Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Militarized EU – Hmm …

John R. Houk
© February 7, 2010

The relatively novice German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has some interesting thoughts of the direction the European Union should be taking. Westerwelle believes the EU should develop a military under the command of the EU Parliament with the ability to mobilize for military crises that might affect the (inter)national interests of the EU members.

I have some thoughts on an EU military but first allow me to discuss Westerwelle from the brief gleanings I found doing a Google search.

From an American perspective he seems to be quite the enigmatic politician with some political and social leanings that an American might have a brain malfunction in grasping.

Westerwelle appears to be a Conservative Market man after the tradition of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He is pro-get the terrorists in the GWOT action. Westerwelle seems to be a pro-Israel politician in a continent experiencing a resurgence of anti-Semitism. Westerwelle’s political Party is the Free Democratic Party (FDP). The FDP is considered a Liberal Party. In America that would imply a Leftist agenda. As already noted Westerwelle has led the FDP into pro-business (anti-privatization) and a military solution toward the GWOT in Afghanistan. The political mix even becomes more enigmatic. Westerwelle is Germany’s first High Office holder that is openly homosexual. Evidently the FDP must be akin somewhat to American Libertarianism in this respect: Socially Liberal and Fiscally Conservative. Other Libertarian similarities end there since Westerwelle believes in a strong military to address foreign security; however Westerwelle’s vision stretches beyond Germany. Westerwelle is promoting a military for the EU.

The FDP has a Party Election Platform which could read like a Libertarian Centrist Platform in America. It is called the FDP Election Manifesto.

    Lower Taxes

    Financial Supervision: Really this is financial reform on how big business has been able to cook the books

    Economic Policy: Less pressure on small business in the realm of hiring and firing and a reform of business taxes.

    Foreign Policy:
    -Nuclear disarmament
    -Removal of American Nukes from German soil
    -Strengthen ally ties to America
    -Move away from “cosy” ties to Russia
    -Support military deployment to Afghanistan
    -NO Turkey allowed in the EU

    Civil Liberties: Strengthen citizen rights from government intrusion. This would be the effect of repealing the Patriot Act in America.

Now here is some musing on the EU developing an integrated military that would transcend traditional European nations who have sovereignty.

How would an EU military under an inter-continent command affect American National and Security Interests? Certainly an issue between the U.S. and the EU would arise as to the nature of the existence of NATO. Would an EU military exist to bolster EU economic interests? An example might look something like when British and French forces would go to places affecting national interests in historical imperial days. What would the EU do to protect EU economic interests?

Would the institution of an EU military be the initiation of a confederated national government under EU auspices? If you are a Biblical Prophetic scholar (or armchair scholar), what would an integrated one national European Union mean? It would mean the reemergence of the ancient Roman Empire. If you are an eschatological Christian you might think the return of Christ would be imminent.

Before Christ returns traditional Protestant Pentecostal Prophetic teaching relates that Satan’s anti-Christ would come to persecute the Believers in the Risen Savior Jesus Christ the Son of God the Father.

Has anyone noticed that the rumors of wars and natural disasters seem to have multiplied to the potential of something catastrophic?

I am somewhat confident that others in the EU share Guido Westerwelle’s vision of a militarized EU. I am not going to search them out right now; however could it be that Westerwelle or someone of the same vision may wittingly or unwittingly be ushering in the anti-Christ or the embodiment of evil himself. Yeah I know it is gloom and doom dark musings.

Anyway, the studious geopolitician (or armchair) should be fascinated if the militarizing of the EU occurs. The very paths of how a militarized EU would evolve are plenteous.

JRH 2/7/10 (Hat Tip: Above Top Secret)

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