Sunday, February 28, 2010

GWOT News from Afghanistan

There is a Global War on Terror. In spite of President Barack Hussein Obama’s denial of a war he has at least sent his version of a troop surge. Here is some info from the AP that starts out writing about victory in Marjah, Afghanistan. The article writes about the strategy of “clear, hold” and “build.”

Following the victory story the author injects some reality of war. I doubt the purpose of the reality info is used to build an American affinity for our troops and other NATO troops, rather I suspect the info is used to confirm that Leftist appeasement encourages America to abandon Afghanistan without an impact of victory. Not that a Western minded America will ever have the cajones to subdue Islamic terrorism properly, yet a goal of “building” is a good one. This is so even if Islamic rules of law (the dreaded Sharia Law) are prevalent. “Building” should mean building an alliance whether it is a pseudo-democratic nation or despotic pro-American elite.

The bad news is homicidal-suicide Islamic terrorists are infiltrating into NATO/Afghan government controlled areas killing people to terrorize them into supporting Taliban/al-Qaeda style Islam.

JRH 2/28/10

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