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And the USA & EU Support Palestinian State?

Hamas poster for the rallies in Judea and Samaria 12-2012
Hamas poster for the rallies in Judea and Samaria. The caption reads, "The [West] Bank renews its commitment and swears loyalty to the resistance (Ajnad Facebook page, December 15, 2012)

John R. Houk
© December 31, 2012

The Islamic terrorist organization Hamas is a subsidiary of the Radical Muslim organization Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas’ only reason for existing is to destroy Israel and kill Jews.

Thanks to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) here are some excerpts from the Hamas charter that demonstrates this Jew-Hatred:

Anti-Semitism in the Hamas Charter: Selected Excerpts
Posted: May 13, 2011


Our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious. It needs all sincere efforts. It is a step that inevitably should be followed by other steps. The Movement is but one squadron that should be supported by more and more squadrons from this vast Arab and Islamic world, until the enemy is vanquished and Allah's victory is realised.

Article Seven:

"The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews (killing the Jews), when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Only the Gharkad tree, would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews." (related by al-Bukhari and Muslim).

Article Twenty-Eight:

We should not forget to remind every Muslim that when the Jews conquered the Holy City in 1967, they stood on the threshold of the Aqsa Mosque and proclaimed that "Mohammed is dead, and his descendants are all women."
Israel, Judaism and Jews challenge Islam and the Muslim people. "May the cowards never sleep."

Article Thirty-Two:

World Zionism, together with imperialistic powers, try through a studied plan and an intelligent strategy to remove one Arab state after another from the circle of struggle against Zionism, in order to have it finally face the Palestinian people only. Egypt was, to a great extent, removed from the circle of the struggle, through the treacherous Camp David Agreement. They are trying to draw other Arab countries into similar agreements and to bring them outside the circle of struggle.

The Islamic Resistance Movement calls on Arab and Islamic nations to take up the line of serious and persevering action to prevent the success of this horrendous plan, to warn the people of the danger eminating from leaving the circle of struggle against Zionism. Today it is Palestine, tomorrow it will be one country or another.

I focused on actual threats to the lives of Jewish people and to the nation of Israel. Although Jews often differentiate between Zionism and Judaism, the Hamas charter reference of Zionism or Zionist is referring to the nation of Israel.

If you read the ADL excerpts of the Hamas charter in its entire post you there is a great interest in Hamas hating the West. Civic organizations that Americans take for granted are viewed by Hamas as purveyors of immorality to corrupt Muslims:

The Zionist invasion is a vicious invasion. It does not refrain from resorting to all methods, using all evil and contemptible ways to achieve its end. It relies greatly in its infiltration and espionage operations on the secret organizations it gave rise to, such as the Freemasons, The Rotary and Lions clubs, and other sabotage groups. All these organizations, whether secret or open, work in the interest of Zionism and according to its instructions. They aim at undermining societies, destroying values, corrupting consciences, deteriorating character and annihilating Islam. It is behind the drug trade and alcoholism in all its kinds so as to facilitate its control and expansion. (Ibid.)

Just so I am clear, Hamas is a Jew-Hating and Western-hating (especially Americans and American Christians) organization committed to murdering people in their cause to steal the Jewish Homeland from Jewish people. I say steal because there has never been a nation of Muslim-Arabs that belonged to culture of Palestine. The term “Palestine” did not really exist as a location in modern history until after WWI when the European victors carved up the Arab portion of the defeated Ottoman Empire (present day Turkey). The British managed a League of Nations Mandate called Palestine which was specifically carved out for persecuted Jews to move back to the Land their ancestors were expelled from by Romans. In fact the majority of Arabs that live in the areas of Judea-Samaria and Gaza are descendants of Arabs that were migrant workers coming to work for Jews that had turned neglected land back into agriculturally producing land.

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) are essentially two separate entities. Hamas governs Gaza and the PA governs the Arab population of Judea-Samaria (aka the West Bank as termed by Jordan after its 1948 conquest of Jewish land). Essentially the PA is made up of the Arab League created Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO was created by the Arab League with the specific purpose of giving Muslim Arab nations a reason to invade Israel to destroy it and kill Jews.

