion”. WND uses this post – “The United Muslim Nations (UMN) International” - to come to that conclusion. The titled post is dated 1/15/2009. Either WND vast resources did not find any further information or WND viewed the threat as serious as a mos·qui·to, but found an example of Islamic threats they probably receive on a daily basis.

JRH 2/29/12
Islamic group threatens WND
'We would not want to take you down the same route as we have with others'

February 28, 2012 9:55 PM CT

A man who says he represents the United Muslim Nations International organization has warned WND to “moderate” its reporting on issues involving Islam because of how Muslims may react.

The warning came in an email to WND from Faarooq al Mohammedi, who said he was asking on behalf of the Muslim organization that WND “comply as it would be in the companies (sic) best interest as we would not want to take you down the same rout (sic) as we have with other non-complaint media firms.”

The email warned WND to take “extra precaution when publishing religiously sensitive material or in creating religiously sensitive suspicions about peoples (sic) religious beliefs and practices.”

He threatened, “We would appreciate it if you could tighten your screening and moderation processes of articles to be published, any fake material published by WND will be taken as a breach of world news standards, religiously sensitive matters are to be based on solid and undeniable facts, failure to produce proofs of such published articles will give us no option but to bring about the complete removal of WND online as well as from the public in any print media.”

The essence of the warning was that WND needed to project an attitude of dhimmitude, the subservient role demanded of nonbelievers in a Muslim society. Dhimmis “recognize” their inferior status and appropriately serve the master Muslims.

Contacted by WND at a telephone number in Africa, Mohammedi could cite no specific issues with WND’s reporting. Instead, he promoted a worldwide Islamic caliphate, a subject mentioned in a WND report several days earlier about a coming conference in Austria.

“Isn’t this interesting?” said WND Founder and Editor Joseph Farah, “This guy makes an indictment, but can provide zero evidence to back it up. Nevertheless, he is making sweeping threats about shutting down WND and enlisting the help of unnamed governments.

“This is why Americans who believe in free speech must never permit international agencies to be involved in policing the Internet. Nor can we afford to allow ourselves to be bullied into self-censorship and standards of ‘political correctness’ by special interest groups.”

Pamela Geller, who writes at AtlasShrugs and long has waged battles against the encroachment of Islamic religious law in the United States, said while she was not familiar with the group, the tactic is common.

“The tactic is pure Islamic supremacist intimidation, a tried-and-true strategy that they employ frequently,” she said. “They cannot answer us, so they try to shut us down.”

Geller repeatedly has fought over the right to have ads criticizing Islam in the same locations as ads that promote Islam. She frequently has to go to court to get the same access that pro-Islamic organizations are freely granted.

Mohammedi told WND in the telephone interview today that his concern is that publishing material he doesn’t like “creates a problem on a global scale.”

“Some people have different ways of reacting to different articles that are published,” he said. “We’re trying to prevent certain unwanted events from happening due to these publications.

“We need that (publication) to come to an end because if you want peace and stability around the world, you would need these things to come to an end as well.”

Regarding WND, Mohammedi could not identify a single specific concern but said he knew there were some, and he would respond by email. The email never arrived.

He could only say there were articles regarding “suspicions” about Islam.

“The religion is very open, very open. There’s nothing to be suspicious about,” he said.

He said the email to WND was part of a campaign.

“I’ve dealt with quite a few people. We’ve got the government involved with ombudsmen, and they’ve made adjustments,” he said.

“Basically, our advice is that people need to take extra precautions and moderate whatever gets published,” he said, referring to recent references about a caliphate, although he could not say they were from WND.

“They carry the (caliphate) message … it’s almost like there’s some suspicion of something terrible. Islamically, the system of the caliphate is supposed to be a good thing. It shouldn’t be seen as something bad,” he said.

“It will prevent a lot of conflicts around the world itself, as well as provide the world with a central government structure.”

Farah said his grandparents “did not flee the Muslim-dominated Middle East so their grandson would have to guard his words about Islamic oppression around the world and, more frequently, right here in the U.S.”

“As long as I am alive, WND will continue to tell the truth about Shariah, jihad and Islamic terror,” Farah said.

