Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It’s Early but Sarah Palin Leads for 2012

John R. Houk
© February 9, 2010

I need to state as of today I am not only a Sarah Palin fan I am also a voter that would elect her to higher office – including the Presidency.

I am not amazed Leftists hate her and shout from the roof tops that Palin is unelectable. On the other hand I am amazed that there are some on the GOP side of the aisle who proclaim Palin unelectable. Yet a Rasmussen poll suggests that Sarah Palin is at the top of the list among Republican voters.

Understandably the Left and MSM are continuing to take aim at Palin to shake her popularity among American voters. Daniel Stone writing for anti-Palin Newsweek was very critical of her Tea Party Nation convention speech. Diane Suffern writing for NewsReal tones down Stone’s obvious venom against Palin by astutely noting the Palin speech serves as a platform to make Tea Party movement supporters ecstatic about a Presidential run in 2012. Yet Suffern did not exactly come across as enthusiastic about a Palin Presidential campaign.

Here is the thing. Palin’s Tea Party address was rousing and moving to raise the spirits of Conservatives with like-minded thoughts about America. Indeed Palin’s folksy speech communication style connects with Joe America better than any Leftist or Conservative ideologue. She makes one feel good about the future by focusing on the path of “Change” Obama Leftists have pull America toward.

Some have noted that her Tea Party speech as a hint of a launching of a future campaign for 2012. I have read the speech was so inspiring that Palin may have placed herself as one of the top visible leaders of the Tea Party movement (which currently consists of many Tea Party organizations with central goals and minor differences).

The Tea Party movement could become a political base for a Palin campaign much like the Christian Right became the base for President G. W. Bush. The more President Barack Hussein Obama tries to dismantle the American way, look for everyday Joe Americans to be drawn to Tea Party candidates – ENTER SARAH PALIN.

JRH 2/9/10

Tea Party Nation Speech:

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