In the midst of all this hatred perpetrated by Arabs that call themselves Palestinians, the USA and the EU insist on turning Judea-Samaria and Gaza into a Palestinian State. The PA lies to the West about peaceful intentions while their schools and media teach Jew-Hatred constantly reinforce that someday there will be no Israel.

The Western media and especially the American media participate in abject failure in informing their public of the nefarious designs of the leadership of the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. For instance has anyone heard during the Christmas season 2012 that the PA allowed Hamas to stage rallies celebrating their anniversary of existence. Part of that celebration is memorializing Islamic terrorists that committed homicide by via suicide explosions. These murderers are celebrated as heroic martyrs that they call shaheeds.

Hamas Rally Ramallah 12-2012

This despicable to be a party to setting up a sovereign nation that has only one purpose to exist; viz., destroy Israel and kill Jews.

JRH 12/31/12
Hamas held mass rallies throughout Judea and Samaria to mark the 25th anniversary of its founding.

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
Issued on: 18/12/2012


1. The Palestinian Authority recently allowed Hamas operatives in Judea and Samaria to hold mass public events to mark the 25th anniversary of the movement's founding. They were held in the main cities and on university campuses in Judea and Samaria, primarily in Nablus, Hebron, Qalqiliya and Tulkarm. Thousands of Palestinians participated, a clear demonstration of Hamas' power in Judea and Samaria after four years in which the Palestinian Authority forbade or limited public Hamas activities. The PA's security services oversaw the rallies and prevented them from turning into violent confrontations with the IDF.

2. The rallies emphasized Hamas' narrative of "victory" in Operation Pillar of Defense. Demonstrators carried models of rockets and listened to speeches given by Hamas activists in Judea and Samaria and from the Gaza Strip. The speeches, especially those by Hamas activists and operatives in the Gaza Strip, stressed the importance of the path of terrorism (jihad and the so-called "resistance") as the only way to restore the Palestinians' "full rights" (i.e., the destruction of the State of Israel). Senior Hamas figures called for strengthening the "resistance" in Judea and Samaria, claiming that all local, regional and international conditions were ripe for a third intifada, which would be "hard and decisive."[1]

3. Providing the unusual authorization for Hamas to hold mass rallies in Judea and Samaria is part of the PA's current policy of redefining the limits placed on its political rivals and promoting an atmosphere of reconciliation.[2] It is a trend which has continued for the past year and a half, especially since the reconciliation agreement (signed in May 2011) and the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal (October 2011). Since then Hamas has significantly increased its public presence in Judea and Samaria, especially on issues where a Palestinian consensus is perceived to exist (such as the struggle of the Palestinian terrorist operatives imprisoned in Israeli jails). At the same time the PA allows the Hamas media to operate, and they cover various events through the prism of Hamas, inciting the local populace to terrorism and goading Palestinians to revolt against Israel. The most prominent media with correspondents on the ground in Judea and Samaria are Al-Aqsa TV, which broadcasts from the Gaza Strip, and Al-Quds TV, which broadcasts from Beirut.

4. In our assessment the Palestinian Authority gave Hamas permission to hold mass rallies because it understood that given the atmosphere prevailing in the Arab world in general and on the Palestinian street in particular, it would be hard to prevent such rallies from being held. Therefore, the PA considered it best to allow the local residents let off steam under the supervision of the Palestinian Authority and its security services. In addition, permission may have been given as a signal to Israel and the international community as to the possible consequences of a political freeze and the need to strengthen the PA.

5. The mass participation of the Palestinian population in the rallies reflects, in our assessment, extensive support for Hamas in Judea and Samaria.[3] The support for Hamas and its accompanying incitement to terrorism are liable to contribute to an increase in violence in Judea and Samaria, even if the PA can be expected to prevent the situation from getting out of control. Violence in Judea and Samaria, so far limited to various types of "popular" activities (throwing stones and Molotov cocktails and attacking IDF soldiers), has risen since Operation Pillar of Defense, and especially since the upgrading of the PA's status in the UN.

Events Organized by Hamas to Mark the Anniversary of Its Founding


6. Hamas marked the 25th anniversary of its founding with a series of mass rallies and demonstrations throughout Judea and Samaria. The main rallies were held in the large cities, among them Nablus, Hebron, Ramallah, Qalqiliya and Tulkarm. They stressed the "victory" of the Palestinian "resistance" during Operation Pillar of Defense. The demonstrators carried models of Hamas-produced M75 rockets fired into central Israel which symbolized the "resistance" and "victory." Senior figures from Hamas and the other terrorist organizations participated in the rallies. Some of the speakers, especially Hamas activists from the Gaza Strip who spoke by telephone, praised of the right to "resistance" and jihad. The rallies were held under the supervision of the PA's security services, which prevented them from turning into confrontations with the IDF.