While Mohammedi said the organization’s website was not operating at this point, WND located a site that appeared to represent the organization.

The site states: “The true Muslim stands firm and strong against the Kufar (unbeliever), we the Mu’min will always defeat the Kufar and we have love amongst each other.”

The site also said its headquarters is in Jerusalem and explained, “We are not only an organization on a path to unite the entire Muslim Ummah, we are an organization of international human rights as per the commandments/Shariah (Divine Law) of the almighty Allah in the blessed Holy Quran and as prescribed by the Sunnah (examples) of our beloved Nabi (prophet) Mohammed.”

Links there lead to articles titled “The World under the Islamic Caliphate,” “Hezbollah,” the “Palestinian Liberation Organization,” “Islamic Organization of North America” and others.

The earlier WND story on the Caliphate Conference 2012 reported how it was being organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir, which was described as a “pan-Islamic extremist group that seeks to establish a global Islamic state, or caliphate, ruled by Islamic Shariah law.”

If you’d like to sound off on this issue, please take part in the WND Poll.
Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after spending nearly three decades writing on a wide range of issues for several Upper Midwest newspapers and the Associated Press. Sports, tornadoes, homicidal survivalists, and legislative battles all fell within his bailiwick. His scenic photography has been used commercially, and he sometimes plays in a church worship band.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Obama: 'Son of Islam'?

Franklin Graham caused a bit of a stir while on MSNBC’s Morning Joe when he said Muslims believe Obama is a son of Islam. Leftists went on a frenzy to condemn Graham not realizing the reality of Islam. The Morning Joe Lefties were remarkably rude implying BHO’s demonstration of Christianity was real and candidates such as Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich’s profession of faith in was at least as equal to BHO. And the Leftie panel hammered Graham by not listing Mitt Romney as a Christian when in fact Romney is a Mormon with a very different theology than the orthodox basics stretching across the Christian lines of Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant theology. 

Raymond Ibrahim sets the Left straight on the reality of Sharia Law and President Barack Hussein Obama.

JRH 2/28/12
Obama: 'Son of Islam'?

By Raymond Ibrahim
February 27, 2012
Originally: Stonegate Institute

Many in the media are indignant with Reverend Franklin Graham, head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Invited on "Morning Joe" last Tuesday to discuss Christian persecution, the hosts turned the focus to interrogating Graham on whether he thought President Barack Obama was Christian or not. Though the Reverend concluded that Obama "has said he's a Christian, so I just have to assume that he is," he appeared skeptical, suggesting Obama's policies disagree with Christian principles, and thus earning the full ire of much of the fourth estate.

Intrinsically trivial on many levels, this incident nevertheless brings several important points to the fore.

First, Graham was absolutely right to say that, "under Islamic law, the Muslim world sees Barack Obama as a Muslim, as a son of Islam": according to Sharia, if one's father is Muslim, one automatically becomes Muslim. In fact, the reason behind last week's church attack in Egypt, when thousands of Muslims tried to torch a church and kill its pastor, is that a Christian girl fled her father after he converted to Islam: she did not want to be Muslim, and was rumored to be hiding in the church. (This would not be the first time in recent months that churches were attacked on similar rumors.)

Because of this automatic passage of Islam from father to son—with the death penalty for those seeking to apostatize, the condemned Iranian pastor being just the most visible example—and because Obama attended a madrassa (a Muslim religious school) during his youth in Indonesia, many Muslims are convinced that Obama is a "secret" Muslim. In a Forbes article, "My Muslim President Obama: Why members of the faith see him as one of the flock," writer Asma Gull Hasan elaborates:

[S]ince Election Day, I have been part of more and more conversations with Muslims in which it was either offhandedly agreed that Obama is Muslim or enthusiastically blurted out. In commenting on our new president, "I have to support my fellow Muslim brother," would slip out of my mouth before I had a chance to think twice. "Well, I know he's not really Muslim," I would quickly add. But if the person I was talking to was Muslim, they would say, "yes he is." …. Most of the Muslims I know (me included) can't seem to accept that Obama is not Muslim. Of the few Muslims I polled who said that Obama is not Muslim, even they conceded that he had ties to Islam…. The rationalistic, Western side of me knows that Obama has denied being Muslim, that his father was non-practicing, that he doesn't attend a mosque. Many Muslims simply say back, "my father's not a strict Muslim either, and I haven't been to a mosque in years." Obama even told The New York Times he could recite the adhan, the Islamic call to prayer, which the vast majority of Muslims, I would guess, do not know well enough to recite. [Read the entire article, which is more eye-opening than the author probably intended.]

