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States’ Rights and Nullification

10th Amendment
John R. Houk
© December 31, 2010

Have you heard of State Nullification? The concept of State Nullification is actually nothing new in America. The concept of State Nullification is a Tenth Amendment issue as usually expressed by Conservatives; however there are undoubtedly some issues that Leftists might attach the concept of State Nullification as well.

State Nullification is roughly the ability of one of America’s sovereign States can ignore a Federal Law passed by Congress or instituted as a regulation by some bureaucratic Federal Agency. By “ignore” I mean a State can nullify the Federal Law if it is felt to Unconstitutional. Nullification is not ignoring a Constitutional Federal Law. That would be insurrection. The concept of a sovereign American State leaving the Union merely because a State did not like a Constitutional Law was settled at the end of the Civil War. States’ Rights do not include seceding from the Union of the United States of America. Again State Nullification is the ability of a sovereign State to nullify or render void a Federal Law arguably is Unconstitutional.

State Nullification is the States’ Rights alternative to the old Confederacy’s decision to secede from the USA. Alan Caruba looks at some Federal government intrusions that might be considered Unconstitutional by America’s sovereign States that might bring up the issue of State Nullification in 2011.

JRH 12/31/10 (Hat Tip: Tony Newbill)

Are Obamanites Conspiring against the 2nd Amendment?

Experts Agree - Gun Control Works
John R. Houk
© December 31, 2010

Tony Newbill sent me a link that goes to message from Representative George Braun (R-GA). The essence of Braun’s message is that the U.N. is pushing for an international treaty that would track small arms globally. The public intent is to limit access to (Islamic) terrorists; however the reality is there are no amount laws on a national or global level that will prevent terrorists and criminals from acquiring and using weapons. If you don’t realize this then you must get your head out of the sand.

Braun’s concern is that the international tracking of small arms will lead to infringing the U.S. Constitution’s SECOND Amendment which enables all citizens of America the right to bear arms for self-protection. So if a Democratic Party President (uh like Barack Hussein Obama) and the still Democratic Party majority in the Senate pushed for ratification of a small arms treaty, I am certain this is one that will go to the Supreme Court. The question before SCOTUS would be: Does the Constitution trump Senatorial ratified treaties or do Senatorial ratified treaties trump the Constitution? I personally am unaware if SCOTUS has ever tackled an issue of the Constitution vs. International Treaties. I’ll let you guys to that research.

I am going to cross post the “Submit Survey” link because it goes into greater detail than the link Newbill sent to me. Also the “Submit Survey” link contains ways to donate money to efforts to prevent U.N. infringement on American sovereignty and the American Constitution.

JRH 12/31/10 (Hat Tip: Robert Newbill)
Thanks for your Official Firearms Sovereignty Survey

Dr. Paul Braun (R-GA-10)

I'm Congressman Paul Broun and I’m writing to make sure gun owners like you are prepared to face this assault on our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

But your survey alone is not enough to win this battle.

NAGR must alert and mobilize millions of gun owners against this anti-gun treaty.  But contacting a few thousand like minded Americans can cost a few thousand dollars!

That’s why I hope I can count on you to chip in just $10 or $20 towards this fight.

I want you to understand just how dangerous this global gun ban is.  Please bear with me for a moment.

Ultimately, the UN’s Small Arms Treaty is designed to register, ban and CONFISCATE firearms owned by private citizens like YOU.

So far, the gun-grabbers have successfully kept the exact wording of their new scheme under wraps.

But looking at previous versions of the UN’s Small Arms Treaty, you and I can get a good idea of what’s likely in the works.

If passed by the UN and ratified by the U.S. Senate, the UN’s Small Arms Treaty would almost certainly FORCE national governments to:

·       Enact tougher licensing requirements, making law-abiding citizens cut through even more bureaucratic red tape just to own a firearm legally;

·       CONFISCATE and DESTROY ALL “unauthorized” civilian firearms (all firearms owned by the government are excluded, of course);

·       BAN the trade, sale and private ownership of ALL semi-automatic weapons;

·       Create an INTERNATIONAL gun registry, setting the stage for full-scale gun CONFISCATION.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that this is NOT a fight we can afford to lose.

Ever since its founding almost 65 years ago, the United Nations has been hell-bent on bringing the United States to its knees.