Events in Hebron

7. A mass rally was held in Hebron, attended by Aziz Dweik, Hamas activist and chairman of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), and representatives from the local Palestinian organizations. Ismail Haniya greeted the participants in a telephone conversation from the Gaza Strip. Aziz Dweik appealed to Mahmoud Abbas to end the internal Palestinian schism, to stop the so-called "political detentions" in Judea and Samaria and to release Hamas prisoners in PA jails (Safa News Agency, December 14, 2012). Palestinian police stationed at a distance followed the rally and prevented friction with IDF forces (Ajnad Facebook page, December 14, 2012).

Hamas Rally at the Palestine Polytechnic University in Hebron

8. On December 18 Hamas held a rally at the Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) in Hebron. Hundreds of Hamas-flag waving students participated. They held a military display in which they wore uniforms and carried models of rockets. Aziz Dweik, Hamas chairman of the PLC, attended, as did other Hamas Council member, representatives of the university administration, and members of the families of Palestinian terrorist operatives who had been imprisoned or killed.

9. Aziz Dweik gave a speech in which he blessed the "shaheeds" who were PPU graduates, saying that "the path of Hamas is the path of the victory of the truth over the lie, the victory of the resistance over the occupation and its collaborators." Fawzi Barhoum, Hamas spokesman in the Gaza Strip, gave a speech by telephone in which he said that "Hamas has written the path to liberation in blood and resistance, and from the beginning of the operation [Operation Pillar of Defense] had ensured victory" (Filastin al-'Aan, December 18, 2012).

Events in Nablus

10. On December 13 a mass rally was held in the center of Nablus. After the afternoon prayer at the Al-Nasr mosque, participants gathered in Al-Shuhadaa Square in the center of the city, where the rally was held. It was attended by representatives from the PLC, the governor of the Nablus district and other prominent public figures (Safa News Agency, December 13, 2012). Among the participants was Amin Maqboul, secretary of Fatah's Revolutionary Council.

11. A telephone-transmitted speech was made by Husam Badran, a terrorist operative who had been released from jail and deported to the Gaza Strip. He said that "resistance" [i.e., terrorism and violence] was the only way to restore the rights of the Palestinian people and the only way to achieve national unity. Amin Maqboul also spoke, praising Hamas and the "hands which brought victory in Operation Pillar of Defense" (Safa News Agency, December 13, 2012).

12. According to Adnan al-Dhmeiri, spokesman for the security services of the Palestinian Authority, the district government had authorized Hamas to hold the rally. He claimed the reason was the "positive atmosphere and victory of all the organizations over Israeli aggression in Gaza and Mahmoud Abbas' achievement in the UN" (Ma'an News Agency, December 10, 2012).


13. The rally in Tulkarm took place on December 14. Demonstrators waved Hamas and Palestinian flags and chanted slogans in favor of "resistance." A speech was given by Hassan Khraisheh, Hamas-affiliated deputy speaker of the PLC. He said that the Palestinian people wanted to unite under the banner of the resistance (Ajnad News, December 14, 2012).


14. The rally in Qalqiliya was held on December 15. Demonstrators chanted slogans in support of Hamas and its military-terrorist wing in light of Operation Pillar of Defense, and called for national Palestinian unity. A speech was given by Nasser Abd al-Jawad, a Hamas-faction member of the PLC, in which he said that Hamas' presence in Judea and Samaria was alive and well despite the difficulties it had encountered in recent years. Speaking via telephone, Sheikh Talal al-Baz, a Hamas terrorist operative released from an Israeli jail and today living in Qatar, stressed Hamas' adherence to the idea of jihad and "resistance" [i.e., terrorism] until the so-called "liberation" of Palestine ( website, December 15, 2012).