Another reason why many Muslims believe Obama is Muslim (a reason Ms. Hasan's article understandably omits) is that, under the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya, Muslims are permitted—in certain contexts even encouraged—to deny being Muslim, if so doing secures them or Islam an advantage. Accordingly, Islamic history is full of stories of Muslims denying and publicly cursing Islam, even pretending to be Christian, whenever it was strategic.

In other words, if an American president was a secret Muslim, and if he was lying about it, and even if he was secretly working to subvert the U.S. to Islam's advantage—not only would that be justified by Islamic doctrines of loyalty and deception, but it would have ample precedents, stretching back to the dawn of Islam. Such as when Muhammad commanded a convert from an adversarial tribe to conceal his new Muslim identity and go back to his tribe—which he cajoled with a perfidious "You are my stock and my family, the dearest of men to me"—only to betray them to Islam's invading armies.

Graham further upset "progressive" sensitivities by saying "All I know is under Obama, President Obama, the Muslims of the world, he seems to be more concerned about them than the Christians that are being murdered in the Muslim countries," adding that "Islam has gotten a free pass under Obama."

Yet who can deny this? Whether by expunging any reference to Islam in U.S. security documents, or enabling Muslim persecution of Christians, or ordering NASA to make Muslims "feel good" about themselves, or bowing to the anti-Christian Saudi king—the President has made his partiality for Islam very clear: Islam is undoubtedly getting a "free pass" under Obama.

What Franklin Graham's critics fail to understand is that, when it comes to Obama's religious identity, the Reverend probably has Jesus' dictum in mind: "By their fruits shall ye know them"—that is, pro-Islamic actions speak louder than Christian words.
RAYMOND IBRAHIM, a Middle East and Islam specialist, is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum. A widely published author, best known for The Al Qaeda Reader (Doubleday, 2007), he guest lectures at universities, including the National Defense Intelligence College, briefs governmental agencies, such as U.S. Strategic Command and the Defense Intelligence Agency, provides expert testimony for Islam-related lawsuits, and has testified before Congress regarding the conceptual failures that dominate American discourse concerning Islam and the worsening plight of Egypt's Christian Copts. Among other media, he has appeared on MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN, PBS, Reuters, Al-Jazeera, CBN, and NPR.

His writings, translations, and observations have appeared in a variety of publications, including READ THE REST

George Friedman on Email Theft and the Wikileaks Release

George Friedman
Hackers break into STRATFOR computer system which is important because the company is a geopolitical think tank that acquires information in order to analyze it for its customers and subscribers. The hackers then divulged the information to guess who? That would be the criminal foreign organization known as Wikileaks.

A treasonous homosexual American soldier acquired classified data from the U.S. Military then delivered the data to Wikileaks. This was espionage on the part of the soldier and when Wikileaks accepted the data and made it public, that made Wikileaks an accessory to espionage.

The hackers are guilty (or at least stand accused) of corporate espionage since STRATFOR is a private company. This means AGAIN, Wikileaks is an accessory to a crime.

JRH 2/28/12
George Friedman on Email Theft and the Wikileaks Release

Email Sent: February 27, 2012 4:32 PM


I'm George Friedman, founder and CEO of Stratfor.

As most of you know, in December thieves hacked into Stratfor data systems and stole a large number of company emails, as well as private information of Stratfor subscribers and friends. Today Wikileaks is publishing the emails that were stolen in December. This is a deplorable, unfortunate -- and illegal -- breach of privacy.

Some of the emails may be forged or altered to include inaccuracies. Some may be authentic. We will not validate either, nor will we explain the thinking that went into them. Having had our property stolen, we will not be victimized twice by submitting to questions about them.

The disclosure of these emails does not mean that there has been another hack of Stratfor's computer and data systems. Those systems, which we have rebuilt with enhanced security measures, remain secure and protected.