To the petty dictators and one-worlders who control the UN, the U.S. isn’t a “shining city on a hill” -- it’s an affront to their grand totalitarian designs for the globe.

These anti-gun globalists know that so long as Americans remain free to make our own decisions without being bossed around by big government bureaucrats, they’ll NEVER be able to seize the worldwide oppressive power they crave.

And the UN’s apologists also know the most effective way to finally strip you and me of ALL our freedoms would be to DESTROY our gun rights.

That’s why I’ve decided to stand with the National Association for Gun Rights in their opposition to this assault on our Constitution.

The truth is, there’s no time to waste.

You and I have to be prepared for this fight to move FAST.

The fact is, the last thing the gun-grabbers at the UN and in Washington, D.C. want is for you and me to have time to react and mobilize gun owners to defeat this radical legislation.

They’ve made that mistake before, and we’ve made them pay, defeating EVERY attempt to ram the “Treaty on Small Arms” into law since the mid-1990s.

But this time, time won’t be on our side.

In fact, we’re likely to only have a few days or weeks to defeat the treaty.

Worse, there’s no longer a pro-gun Senate to kill ratification of the treaty.

There’s no longer a President in the White House who has stated opposition to the treaty.

And you and I know good and well how Germany, Great Britain, France, Communist China or the rest of the anti-gun members of the United Nations are going to vote.

So our ONE AND ONLY CHANCE of stopping the UN’s Small Arms Treaty is during the ratification process in the U.S. Senate.

As you know, it takes 67 Senate votes to ratify a treaty.

So rounding up 34 votes to kill this thing should be easy, right?

Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

First, you know just as well as I do how few Senators are truly “pro-gun.”

Second, even with the partisan rancor in Washington, D.C., many Senators get “queasy” about killing treaties for fear of “embarrassing” the President -- especially with “international prestige” at stake.

They look at ratifying treaties much like approving Presidents’ Supreme Court nominees.

And remember how many Senators turned their back on us and voted to confirm anti-gun Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor?

A dozen more only voted against Sotomayor after receiving massive grassroots pressure from the folks back home.

So if we’re going to defeat the UN’s Small Arms Treaty we have to turn the heat up on the U.S. Senate now before it’s too late!

Do you believe the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment are the supreme law of the land?

Do you believe any attempt by the United Nations to subvert or supersede your Constitutional rights must be opposed?

You see, your survey puts you squarely on the record AGAINST the U.N.’s Small Arms Treaty.

But it will take hundreds of thousands, even millions, of pro-Second Amendment Americans rallying to the cause to stop the globalists.

That's why along with your signed survey, I hope you’ll chip in just $10 or $20 to help finance this battle.

With your contribution, the National Association for Gun Rights will immediately begin contacting Second Amendment supporters to turn up the heat on targeted U.S. Senators.

Direct mail.  Phones.  E-mail.  Blogs.  Billboards.  Guest editorials.  Press conferences.  Hard-hitting newspaper, radio and TV ads.  The whole nine yards.

Of course, if NAGR can raise enough resources, their goal is to expand this full program to ALL of their target states.

But that’s not going to be cheap, and we may not have much time.

In fact, if we’re going to defeat the UN’s so-called “Small Arms Treaty,” we have to start NOW!

Every dollar counts in this fight.

Inaction could very well lead to defeat and the loss of our right to keep and bear arms.

Whether you can afford $100 or just $10 or $20, please contribute what you can.

It's critical we do all we can.

Thank you in advance for contributing your time and money towards defending our Second Amendment rights.

For Freedom and Liberty,

Dr. Paul Broun, M.D.
U.S. Congressman (R-GA)


The Obama Administration just announced they would be working hand in glove with the UN to pass a new GLOBAL, “Small Arms Treaty.”
In fact, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just announced the Obama Administration would be working hand in glove with the UN to pass a new “Small Arms Treaty.”

That's why it's vital you and I fight back IMMEDIATELY.

Are Obamanites Conspiring against the 2nd Amendment?
John R. Houk
© December 31, 2010
Thanks for your Official Firearms Sovereignty Survey

The National Association for Gun Rights, Inc. is approved as a non-profit tax-exempt advocacy organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions or gifts to NAGR are not tax deductible for IRS purposes.

Not paid for at taxpayer expense.