Hamas Exhibition at Beir Zeit University

15. On December 10, before the rallies were held, the Islamic block at Beir Zeit University marked the 25th anniversary of the founding of Hamas with a series of events. Students marched across the campus holding Hamas flags and signs in support of Hamas, as well as models of rockets and pictures of senior Hamas figures and prisoners. After the march a rally was held with the theme "the path to victory." It was attended by family members of Palestinians who had been killed, prisoners who had been released and Hamas-faction members of the PLC, among them Jamal al Tawil, Ahmed Attoun and Muhammad Abu Tir. Hama arch-terrorist Yahya Ayash's mother spoke at the rally, as did the mother of suicide bomber Ihab Abu Salim (Paltoday and Safa News Agency, December 10, 2012).

16. There was also an exhibition on campus to celebrate Hamas’ so-called “victory” in Operation Pillar of Defense. It was held at the entrance to the department of literature and featured pictures and models of M75 rockets (medium-range rockets manufactured in the Gaza Strip with Iranian technology). There were pictures of Ahmed al-Jaabari and other terrorist operatives who had been killed during the operation. The entrance to the exhibition was carpeted with a large Israeli flag for visitors to walk on (Safa News Agency and Filastin al-'Aan, December 4 and 5, 2012).


[1] For example, Yusuf Rizqa, Ismail Haniya's political advisor, has said that third intifada against the [Israeli] "occupation" in the West Bank was very close ( website, December 15, 2012). Saleh al-Arouri, a member of Hamas' political bureau, said that after the "victory" in the Gaza Strip the "resistance" in the West Bank had to be strengthened, construction in the settlements had to be ended and Israel had to be stopped (Al-Aqsa TV, December 13, 2012).

[2] The trend has been manifested by the PA's allowing hostile organizations and groups, such as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the Hamas student faction and the Liberation Party (Harb al-Tahrir) to hold rallies.

[3] One indication of sympathy for Hamas in Judea and Samaria is the outcome of a public opinion poll taken by the Palestinian Centre for Policy and Survey Research directed by Khalil Shqaqi. The survey was conducted between December 13 and 15, 2012, and its results indicated increasing public support for Ismail Haniya and diminishing support for Mahmoud Abbas. According to the survey, if elections for the presidency were held in the Palestinian Authority today, 48% would vote for Ismail Haniya, as opposed to 45% for Mahmoud Abbas.
And the USA & EU Support Palestinian State?
John R. Houk
© December 31, 2012
Hamas held mass rallies throughout Judea and Samaria to mark the 25th anniversary of its founding.

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Introducing Floyd Brown Criticizing Benghazigate Report

Benghazi Liars
John R. Houk
© December 29, 2012

In an email sent from Western Center for Journalism Floyd Brown draws from some reputable sources highly criticizes the Accountability Review Board’s (ARB) report on Benghazigate (No accountability for those held accountable).

Here are some highlights of Brown’s criticism (not comprehensive because the entire essay needs to be read):

·       The Benghazi Massacre is more than Foreign Policy ineptitude

·       Benghazigate involves government officials at the highest levels, al-Qaeda operatives, radical jihadists, the Muslim Brotherhood and even George Soros.

·       Blaming YouTube video as the reason for Massacre was smoke and mirrors

·       ARB lead investigator Thomas Pickering is on the Board of Soros’ International Crisis Group

·       The Benghazi Consulate was not a Consulate, rather it was a meeting place to discuss sending arms to al Qaeda affiliates of Libya (rebel victors against Qaddafi) and to al Qaeda affiliates of the Syrian rebels fighting the Bashar Assad dictatorship.

·       Nations represented at meeting: USA, Libya, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

·       And More

An interesting question that Brown explores: “Is Benghazi-Gate A Criminal Conspiracy That Can Bring The Obama Regime Down?”

Remember Watergate? President Nixon’s Watergate Cover-up was an obvious illegal use of government resources to spy on George McGovern’s campaign in 1972. Nixon’s paranoia led to the Watergate break-in which politically was the stupidest decision of Nixon’s career. Nixon slaughtered McGovern in 1972.

Nixon and the Mainstream Media (MSM) hated each other. When Nixon’s Administration got caught with its hand in the cookie jar the MSM screamed often and long until Congress set up hearings in the Senate.

There will be no MSM expose asking questions about possible/probable Obama Administration illegalities. The MSM will go to great lengths to shield the Leftist-in-Chief from illegal dirt. Unless some brave person is able to make the smoking gun connection to a government cover-up Obama will slide through the wonderland mirror unscathed.