The release of these emails is, however, a direct attack on Stratfor. This is another attempt to silence and intimidate the company, and one we reject. As you can see, emails sent to many people about my resignation were clearly forged.

We do not know what else has been manufactured. Stratfor will not be silenced, and we will continue to publish the geopolitical analysis our friends and subscribers have come to rely on.

As we have said before, Stratfor has worked to build good sources in many countries around the world, as any publisher of geopolitical analysis would do.

We are proud of the relationships we have built, which help our analysts better understand the issues in many of these countries through the eyes of people who live there.

We have developed these relationships with individuals and partnerships with local media in a straightforward manner, and we are committed to meeting the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

Stratfor is not a government organization, not is it affiliated with any government. The emails are private property. Like all private emails, they were written casually, with no expectation that anyone other than the sender and recipient would ever see them. And clearly, as with my supposed resignation letter, some of the emails may be fabricated or altered.

Stratfor understands that this hack and the fallout from it have created serious difficulties for our subscribers, friends and employees. We again apologize for this incident, and we deeply appreciate the loyalty that has been shown to Stratfor since last year's hack.

We want to assure everyone that Stratfor is recovering from the hack. We will continue to do what we do best: produce and publish independent analysis of international affairs. And we will be back in full operation in the coming weeks. We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Natural Remedy v. The Pharmaceutical Remedy

Jenny Thompson - HSI
John R. Houk
© February 27, 2012

I stumble upon an advertisement that was a full screen pop-up on a WND webpage. Such pop-ups usually annoy me; however curiosity got the best of me.

The pop-up takes you to a recruiting video from Health Sciences Institute (HIS). HIS is a proponent of Alternative Medicine which relies more on natural therapies rather than the marriage of medical doctors and pharmaceuticals.

Personally I am not a big fan of how pharmaceutical companies develop medicine and market them if a great demand is created for better profit margins of which many doctors have a stake in ergo they receive a legal dividend by promoting the pharmaceutical drug. There is too much pharmaceutical corruption. Too many times a drug that is needed is kept of the market because the drug might affect profitability of another drug. OR a drug is pushed through for FDA approval without the proper amount of tests that can expose sometimes fatal side effects when the project profits outweighed the potential harm to patients.

Now be careful about this advertisement. If the message raises hope for a medical problem or difficulty you are going through, be sure to do the research to verify before you trust. Sometimes another word for alternative medicine is Snake Oil. This means the properties in the Snake Oil have no effect on the human body that is promised.

On the other hand alternative medical therapies that use natural minerals, vitamins or the effects of nature (e.g. magnetism) have shown results in actual scientific trials. When trial results suggest the efficacy of an alternative medical therapy, the big money pharmaceutical companies will try to label the alternative as snake oil when the alternative therapy is as effective as the pharmaceutical drug. Why? The reason is because the alternative cuts into the profit margin.

So check out the HSI ad, but be sure to do research. And when you do your research do not just rely on a study financed by pharmaceutical company.

Here is some “about” information from the HIS website:

The Health Sciences Institute (HSI) is an independent organization, dedicated to uncovering and researching the most urgent advances in modern underground medicine.

Whether they come from a laboratory in Malaysia, a clinic in South America, or a university in Germany, our goal is to bring the treatments that work directly to the people who need them. We alert our Members to exciting breakthroughs in medicine, show them exactly where to go to learn more, and help them understand how they and their families can benefit from these powerful discoveries.

·         Become a Member

·         Meet the HSI Advisory Panel

Here is a glowing evaluation from an alternative source other than HSI. The excerpt is from Mike Adams the editor of

I'd like to introduce you to an "underground" information source I subscribe to in order to stay up to date on cutting-edge nutritional information. It's a newsletter I've read for years, even long before I started writing for NaturalNews, and I find it to be a wellspring of information about practical, yet powerful health solutions that simply aren't covered in common magazines or the mainstream media. Here, I'll review this publication and reveal why I think it's a tremendous resource for learning about the latest nutritional breakthroughs that can literally cure serious disease while enhancing your health far beyond what you might have thought possible.