Sarah Palin, Tea Party, China among 2010's winners, but Obama, taxpayers, Europe lose big time

Andrea Tantaros

New Years Eve is here. Andrea Tantaros aptly looks at politics and the economy for the year 2010.

JRH 12/31/10 (Hat Tip Newsmax)
Sarah Palin, Tea Party, China among 2010's winners, but Obama, taxpayers, Europe lose big time

Thursday, December 30th 2010, 4:00 AM

This year has been a tumultuous one, particularly when it comes to politics. The economic pain has continued and has seemingly awoken American voters, who voiced their frustrations at the polls in November. After about 365 days of ups and downs, here's who came out on top, and who didn't fare as well.


Tea Party: They were dismissed as phony as "astroturf" by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and "manufactured outrage" by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, while the ever-smug Anderson Cooper made crude "teabagging" jokes. But who's laughing now? The Tea Partiers are the political phenomenon of the outgoing year, responsible for tipping dozens of elections and giving voice to a significant portion of the population that feared its message of smaller government and fiscal responsibility would never be heard in Washington. Watch for Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky to become a champion of government responsibility and restraint.

Sarah Palin: When it comes to making money and kings, she's mastered the art of both. Many of her candidates (though, admittedly, not all) prevailed in the 2010 midterms: for example, Sen.-elect Kelly Ayotte (R-NH). Her fundraising ability packs a punch, and nobody can drive a media cycle better (next to President Obama) or more thoroughly drive our media crazy. Oh, and as her reality show proved, she knows what to do with a caribou.

Diversity Republicans: The era of the old, white GOPer was replaced with a fresh crop of new faces. From governors-elect Nikki Haley of South Carolina, who is Indian-American, and Susana Martinez of New Mexico, who is of Hispanic descent, to Florida's senator-elect Marco Rubio, the child of Cuban refugees, the Democrats saw their claim as the party of diversity slip away.

Big government: Record deficits and a vast new entitlement program in Obamacare have expanded federal power and increased the size and scope of an already out-of-control Washington. Politicians have been putting their hands in your wallets for decades; this year, they're even putting their hands down your pants in the name of security with the intrusive new Transportation Security Administration measures. Expect this category to be a loser in 2011 as backlash mounts.

Wall Street: Though many scoffed at the billions of dollars in bailout money that was funneled to big business, the Street is back in business and booming as it races toward two-year highs. Goldman Sachs, a recipient of federal largesse, and is now flush with cash again. And bigger bonuses, a favorite target of the left, mean bigger disposable incomes - a clear economic good.

China: The Chinese are emerging as global leaders, and their manufacturing might continues. China has become our nation's de facto credit card if you consider the amount we borrow from them to pay for things we don't need on both a national and personal level, from wasteful public projects to that new car.


President Obama: After promising to focus on the economy time and again, the commander-in-chief became distracted with healthcare as unemployment rose and his stimulus failed. Though he had a generally productive presidency in his first two years, the productivity wasn't where it was needed most, and his policies still aren't popular with much of the American populace.

Global warming: Though climategate started in late 2009, it continued into 2010. Much of the data global warming alarmists used to scare us has been disputed. Plus, if you're still digging out from Sunday's blizzard, it's a little hard to take their claims seriously.

Europe: From Greece to Ireland, the continent finally paid the price for its bad budgeting and bloated, socialist governments. Expect the in-fighting of Eurozone members to continue as countries like Portugal face their own fiscal troubles and Germany and France buckle at having to pony up.

Republican women with cash: They are some of the smartest and most accomplished women in the country, but for former corporate CEOs and multi-millionaires Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina and Linda McMahon, money couldn't buy them enough love from voters in their blue states (California for the first two, Connecticut for McMahon) to propel them to victory in November's elections.

Nancy Pelosi: Though she successfully put major points on the board for her party with the passage of Obama's key agenda items in the House- health care, cap and trade and financial reform - her caucus took a major beating in the midterms, which earned her a very public demotion.

British Petroleum: From failure to comply with industry regulations to a profound lack of crisis communication skills, BP showed the world that it is one of the most dysfunctional, unprepared organizations on the planet. Head dunce Tony Hayward is thankfully gone, but that's hardly a solution.