People like Floyd Brown’s Western Center for Journalism is the only hope of catching the Obama Administration with its hand in the cookie jar. So keep the pressure coming.

JRH 12/29/12
Obama Armed Al-Qaeda Terrorists

By Floyd Brown
Sent: December 29, 2012 7:03 AM
Western Center for Journalism

"[T]he official report by the U.S. government's Accountability Review Board [ARB] about the attack on the U.S. compound in the Libyan city of Benghazi ignored the most explosive 'Beghazigate' scandals: the Obama administration’s lawless arming of jihadists in Libya and Syria...." -The New American
A shocking number of investigative reporters are coming to the same horrifying conclusion. Benghazi-gate is NOT just about covering up Obama Regime security and foreign-policy ineptitude that directly lead to the murder of four brave Americans on the eve of a presidential election.

Rather... leaving these Americans to die horrible deaths was potentially part of a much larger, AND CRIMINAL, cover-up... an attempt to conceal what The New American calls; "the Obama administration’s full role in helping violent Jihadists [and] self-styled al Qaeda terrorists" ... a cover-up that involves government officials at the highest levels, al-Qaeda operatives, radical jihadists, the Muslim Brotherhood and even George Soros.

Barack Obama may think that a handful of insignificant State Department resignations and the rigged results of a bogus "independent investigation" (that was launched to whitewash this growing scandal) are going to make Benghazi-gate go away, but he's wrong... because we're not going to let him get away with it.

The American people deserve
the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and we're going to force our elected officials to get the American people those answers

How Is George Soros Connected To This Emerging Scandal?
Everyone with a pulse already knows that the Obama Regime promoted an outrageously false story that anger over an obscure YouTube video fueled the Benghazi attack, but few know that the so-called Accountability Review Board investigation was quite possibly another attempt to cover-up the Obama Regime's treasonous role in aiding America's enemies abroad.

Political commentator Dick Morris says that "the blue ribbon commission charged with investigating the attack... perpetuates a cover-up by distracting attention from the main issue to side matters." In other words, both the false YouTube narrative and the so-called "independent investigation" of this cover-up may actually be part of a much larger cover-up.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Investigative journalist Aaron Klein with WND tells us: "The panel’s lead investigator into the Benghazi attack, former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, has largely unreported ties to the revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa."

Klein goes on to say: "Pickering serves on the small board of the International Crisis Group, or ICG" and "Billionaire activist George Soros is on ICG’s executive board." Klein adds: "ICG itself has long petitioned for talks with Hamas as well as normalized relations with the Muslim Brotherhood."

Pickering's credentials beg the question: Why would a man with such long-standing ties to radical Islam and globalist America-haters like George Soros be tapped to head an "independent investigation" into Benghazi-gate.

Should we be shocked that the "blue ribbon commission's" findings were nothing more than a complete and total whitewash? The obvious answer to the second question isn't no ... it's hell no.

Morris adds that "there will be a temptation on Capitol Hill to drop the inquiry after the Hillary-less hearing. We must not let them do so. Don't let her off the hook."

He's right and we mustn't allow our elected officials to enable Barack Obama's efforts to sweep Benghazi-gate under the rug.  We must demand justice.

Something Stinks And The Stench Leads To 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
But Pickering simply isn't on the board of the Soros-funded ICG. According to Wikipedia, he's the co-chairman and directly oversees the ICG's international actions.

Pickering is also a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and serves on the board of the American Iranian Council, an organization devoted to the "normalization" of relations between Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Iran and America.

When it comes to the previously posed question: Why would a man with such long-standing ties to radical Islam and globalist America-haters like George Soros be tapped to head an "independent investigation" into Benghazi-gate; political commentator Andrew Malcolm, in Investors Business Daily (IBD) draws the following conclusion.

Malcolm states: "The report from the Accountability Review only one tiny piece of a vast bureaucratic ballet that has evolved in Washington."

The New American, referring to Malcolm's IBD article, adds: "The purpose, he [Malcolm] said, is to shift people’s attention away from real scandals using what essentially amounts to deceitful PR tactics, and the establishment press often plays along. 'It's an amazingly sophisticated and bipartisan procedure that looks sound to naive eyes,' Malcolm continued. 'It's built upon powerful self-interest and savvy strategic communications that manages and manipulates information and the timing of its release to minimize damage to incumbents and to dampen ongoing media interest in pursuing an embarrassing matter further.'"