The people who produce this publication do much the same thing I do: They go to health trade shows and scout the vendors with some detective work to sort out what's new and genuine vs. what's just hype. I had the opportunity to sit down with these folks in California earlier this year, and we got to talking about all kinds of fascinating new discoveries in
nutritional science, superfoods, product formulations, and more. They really get this stuff! And they get excited about finding new product solutions for consumers, just like I do.

Each month in their publication, they introduce one or more nutritional discoveries, complete with details on how they found them, where they come from, how they work and what they're good for. And just like me, they don't pull any punches when it comes to telling the truth about what these
products can do for your health. I find each story to be well researched, expertly written and ripe with A-ha! realizations that make you want to thank yourself for subscribing to their newsletter in the first place. What they put together in each monthly issue is, quite simply, a masterpiece of nutritional reporting that frankly deserves some kind of award for courageous journalism (except they'll never get a reward because they don't conform to the limited, mainstream thinking about health and medicine
-- they're truly on the leading edge, and the leading edge is never mainstream).

An exceptional health newsletter that's worth every penny... and then some!

HSI has been publishing cutting edge health information since way before I was even thinking about writing for NaturalNews. They consistently beat almost everybody to the punch on breaking news about promising new products, and their writers have a way of cutting through the typical nutritional confusion and getting right down to what matters most, like curing a health condition, eliminating pain, and teaching you how to make your mind and body simply perform better!

It appears HSI has been around for some time and is reputable among natural alternative proponents.

JRH 2/27/12
The Greatest Alternative Medicines of our Time

By Jenny Thompson, Director HSI
Ad Cites: Not For Public Release

Video Part One

Video Part Two

Video Part Three

Today's Greatest Altern. Meds BK Jacket

You couldn't have picked a better time to join the Health Sciences Institute, because we're welcoming new members with the greatest FREE gift bonanza in HSI history. Simply click on the button and very soon, you'll receive a powerful package of healing benefits, including:

1. YOUR FREE 13-VOLUME HEALING LIBRARY of Today's Greatest Alternative Medicines. Brand-new, uncensored and jam-packed with over a hundred powerful new healing breakthroughs, including full details about everything mentioned in this report.

2. MONTHLY HSI MEMBERS ALERTS, briefing you on the most important new health discoveries, direct from our network of doctors and researchers. Delivered to you each month conveniently by email, they're so readable, you'll breeze through each article in minutes--yet so thorough, your doctor will be impressed. You'll always be first to know and you'll always get it right, because you're hearing it from the scientists themselves. This is the source.

"After your articles come out, TV news and special reports on 60 Minutes, 20/20, PrimeTime Live and Dateline are talking about the same thing."

-Mitch M., Anaheim CA

Then HSI will empower you to use these new breakthroughs immediately, with...

3. FREE INSTANT HEALTH ALERTS VIA EMAIL, rushing you the hottest health news the moment it happens. You've already seen here how HSI e-Alerts briefed members on the Vioxx heart-attack risk 3 years before the recall--and showed them a miraculous Tibetan circulatory medicine 4 years before others picked up on it. Every weekday, you'll learn something new that just might save a life tomorrow.

4. FREE UNLIMITED ACCESS to the world-famous HSI Internet Archives. Searching for the ultimate solution to any health problem? On our password-protected Website, you'll be able to search through 11 years of HSI Members Alerts--and over a thousand HSI e-Alerts--instantly, at the click of a mouse. It's the most powerful, consumer-friendly natural healing database in the world!

5. FIRST ACCESS TO THE CUTTING-EDGE TREATMENTS. Both your Library and your Members Alerts include MEMBERS SOURCE DIRECTORIES, telling you how to obtain and use the miracles we report on. And when supplies are limited-as the newest formulas sometimes are--we intervene on behalf of our members. So you're not just first to know, you're first to get them.

6. HSI QUALITY STANDARDS. Unfortunately, there are no international quality standards for natural supplements. But HSI carefully screens natural product suppliers and recommends only the best to our members. (We have found the highest quality firms are usually not the highly publicized ones.)