Taxpayers: Even though they escaped a tax increase in a last-minute compromise between Obama and Republicans in the lame duck Congress, there is still no permanence to the tax code, and we're still faced with footing the bill for our mounting debt, fees associated with Obamacare and the ever-present problem of government waste at all levels.

Political correctness: From a public outcry over the proposed mosque near Ground Zero to Juan Williams' admission that Muslims on planes make him "nervous," which got him unjustly fired from NPR, people weren't afraid to stand up and speak their minds - even if it earned them the ire of self-righteous liberals.

While we don't know what 2011 will bring, we can be sure there will be no shortage of political drama. But my best hope is that we, the people, regardless of our political affiliations or beliefs, will come out on top.
Andrea Tantaros, whose column appears on Thursdays on and often in the print edition of the newspaper, is a political commentator as well as a corporate communications executive. She previously served as a senior advisor on a number of political campaigns and as communications director for former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, Congressman Thomas Reynolds, and on Capitol Hill as press secretary for Republican leadership. Tantaros lives in New York City.

© Copyright 2010 All rights reserved.

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Jewish Heritage Belongs to the Land of Israel

John R. Houk
© December 28, 2010

There is evidence Europe is rapidly descending into the same kind of Anti-Semitism that existed prior to 1945. I have been alerted by the Jerusalem Prayer Team under the writing auspices of Mike Evans that the European Union (EU) is preparing legislation at the behest of the Arab League that would label any Jew as a war criminal for building in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria making Jewish offenders subject to adjudication by the “International Court”.

I wonder if the EU would consider prosecuting any Arab that wishes to be known as Palestinian for building a home in Israel’s capital city Jerusalem. I know the retort to this is that the Eastern part of Jerusalem (aka Old Jerusalem) was Palestinian prior to 1967. But would the retort be accurate? NO!

For one thing the Jewish Quarter of Old City Jerusalem has existed for 3,000 years. This means even during Diasporas and foreign occupations, there has been a Jewish Quarter or presence for 3,000 years. In the last hundred years the Jews have had the worst time of their existence between 1948 and 1967 when Jordanian forces occupied Judea and Samaria portions of the old British Mandate of Palestine. Jordan changed the name to the West Bank and allowed Muslims to desecrate Jewish Synagogues and Holy Places of Jewish heritage. Transjordan (Jordan today) would unilaterally annex Samaria, Judea and the Eastern half of Jerusalem but prior to this an ethnic cleansing of all things Jewish continued right through official annexation in 1949.

Was Israel the occupier or the liberator of Old City Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria? Israel was the absolute liberator of Jewish land. Indeed, after 1967 Israel chose to protect the two Muslim Mosques built on the Jewish Temple Mount by invading Muslims. Muslim conquest took place in 638 AD. The Dome of the Rock was built between 688 – 91 AD. The al Aqsa Mosque was built 715 AD. The Umayyad Caliphs are thought to have had a focus on Jerusalem because of political competition from the Arabian Peninsula where Mecca was located. Then an Umayyad Caliph utilized the Temple Mount to solidify their rule theologically by connecting Mohammed’s Night Vision for the first time to Jerusalem by building al Aqsa Mosque.

So the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) recaptured sovereignty over the Temple Mount and the other Jewish Holy Sites in 1967. You would think that Jews would proceed with a little tit-for-tat and repay Muslims for the 1948 desecration with 1967 desecration. It never happened! Israel allowed the Temple Mount to be under the administration of the Muslim Waqf which was still connected to Jordan.

Muslim control of the Temple Mount has existed then for a mere 1329 years. Frankly as long as the Muslim Waqf controls the part of the Temple Mount holds the Dome of the Rock and al Aqsa Mosque, Temple Mount control continues today. An active Jewish Temple was on the Temple Mount for about 970 years. This leaves the Muslims with a 359 year advantage in active religious practice on the Temple Mount.

Historically this gives those who practice the Muslim faith a lot of clout in their demands for controlling the Temple Mount. In America there is an old adage: Possession is 9/10 of the law. Judaism had first dibs, but Islam possesses. Orthodox Judaism and Islam are both not exactly the most tolerant of religions. The difference in the two religion’s intolerance is that Judaism looks inward as in containment and protecting all things Jewish and Islam looks outward expanding even to the point of annihilating all things non-Muslim. We have an uncompromising position if both religions remain true to their faith. It is like the unmovable force meets the unstoppable force. Who wins? In this politically correct Western dominating world, neither religion wins. There will always be intolerance from both religions, each claiming the authority of G-d or Mohammed/Allah.