And what are the "real scandals?" For starters, Klein tells us that the Benghazi Consulate "was not a consulate.”

He adds: "According to Middle East security officials I talked to, this was a major meeting point — I would say the central meeting point — for the American diplomats... to meet with officials of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, about supplying the opposition in Syria and Libya. Well, who is the opposition? In Libya, the opposition openly included jihadists, included al-Qaeda elements. In Syria, right now, the al-Qaeda elements are leading the opposition....”

Is the arming of al-Qaeda elements and radical jihadists what Obama was talking about when he said "I will stand with them should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." There's only one way to find out. Congress must act to get at the truth... no dog-and-pony shows that end in more whitewashes... the American people deserve facts.

Here Are Some Real Questions.
It's clear that we're confronted with a scandal that goes beyond simple incompetence that resulted in the deaths of brave Americans and an incompetent attempt to deflect blame away from that incompetence prior to an election.

We may be dealing with something more sinister and the following questions, posed in an article in The New American, go to the heart of the matter.

**What was the Obama administration’s full role in helping violent Jihadists, self-styled al Qaeda terrorists, and Western-backed “revolutionaries” take over Libya in the first place?

**Did that half-baked scheme to arm Jihadist leaders, who as the report acknowledges had previously fought U.S. troops in Iraq, contribute to the attack, as countless experts and officials have suggested?

**What was actually going on at the compound in Benghazi, which as the report states, was never a “consulate” despite establishment media claims?

**Was Ambassador Stevens recruiting and arming Jihadists and terrorists to wage war on the Syrian regime after what Obama called the “success” in Libya, as a growing body of credible evidence suggests?

**Why did the administration claim for so long that the attack was just a “protest” over a YouTube video gone awry, even when it knew definitively that was not the case?

**Was the lack of security at the compound a political ploy to conceal the extent of the lawlessness and utter chaos left in the wake of Obama’s unconstitutional “regime change” war on Libya, as even members of Congress have alleged?

According to the ARB report: "Systematic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department resulted in a Special Mission security posture that was inadequate for Benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place.”

Give us a break. The ARB report is an insult to anyone possessing more intelligence than God gave the common dog. It doesn't even acknowledge the important questions and
the American people deserve to have those question asked... and answered... by our elected officials.

Is Benghazi-Gate A Criminal Conspiracy That Can Bring The Obama Regime Down?
The New American: "These revelations are not at all shocking to those who are familiar with the Obama administration’s record of support for virulently anti-American Islamists in Libya, including those closely allied with al-Qaeda. ... the Obama administration’s 'Arab Spring' strategy infamously embraced terrorist 'Emir' Abdelhakim Belhadj and his Libyan Islamic Fighting Group [LIFG]."

The New American adds: "The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group is listed by our National Counterterrorism Center and the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Counterterrorism as a 'Designated Foreign Terrorist Organization.' The United Nations Security Council likewise lists the LIFG as an al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group. Nevertheless, Abdelhakim Belhadj and the LIFG received blessings (and aid) from the Obama administration. After Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown, Belhadj was installed as the chief of the Military Council in the new U.S.-backed 'rebel' regime in Tripoli. And Belhadj is only one of several notorious terrorists aided by the United States in our 'humanitarian intervention' in Libya."

And The New American concludes: "According to analysts, it appears that the main purpose of the report was to deflect criticism and potentially even criminal responsibility away from President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton... and others."

Is anyone else saying that the Obama Regime is aiding anti-American terrorists? Retired Admiral James A. Lyons leveled the following charge almost two months ago in a Washington Times opinion editorial:

"We now know why Ambassador Christopher Stevens had to be in Benghazi the night of 9/11 to meet a Turkish representative, even though he feared for his safety. According to various reports, one of Stevens’ main missions in Libya was to facilitate the transfer of much of Gadhafi’s military equipment, including the deadly SA-7 — portable SAMs — to Islamists and other al Qaeda-affiliated groups fighting the Assad Regime in Syria...."

