Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recognize the Deceit of CAIR

John R. Houk
© February 3, 2010

If there are any devious organizations operating in America the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is certainly one of them. Critics of (radical) Islam have long associated CAIR with Islamic Terrorists (primarily Hamas) and have shown theundermining influence of the Muslim Brotherhood (aka Ikhwan) in a global conspiracy to utilize Western political and economic modes of operation to make Islam dominant and all non-Muslims submissive. The logical implication is that CAIR is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) with all the legal hoops given to a non-profit organization which CAIR uses to duplicitously establish Islam not only as a State religion but also force Islam as the moral foundation for the rule of law in America.

This unnamed agenda is shared by several other American Islamic organizations who also have links to the Muslim Brotherhood or Islamic terrorism or both. All the American Islamic organizations purport to be stalwart supporters of the American rule of law yet words and actions tell a different story.

In the case of CAIR the Muslim Brotherhood element is established by the paper and people trail its founders and leadership viewable by any who does even a little tracking. As to Islamic terrorism CAIR has been named as an unindicted co-conspirator of Muslims convicted for using the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) to funnel money to Hamas.

Typically CAIR has used legal jihad as the favorite Western judicial method of moneyed Muslims to economically terrorize critics into silence. CAIR’s latest legal jihad target are the father and son Gaubatz’s who have meticulously and clandestinely gathered smoking gun documents which expose CAIR in the tradition of the mafia and fifth column operations in America.

The unindicted co-conspirator to Hamas has used the American legal system to hinder damage by the Gaubatz and Sperry book entitled, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America.”

I was consternated when CAIR pulled a legal maneuver to force the Gaubatz’s to return the acquired documents which were collected after Chris Gaubatz was told to destroy them. By the way that does not sound like theft, it sounds like clandestinely removing something from the trash. The police and identity thieves do that all the time. Fortunately the FBI got a Grand Jury to issue a warrant for the CAIR/Gaubatz documents before they could get their cover-up hands on them.

Now that you have this tidbit of rehashing CAIR vs the Gaubatz’s, you need to share the outrage WorldNetDaily (WND) founder Joseph Farah feels toward the major media outlets (which includes FOX News). You should be outraged along side Farah that the Mainstream Media (MSM) news networks have not reported on CAIR and their legal jihad against the Gaubatz’s.

Farah claims the shows have had CAIR mouth pieces on the news but not David or Chris Gaubatz nor co-author Paul Sperry. Is it fear of legal jihad? Is it fear of political correctness (PC)? PC would a critical analysis of CAIR might be hate-speech or Islamophobic bigotry. OR is there something even more heinous in the major news networks ignoring the Muslim Mafia and the CAIR civil suit?

When I say, “heinous” I am implying the major news networks might receive a few dimes from interested wealthy Muslims which either makes the networks reluctant to expose an Islamic fifth column or are potentially in cahoots in a capitalistic venture. I am all for capitalism; however if a few corporate capitalists are willing to sell-out American culture or allow government subversion to take hold, in that case I would be furious. As an American on the Left, Right or the degrees of in between, you are outraged at American businesses making money at the expense of American culture and American Constitutional rights, aren’t you?

JRH 2/3/10 (to read Farah's email appeal, click the JRH and go to the end of this essay)


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