7. MEMBER DISCOUNTS ON HARD-TO-FIND SUPPLEMENTS. With more than 125,000 members worldwide, we're often able to negotiate special discounts for you.
A portion of your membership dues supports important health research...
And, in return, you'll receive "insider" privileges you couldn't otherwise get at any price, including:

Doctors and researchers hail HSI as “Alternative medicine’s hope for the future”

“It is truly refreshing to read a publication on the topic of alternative medicine that is scientifically based and reviewed by professionals. It is through your hard work and diligent attention to detail that alternative medicine has hope for the future.”

Robert A. Sinnott, Ph.D.,
Biotechnology Specialist

“I like to think I’m on the cutting edge, but I constantly see things in HSI that I haven’t read elsewhere. For every breakthrough I’ve shared, I’ve learned about several more.”

Michael Rosenbaum, M.D.,
Vice President Orthomolecular
Health Medicine

If you ever need additional information, you're invited to write, fax or email our offices.

9. THE CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE IN RESEARCH. Sometimes we're able to give members an invitation to take part in the latest research on the most promising new discoveries. Often that means you'll receive the treatment at greatly reduced cost or FREE. These are just some of the many benefits you'll discover when you open your HSI NEW MEMBER BENEFITS PACKAGE. Yet you'll find HSI membership to be a remarkable bargain:

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When the FDA lifts its ban on a natural pain-blocker, you'd better believe there's a mountain of proof. Tested in clinical trials, endorsed by MDs and insurance companies, this forbidden pain cure has zero adverse side-effects. Yet users confirm it wipes out "incurable" pain from degenerated knees, aging hips, stiff necks, muscle sprains, bad backs and even menstrual cramps! This is just one of the world-beating pain cures you'll discover here.

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It's slimy and grows like a weed, but this seaweed extract destroyed deadly liver, kidney and colon cancer and was reportedly even said to treat Chernobyl victims. You're first to learn of it, along with the natural "magic bullet" that's 10,000 times stronger than a top chemotherapy drug... the "24-hour miracle" that beat deadly melanoma overnight... the grapefruit breakthrough proven in studies to stop breast cancer in its tracks...the mother's milk secret that saved HSI member Lee Bowden, even though "I was the worst case they had seen at the Mayo clinic in 20 years"... and much more.

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This "ultimate cure" even improved congestive heart failure patients in just 2 weeks, yet it's cheap as aspirin! Find out where to get it... then discover the sensational silkworm secret that safely strips away artery plaque... the "tuna pill" shown in 2 clinical trials to normalize high blood pressure...the palm tree extract that's helping stroke victims "turn back the clock"... the only kind of Policosanol proven in studies to lower cholesterol... and learn how to neutralize the artery-hardener that's 10 times deadlier than LDL cholesterol!

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When America's favorite talk show host died of emphysema, the nation woke up to our raging epidemic of obstructive lung disease. Mainstream medicine offers little beyond oxygen tanks, so HSI's network has been blazing with excitement about these new DNA drops that cost as little as a dollar a day! Patients using them find their vital lung capacity increased up to 90%. Shouldn't your suffering loved ones know about this?

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When was the last time you rolled out of bed feeling like a train wreck? You're not alone! Stress and fatigue are leveling legions of office workers, menopause sufferers, senior men, chemotherapy patients, CFS there any way out of this black hole? Yes! Proven in studies, this biotech breakthrough energizes just about everyone, without the "coffee crash" caused by stimulants. The average energy boost is 52%--and it keeps getting better, even after 22 weeks of use. Yet while fatigue-fighting drugs can cost thousands, this natural breakthrough might cost you under $2 a day.

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What your doctor never told you about calcium could be thinning your bones and hardening your arteries! It's not how much calcium you take, but where it winds up. This Asian herb breakthrough makes sure it goes to your bones and an early study showed the difference is huge. One patient even increased her bone density by an astonishing 27%-the best result we've ever heard of--yet patients were taking just 42mg. of calcium per day! No adverse side-effects reported, so what have you got to lose? Plus, learn about the "lemonade" that irons out wrinkled skin in 2 weeks... and more!

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When an American researcher searched the world to cure his advanced prostate cancer--imagine his shock and delight when he found the answer in Vietnam. His 2005 biopsy shows only three microscopic tumors, and that's right in keeping with reported outcomes in Vietnamese clinics and hospitals. Doctors there report, biopsies confirm this herbal erased quite a few cases of advanced prostate cancer-and just as amazingly, in one study it helped 9 out of 10 men with benign prostate swelling as well. Discover the one reliable source for it in the U.S., then learn how to avoid false positives on your PSA test...