Syndicated columnist and conservative author Diana West says: “The red flags didn't go up over this so-called investigation for nothing. The White House isn't just whitewashed in the report, it's whited-out.”

And Steve Elson, an ex-Navy SEAL, says that the "Benghazi response — or, more accurately, Obama’s failure to respond in Benghazi" is "immoral and treasonous."

Make no mistake. Barack Hussein
Obama desperately wants this scandal to go away because he knows that it can topple his illegitimate occupation of the Oval Office, and he's willing to go any lengths to get bury it. We can't let him get away with it.

Floyd Brown
Introducing Floyd Brown Criticizing Benghazigate Report
John R. Houk
© December 29, 2012
Obama Armed Al-Qaeda Terrorists

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The Center for Western Journalism
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'How-to' for EMP weapon stunningly accessible

EMP diagram
Yesterday I posted “The EMP Threat” that was introductory thoughts to a WND email entitled “Ray gun feared as America's biggest threat”. While I was researching the WND email I discovered that Part II was posted on December 17. Obviously this indicates the WND email sent yesterday was posted even earlier at the WND website. Below is that Part II.

JRH 12/28/12
'How-to' for EMP weapon stunningly accessible
Lone-wolf terrorists offered 'Electromagnetic Blaster Gun, Gen II'

12/17/2012 at 8:35 PM

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part series, and describes how easy it would be to create a portable EMP weapon. The first story described the ability of a lone-wolf terrorist to inflict major, anonymous damage on the United States.

WASHINGTON – The ability of a lone-wolf terrorist to make an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, weapon is made easy by the ready access such an individual has to websites and other open source information on how to construct such a device.

In the hands of a determined individual, a weapon like this could have serious consequences on the nation’s critical infrastructures that rely on electricity and their electronic components in order to function, experts say.

Estimates are that tens of millions of fatalities could occur in the aftermath of a major EMP calamity as food, fuel and power supplies evaporate and the nation is transported instantly back to the 18th century lifestyle without a power grid or anything else electronic.

As the first installment described, while many have focused on the possibility of an EMP disaster developing because of a nuclear explosion or an intense solar storm, there is another great danger: The lone-wolf terrorist.

The attack could come from someone someone who strikes out on his or her own without any group affiliation. Such individuals either may see themselves as supporting the views of various terrorist groups or may have a personal grudge.

Such an individual with a penchant for electronics can pull together components from a Radio Shack or electronic store – even order the components off of selected internet websites – and fashion a radio frequency, or RF, weapon.

As microprocessors become smaller but more sophisticated, they are even more susceptible to an RF pulse. The high power microwave from an RF weapon produces a short, very high power pulse, said to be billions of watts in a nanosecond, or billionths of a second.

This so-called burst of electromagnetic waves in the gigahertz microwave frequency band can melt electrical circuitry and damage integrated circuits causing them to fail. Ironically, this type RF weapon won’t affect humans, although there are some forms that experts say can affect the body’s own electrical system.

The pulse from an RF weapon travels at the speed of light and can be fired without any visible emanation. These weapons can come in ultra-wideband or narrow-band, with the latter acting like a laser emitting a single frequency at very high power. This pulse then is directed at a specific electronic target.

What makes RF weapons so dangerous is their compactness and ability to be powered by hand-carried energy sources. Experts say that their range of intensity is from 200 meters to 1,000 meters, or from some 656 feet to 3,281 feet.

Experts also say the most frightening circumstance is how available the information is on how to make an EMP device – in this case, a radio-frequency, or RF, weapon.

For example, an obscure, 41-page paper published by Lt. Col. John A. Brunderman, U.S.A.F., outlined how high power radio frequency in what he termed a directed energy role has “huge potential” for both offensive and defensive military use.

His paper, “High Power Radio Frequency Weapons: A Potential Counter to U.S. Stealth and Cruise Missile Technology,” was written while he attended the Center for Strategy and Technology at the Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Ala.

That paper, readily available on the Internet, sufficiently details what sources say give insight on how radio frequency, or RF, weapons, can be used in downing stealth aircraft, including unmanned drones.

Sources say that where it lacks in detail, it is sufficiently able to point a knowledgeable engineer in a direction on how to proceed in developing systems to counter U.S. stealth technology.

The open source paper pointed out that if an enemy is able to exploit such technologies, then U.S. tactics and strategy inevitably will have to change, assuming the technologies were used in an integrated air defense role to counter U.S. high technology, deep-strike capabilities.