In a well armed 19th century Jewish/Muslim collision there might be a winner. The rules of war – particularly in the Middle East – were quite different from today’s Western thankful imposition of human rights. In the old days there would be a fight with winner taking all. The Jews would have eradicated the Muslim existence in the Land of Israel. Muslims would have eradicated Jewish power with a great slaughter with any remaining Jews placed into a humiliating subhuman status of dhimmitude ala the direction of Mohammed’s example.

As far as weaponry is concerned in the 19th century historically there would have been no battle. The Ottoman Turks stilled ruled the Jewish-Christian-Muslim Holy Land under the administration of the district of Syria. No Palestine existed as a political entity during Ottoman rule. And the Ottomans were a ruthless bunch even in their deteriorating state in the 19th century. There was no Jewish army. Jews existed as outcastes in various nations in Europe, the Ottoman Empire and the Americas. In the land that the Romans gave the name of Philistia, in an effort to eradicate the memory of a Jewish land, began to be called Palestine by Westerners. Even during this Diaspora, this dispersion of Jews away from their homeland roots, there was a Jewish presence in Palestine.

So the question that needs to be asked: Who has deeper roots in the Land of Israel, the Jews or the Muslims?

Both Jews and Muslims theologically trace their heritage from the Patriarch Abraham.

For the Jews, Abraham is the father of the Hebrew people of whom the Promise of God was given for the Land known as Israel. Abraham was the Father of Isaac (Child of Promise from Sarah) who was the Father of Jacob who was renamed Israel by God Almighty. Israel is the Father of twelve sons who became the twelve tribes of Israel.

For the Muslims, Abraham is the Father of Ishmael from Sarah’s slave attendant Hagar (the Quranic spellings are slightly different, I am sticking with the anglicized Biblical version). Ishmael is Quranically connected to Abraham rather than Isaac as a demonstration of Abraham’s faith on Mount Moriah. Abraham was commanded by God (in Islam – Allah) to sacrifice the life of Ishmael. This is a replacement of the older Biblical Scripture in which Abraham’s faith is proven with the Child of Promise Isaac. In both Judaic and Islamic traditions Abraham is prevented from killing Isaac/Ishmael by God/Allah as Abraham proves his obedient faith to God/Allah.

Even though Jews would trace their immediate tie to the Land of Israel from Abraham, let’s use the date that Joshua begins his conquest of Canaan Land. As a brief side bar to critics of the Jewish brutality toward Canaanites, the Biblical reason give by God is to eradicate the people who had arrived to a moment of fullness of sin. It was a Noah’s Ark moment for the dwellers of Canaan Land. The Hebrew-Israel-Jewish command to possess the sinful land of Canaan was not perpetual global conquest until all non-Jews became Jewish. It was only for the Promised Land. Then the command for Jews was to show the obedience of Abraham to honor and obey God while be separate from mingling with other nations. Joshua’s conquest was around the year 1250 BC (BCE for you Secularists and non-Christians). If there has been a continuous Jewish presence in the Land since 1250 BC to the present, the Jewish time frame of heritage is roughly 3,260 years. How long is the Muslim heritage in their conquered land?

Muslims conquered the Holy Land in 638 AD (again for Secularists – CE). If one measures the span of time from the present back to Muslim conquest, that time frame is 1,372. This means a Jewish heritage of the land is 1,888 years longer than a Muslim heritage. That is nearly 2,000 more years than any Muslim claim.

Now here is a Muslim disclaimer:

1. Muslims do Quranically trace a heritage back through Ishmael and further to Abraham.

2. According to the Quran, all the Biblical Saints and Patriarchs were Muslim prophets even back to Adam. The Quran calls the Bible tainted and that the true word of Allah restores truth for humankind.

Even though the Jews do have a concrete verifiable extra-Biblical archeological and historical connection to the Land, the Muslims believe the Quran is the inerrant divine word of Allah delivered by their Prophet Mohammed. In the view of Muslims, inerrancy trumps physical evidence. The thing is Orthodox Jews and Biblical Christians believe the Bible (for Jews this really applies to the Pentateuch) is the inerrant Inspired Word of God Almighty.