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First let us tell you how diabetes damage to nerves, kidneys and eyes is being halted and even reversed, with a rare new type of vitamin B uncovered by Japanese and German researchers. Then find out how diabetes II itself is being defeated! Blood sugar drops as much as 54%, a patient goes from insulin dependent to non-diabetic in 6 weeks flat--all thanks to a rare natural fiber. Not one patient we know has suffered the serious side-effects of drugs!

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If it were up to the diet industry, you'd still be eating the same old low-cal, low-flavor foods... or paying hundreds for the latest dangerous, generally useless, diet drug. The breakthroughs in this report are unlike anything you've ever seen. They're simple, they're safe. Learn about...

• The fatless fat that tastes like butter but won't fill up your fat cells (empties them out!)...

• The youth elixir in your own blood that triggers fat-burning, and how to release it...

• The mineral-rich liquid now discovered to be a fat-burning fuel...

• The nutrient that blocks fat absorption more safely than drugs...

• And the brand new supplement that can not only help eliminate obesity--but convert your body to Tarzan or Jane, even into your ninth or tenth decades.

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Yes, believe it or not, thousands of patients who tried this extract from snowdrops did 7 times better than those who used a placebo! That's just one of the amazing new "smart pills" you'll learn about in this report, including...

• Senile symptoms turned back too. New periwinkle extract stuns researchers. Boosts your brain's supply of the "fuel molecule" ATP.

• And everyone's brain can benefit from a key brain nutrient that blows away Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and other pretenders. Unlike herbs that simply improve brain circulation, these discoveries re-activate the nerve cells that control everything from mood to intellect. And there's only one place you're likely to find them. Here!

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What if you could put aside your biggest fear? In 1981, doctors discovered the breakthrough cesium miracle could do just that by making blood cancer proof. Want to know how this re-discovered therapy could make your own blood repel cancer? Find out just how easy and affordable this treatment is and get the exact science that helped pull terminal patients back from the brink for yourself. Learn how you can supercharge your blood, just like the Pueblo Native Americans of Arizona and Hunza people of Northern Pakistan-all without ever leaving your home town.

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FEDS PREDICT KILLER FLU. Government stockpiles 44 million course antivirals as it prepares for possible pandemic.

But HSI has been preparing against this for years. We've uncovered dozens of powerful natural germ-killers and immune boosters, and this report details all of the best. Plus a shocking new breakthrough that could dwarf them all-developed in secret by the Russian military to treat anthrax! And that was before Bulgarian germ biologists took over the project and made it 10 to 20 times more powerful.

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• Age-Reversal Riddle Solved. Ever wonder why Winston Churchill, Mao Zedong and other ageless legends stayed so energetic for so long? It wasn't genetic--it was a secret clinic, where they received a real-life "fountain of youth" formula. The stunning results were later proven in a massive series of clinical trials. But now HSI Panelist Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman has improved it enormously-with a manufacturing process so innovative they patented it. The new process allows this "youth in a bottle" formula to stay in your body even longer. An easy-to-take pill. Find out how to use it, where to get it.

• New Key to Ending Macular Degeneration. Researchers have found that a special type of microscopic algae that grows off the coast of Hawaii makes mega-vitamins look like slackers. It's 80 times stronger than the leading antioxidant!

• Rye Revolution Ends Asthma & Hay Fever. Some patients in Australia are even throwing out their inhalers! Exciting new rye grass derivative short-circuits allergies by boosting your immune system. One doctor reports hay fever often recedes within minutes. Safe for children.

• Reverse Periodontal Disease with MOUTHWASH? You never know where the next spectacular healing breakthrough will happen! It was the "ordinary" father of a son with gum disease who came up with this shockingly powerful treatment. He was hoping it might help his son avoid gum surgery...but whoa! Not only did the gums become pink and healthy in just a few months. Bone loss was even reversed! Feedback from HSI members who try it has been wildly enthusiastic. What have you got to lose?

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