Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Murtha’s Legacy of Corruption and Disloyalty

John R. Houk
© February 9, 2010

Rep. Jack Murtha (D. PA) has gone on to the afterlife after a probable botched intestine surgery. It is the Christian thing to mourn with those who mourn a death. However, I have to admit I am in a position that I must force myself to mourn for Jack Murtha.

Although he definitely was a champion for his Congressional district in Pennsylvania he allegedly padded his own coffers from kickbacks and bribes with lobbyists and crooks.

Murtha may go down in history as one of the most adept corrupt politicians in Congressional history. The man was never indicted yet seemed to be perpetually under investigation for some crooked deal or ethics violation. President Bill Clinton began to earn the nick name Teflon Bill (aka Slick Willie) because the dirt was never made to stick. Fellow Democrat Murtha could have been President Clinton’s mentor.

If Murtha was merely a committed Leftist ideologue I could more easily mourn with those that mourn. After all an ideologue is merely following his beliefs which is an American right. I question Murtha’s commitment to ideology because of all the crooked associations his very long Congressional career drew near to.

The one event that placed a long term bad taste in my mouth concerning Murtha was his public skewering of fellow Marines that Islamic propagandists claimed committed an atrocity that became flashed in the MSM as the Haditha Massacre. Evidently Murtha found reminiscence with the Vietnam War’s infamous Mai Lai Massacre. At any rate all the Marines connected to the incident at Haditha have been exonerated of wrong doing. Murtha media conviction did raise a stir to initially fry his fellow Marines. When Murtha was proved wrong he REFUSED to apologize for his error in judgment. The refusal to apologize was an indication of Murtha being hugely committed to the Party of defeat to abandon Iraq to Islamic terrorism. Murtha has been proven wrong there as well. The troop surge in Iraq has successfully alienated Islamic terrorists from the majority of the Iraqi populace. Hence Islamic terrorists are not receiving the support needed to sustain terrorist intimidation among the voting populace of Iraq.

Murtha has passed on. Let us hope his legacy passes on as well.

JRH 2/9/10

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