Now I realize I am speaking from a Biblical Christian perspective and perhaps from a Christian Zionist perspective. For me Inspired Word of God and physical evidence combined trumps Quranic claims.

Jerusalem is the City of David, the eternal capital city of Jews and a place held in awe by Christians. Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria are part of the Promise made to Abraham and handed down to Isaac, Jacob/Israel and their descendants. Any other possession of that Land by non-Jews is usurpation. Even if the usurpers are Christians.

If you are a Biblical Christian you believe the Jews on their own accord will one day embrace Jesus as the Messiah in the same way as believing Christians have done so. To the Orthodox Jew this sometimes is frowned upon. Christian proselytizing is officially illegal in the Jewish State of Israel; however there is a small yet growing amount of Jews who have retained their Jewish heritage and embraced Christianity simultaneously. Jewish Christians today are often referred to as Messianic Jews. Messianic Jews are controversial to both Orthodox Jews and many Christians. I see it as another sign of the soon returning King of the Jews and the Son of God – Jesus the Messiah and the deliverer of all nations from darkness to the Light of God.

JRH 12/28/10
Jews to Be Arrested as War Criminals for Building Homes

By Mike Evans
Sent: December 27, 2010 6:12:07 PM
Jerusalem Prayer Team

The Arab League is working diligently to get legislation passed by the European Union that would classify any Jew who builds a home in Judea or Samaria as a war criminal--subject to punishment by the International Court. It's almost impossible to believe, but it's true...and this frightful future with its direct attack on prophetic Scripture could become a reality very soon.
While I was in Israel, I received numerous briefings and intelligence updates. Israeli leaders foresee a massive economic attack against Israel. Terrorists can no longer move freely inside Israel to launch suicide attacks because of the security wall Israel has built. If the Palestinians can persuade world leaders to punish Israel with tariff and trade penalties so that they cannot compete in the world markets, they hope to bring Israel to its knees and break its will.

President Obama has refused to speak out against this plan in support of Israel. He and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are working to undermine and break apart the coalition government headed by my friend Prime Minister Netanyahu. They hope to replace him with a liberal Israeli leader who will accept a Palestinian state with 1967 borders. President Obama is using the threat of an atomic Iran against Israel--because the US controls the skies in the Middle East and supplies Israel with vital weapons and replacement parts--he is refusing to approve an attack to stop Iran's nuclear program unless Israel agrees to give the Palestinians Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem.
An evil worldwide plot against Israel is unfolding before our eyes. This plotting is foretold in the words of Scripture. "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us." (Psalm 2:2&3)
But we can stand for Israel no matter what world leaders do. Will you please show your support for Israel today by sending a Year End Bless Israel gift right now? President Obama and many other world leaders are cursing Israel by trying to force them to give up the land that God has promised to them forever. "I will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee." (Genesis 12:3) Will you replace that curse with a blessing today?
You have been asked by Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem, if you would renovate the largest bomb shelter in Jerusalem for use by Holocaust survivors. I have stepped out by faith and said YES. A generous friend has stepped forward and said he will match whatever you give so your Year End Bless Israel gift will be doubled. This is my last appeal to you for this vital project. Please, please vote to bless Israel today with your gift.
I want to put heat and air conditioning in the bomb shelter and also a kitchen, bathrooms, and so much more. This will be a community center and place of love and fellowship until the day when it is needed to save lives. When the attack on Israel comes, you will know that your special year end gift to bless Israel has saved the lives of the elderly Holocaust victims who use it...but you will also be saving these forgotten people from loneliness and isolation every day.
This is the last email on this project. If everyone will just send one more gift today, we will have a miracle. I am going to put the name of every person who gives on a plaque in the bomb shelter in Jerusalem. If you would like, you can give your gift in behalf of a departed loved one...or a mom or dad or grandfather or grandmother or child or grandchild today. Your gift of love will never be forgotten by those who use this shelter, and God will remember it as well. "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee." (Psalm 122:6)
Barukh attah Adonai eloheinu melekh ha-olam, she'asah li kol tzorki. Blessed art thou, Lord our God, King of the Universe, who provides for me all our needs.
Your support of the Jerusalem Prayer Team makes it possible for us continue to mobilize believers around the world to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the protection of Israel and meet vital humanitarian needs among the Chosen People. Thank you for being part of the team.
Your ambassador to Jerusalem,
Dr. Michael Evans
Jewish Heritage Belongs to the Land of Israel
John R. Houk
© December 28, 2010
Jews to Be Arrested as War Criminals for Building Homes

If you wish to donate by mail, please send your check to the following address. Please mark the project to which you wish to donate on your check.

