Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thoughts on Chosen OIC Envoy Rashad Hussain

John R. Houk
© February 23, 2009

If you pay attention to any kind of international news or geopolitics keep your eyes on an international body that is second in size only to the United Nation. This international body is a loose confederation Muslim majority (or at least in power) nations (57) that call themselves the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

According Discover the Networks the OIC’s purpose is to show a positive light concerning Islam and strenuously fight any criticism of Islam.

OIC's manifold purpose is to promote Islamic values, revitalize Islam's pioneering role in the world, strengthen and enhance the bond of solidarity among Muslim states, support "the Palestinian struggle," and defend Islam generally. OIC's charter professes a commitment to promoting peace and tolerance on the one hand, and to fighting terrorism on the other.

The organization's actions, however, are dissonant with these stated aims.

For many years, OIC has been pushing incrementally toward its ultimate goal of outlawing, everywhere in the world, any and all criticism of Islamic people, practices, legal codes, and governments.

Hence if one can see through or beyond the Islamic smoke and mirrors, the OIC promotes a Muslim Brotherhood/Salafist/Wahhabi version of Islam. Any criticism of said version of Islam will be dealt with vehemently via geopolitics or Lawfare (Legal Jihad). As far as Western nations should be concerned, the OIC is a nefarious international body that will utilize deception to perpetuate the myths of a religion of peace.

Now after the above leery tidbit of information on the OIC, American citizens should be aware the U.S. Government sends a Special Envoy to represent American interests to the OIC. It is sort of an ambassadorial and international lobbyist position designed to express American Interests in a clear yet diplomatic way.

President Barack Hussein Obama has appointed a young (and I do mean YOUNG) lawyer promoted fresh out of the Legal Counsel Office to represent the Obama Administration ergo America. That person is Muslim-American Rashad Hussain.

Like most of BHO’s Constitutional and Extra-Constitutional Appointees Hussain is generating controversy. The man is thirty-one years old. He is barely out of Harvard. His Harvard academics associate him with anti-American, anti-Israeli and pro-Palestine terrorists of the caliber known as radical Islam. He has even made pro-Sami al-Arian statements. Al-Arian was a Muslim Academic working at an American University while supporting Palestinian terrorism on the side. Al-Arian was convicted and deported. Hussain took umbrage with the conviction publicly. When the BHO Appointment to the OIC came up, Hussain denied any such support for al-Arian. But oops … Hussain was count on tape making his statement. Hussain supporters say his memory lapsed and Hussain dissenters say he lied.

Americans in the recent past have mysteriously been convinced to look the other way concerning a person’s character after associating most of his adult life with hate-America Leftists or hate-America Black Liberation theologians. I believe because of the ‘race’ card most American voters bought into the ‘past associations’ are irrelevant’ thinking. I suspect the BHO Chicago-style political machine will pull the ‘race’ option out of his Gramsci-esq political playbook to label Hussain dissenters as bigoted Islamophobes (as if that is equal to racism).

You can Google Rashad Hussain to read about a host of his dissenters however there an interesting essay by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross who is an ex-Muslim anti-jihadist who writes in support of Rashad Hussain. Gartenstein-Ross attempts to go out of his way to distance his defense after the full disclosure of knowing Hussain as a friend back in the day of being fellow-Muslims and his continued friendship in his post-Muslim experience. Gartenstein-Ross actually takes a good shot at the defense however I am not convinced his friendship with Hussain is not filtering that defense.

Paul Mirengoff writing for Power Line ever so gently probes Gartenstein-Ross’ defense of Hussain. Whether one is blunt or nice the math all derives from associations in the realm of politics. Hussain’s associations and own words derive a sum that does not add up to supporting American National Interests.

Gary H. Johnson, Jr. of The AfPak Gazette chimes in with a sentiment that is closer to my thoughts.

JRH 2/23/10

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