Jerusalem Prayer Team
P.O. Box 30246
Phoenix, AZ 85046
FAX: 281-257-2476

To make your donation by telephone, please call 1-888-732-2388.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Entabulator

I received this as chain email and found it hilarious!

JRH 12/27/10

Many years ago Rockwell International decided to get into the heavy duty automatic transmission business.

They were getting ready to tape their first introductory video. As a Warm up, the stage crew began what has become a legend within - The training industry.

This man should have won an academy award for his stellar performance.

Now remember and keep in mind, this is strictly off the cuff, nothing is written down.  Nothing he says is true.  He had NO script!  This was a rehearsal for camera, lighting and stage crew.

It's all total meaningless drivel made up as he goes along.

I am told this video is still utilized as a training aide for incoming congressmen, lawyers, and current White House Administrators.


Can the Govt. Stop your Veggie Garden?

S-510 NO
John R. Houk
© December 27, 2010

Below is some information sent to me by my friend Vicki. I am utilizing the email version sent to me. The story is entitled, “Feds Order Farmer to Destroy His Own Wheat Crop”. The link is to a article by Mike Adams.

The Adams article is about the Federal government preventing a farmer from growing his crops. This is actually nothing new. The Federal government often pays farmers or farming corporations to not grow a crop to control the supply and demand and thus the price.

The relatively new thing the Federal Government is doing now is utilizing an alternative interpretation of the U.S. Constitution to prevent farmers and/or those folks operating the proverbial backyard garden to prevent people from growing a personal supply for themselves or perhaps the garage sail version of personal farming – the Farmer’s Market. The government is citing the Commerce Clause which was intended to prevent Inter-State tariffs within America. The Commerce Clause has been used in creating the Farm Subsidy to control agricultural markets which is also  stretch of the Constitution. The Federal government is using the same reasoning to prevent personal growth farms from taking of the needs of a single household.

Read the story from

JRH 12/27/10

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tony Newbill Emails/Comments 12-11 to 12-17-10

Dollar Plane Crashes

Here are a series of emails and comments sent by Tony Newbill.

JRH 12/26/10
New Post at The Conservative

Sent by Tony Newbill
Sent: December 11, 2010 4:08 PM

The Conservative Monster Facebook Account was Hacked from Venezuela Several Hours After Russian Weapons Report Posted
By Steve Cooper
12/11/2010 5:57:00 PM

I was notified by Facebook yesterday that my account was hacked from Venezuela. This attack happened several hours after I posted this story about Russian weapons being sold to Venezuela.

I have a feeling someone is watching me...

WikiLeaks: Russia Sells High Tech Shoulder Fire Missiles to Venezuela Despite Hillary Request Not To. Venezuela Training Citizens for U.S. Invasion
REPEAT the words TRICKLE DOWN LOUD enough to Drive the Marxists CRAZY!!!
And Merry Christmas too all

Tony Newbill
Sent: Dec 13, 2010 at 9:18 AM

The last stand the Marxists have to their plan of Class warfare is the Bush tax cut debate and if they still have enough power left to split the electorate enough to get the rich exclusion. This revolt on the Marxists’ Left is just a test of this right now. We must speak of this and stand strong against this - One for all and all for One. The rich are the Last Stand preventing the Full Government takeover of Everything. FREEDOM must be left to Trickle down to the masses. The words “Trickle down” are what Enrages the Marxists. We the people need to REPEAT the words “TRICKLE DOWN” LOUD enough to drive the Marxists CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for Sticking up for FREEDOM of CHOICE!!

Tony Newbill
Sent: Dec 14, 2010 at 8:27 AM

FREEDOM of CHOICE should be how laws are seen and rules are made. Design a Health care bill around these principles - Freedom of Choice - so we can have lots of health care providers to choose from with their prices for care on a menu like a restaurant has [to offer a choice]. Then we can see and compare prices based upon what the doctor thinks he can afford to charge rather than this deal where we just pay whatever the doctors charge. Heck we don't have a choice today. We never have had a choice as far as I can remember. We just walk in and get seen and they charge you whatever and it shouldn't be that way. We should know what we are going to be paying right up front. These providers should even have to advertise their prices for the types of care in the Public arena. So let’s design a System that goes through the price discovery phase before the care is needed then free market fundamentals can persevere.
Russia's 2010 Arms Sales Total $10 Billion
Hello why are we appeasing this with a START TREATY??? 

Tony Newbill
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Quote from Hitler, "Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless".  Adolf Hitler

Read more:

Iran is placing medium-range missiles in Venezuela that can reach the U.S. I bet this is to resist the possible revolt from the USA in the event that OPEC rejects the Dollar for OPEC OIL and the USA loses 30-40 % of its Oil Imports.

China, Russia vow to advance military ties:

India in Talks to Buy 300 Russian Fighter Jets; Working Together to Build a New Generation Fighter Jet:

Russia signs India nuclear reactor deal:

Losing control of Economic National Security in oil the price, we have no back up reserves if they choose to reject the dollar:

Russia to build nuclear power station in Venezuela:

And I think it all goes with this stuff that’s been forming as a force to resist any type of retaliation from the USA in the transition of Trade Currencies from the dollar to the Euro.

I Think Iran taking control of OPEC on the 1st of Jan will trigger the scenario laid out in this link by CFP: 

As OPEC moves to call for the rejection of OIL to be priced in US dollars any longer. Russia will then declare their support for the EURO as the New Trade Currency for the BRIC Nations. See this link - Vladimir Putin Supports Euro as Stable World Currency:
Pay attention to what Russia says here in the link above:
“Can we assume that Russia together with Europe will one day be in a single currency zone? I can assume that,” he said.
Putin also criticized the dominance of U.S. dollar in the world economy, which makes it vulnerable.

Man what a double cross to Goldman Sacks because they are the International banking Entity that for the past 15 years financed  the development of these nations to the point they are at today off the economies of the Western nations economies:

As the Banking cartel took for granted the Idea that the BRIC would continue to allow the West to benefit from the RESOURCES that the BRIC control with the Dollar being the Fee Generating currency for Goldman as the International Trading house that handles the international exchange trades and collects the billions in handling FEEs made annually when the world economies were churning out the close to 45 trillion dollars in trade goods. See this link and prepare to have your mind blown:  

I think this is why we saw Goldman and Treasury Sec Hank Paulson go to Congress in desperate need of the TARP in 2008 as this was when I think the BRIC nations pulled out their guarantees in the Banking cartel as they saw the Vulnerability in the US dollar at this Point because it has no Intrinsic Value backing it when the BRIC defects from the idea Goldman Sacks had as a Alliance.
This is why Government Must Never get to Big

Tony Newbill
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This is why Government must never get to Big, so big that its main supporters are of this Mindset. It becomes a Disconnection from the social fabric of what’s the founding Principles of the USA. 

"We Hold these Truths to be Self Evident, that All men are Created Equal"

The Lies that we the people have been told by our Government as they preached the Climate Change reasons [are] because of Fossil Fuel is Now [running] out, it has taken on a New View. It’s Human as their Fear of what they feel is the cause of Climate Change if we the people lose our Voice to challenge these Opinions of what is the truth. If and what we as a community can and should be doing Not a Force against the Will of Society, this is what will be seen as the sustaining factor in what the USA looks like going forward. Not some fundamentalists that is Marxists view [to use] Money to buy a Position of authority is [when] we the people become collected under our Nation’s flag. 

This will still cause struggles within our Free market Functions as it tries to manage Regulations that Government restrictive Agencies will Impose upon the Free Market Businesses that create our needs in Society. If you have read about The USSR Stalin era and what happened during that time you can see how Big Government caused a Limiting factor in the expansion of basic Needs causing famines and shortages. All because of fundamental views of what drove the philosophy of overpopulation or a society of Free Thinkers whose struggles always prevailed during times of despair.

We the People need to never take our eyes off the fact that we are always going to be faced with this challenge of who will say there are limits in a finite world and we are better ready to chase these survival instincts back to the fences of those gulags with evidence of sustainable advancements in alternative resource processes so we the people can continue to be prosperous with Incentives that tame even the most radical in Survival tactics.
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