Ready access to such information could be dangerous in the hands of a lone wolf, or person not affiliated with a group, determined to attack society’s vital infrastructure which is largely dependent on the national electrical grid and electronic components to function.

As electronics become more densely packed, more energy efficient and operate at higher speeds, Brunderman pointed out that they become even more susceptible to high power RF microwave radiation.

While Brunderman’s paper is a readily available open source guideline on how to defeat U.S. stealth aircraft and drones, similar information from the Internet offers a “how-to” to construct a simple but effective electromagnetic pulse weapon using off-the-shelf components from retail electronic stores.Bk Jk A Nation Forsaken

On the website BlockYourId, for example, there is a step-by-step approach to constructing a simple EMP generator.

While the one pictured won’t destroy “every computer in the neighborhood,” it does give a detailed technical overview of the steps needed to make up electromagnetic pulse warfare, including the off-the-shelf components that go into making an RF generator.

It points out that the most critical component will be a high-voltage pulse capacitor.

For “really significant results,” it will need a pulse capacitor output in the hundreds of Joules. It also offers suggestions on boosting the electromagnetic pulse. While some of the components may be a bit pricey, cost will be no object to those individuals or groups determined to make such a generator.

If a lone wolf or terrorist group wants to build an RF weapon, all the person would have to do is go to Information Unlimited at the website

It is a virtual catalog of electromagnetic pulse devices offered in a variety of ranges, most capable of doing either severe damage or frying electronics at considerable distances.

The prospect also is there to upgrade the offered technology to increase the power and distance of the RF device, elements which are important to determine effectiveness.

For example, the website catalog offers a variety of “EMP/HERF/SHOCK Pulse Generators,” with the caveat that it is a “Dangerous electrical device, may damage sensitive electronic systems, computers, etc.”

“Shock wave generators are capable of producing focused acoustic or electromagnetic energy that can break up objects such as kidney stones and other similar materials. EMP generators can produce pulses of electromagnetic energy that can destroy the sensitive electronics in computers and microprocessors. Destabilized LCR circuits can produce multi megawatt pulses by using an explosive wire disruptive switch. These high power pulses can be coupled ‘with difficulty’ into antennas, conic sections, horns etc. for very directional effects. Research is currently being undertaken to disable vehicles thus avoiding dangerous high speed chases. The trick is to generate a high enough power pulse to fry the electronic control processor modules without creating collateral damage to unintended targets. This could be a lot simpler if the vehicle was covered in plastic or fiber glass rather than metal. The shielding of the metal body offers a challenge to the researcher to develop a practical system. A system could be built that could do this but would be costly, large and produce collateral damage to friendly targets.

“Devices described are intended for experienced researchers and qualified personnel who are aware of all hazards and liabilities in use of this equipment.”

This explanation implied guidance to a potential user on how to boost existing systems to provide greater damage to an intended target.

The catalog then goes into the specific generators, some of which come with the caveat that “This is an advanced and highly dangerous project!”

One in particular is the “Complete EMP Systems Crated with All Setup Instructions,” with the caveat that it will be “Sold only to qualified research companies and personnel” – a condition which easily could be manipulated by providing false representation to mask true intent.

While the EMP150 has an output of 300 Megawats and weighs 90 kilograms, or 198 lbs., selling for $8,000; the EMP400 has a 1.8 Gigawatt output and weighs 170 kg, or 374 lbs. selling for $14,000.

For $32,000, a would-be lone wolf or terrorist group can get the “Electromagnetic EMP Blaster Gun, Gen II,” capable of “shutting down a computer at a distance of 15 meters,” or almost 50 feet, and can “ignite highly explosive fuels in case of proximity or contact.”

The website also offers Marx Impulse generators which it describes as “Professional Equipment for Serious Research.”

The website describes its Marx Impulse generator as simulating a lightning strike, with a “current rise” faster than a natural lightning bolt.

With some technical savvy, a person may be able to take these basic elements and boost them to even greater levels of lethality either aimed at electronic systems or to provide greater coverage to maximize electronic destruction.

These and a myriad of other high voltage products, lasers, capacitors/rectifiers/diodes can be ordered from the website just like you’d order clothing from a catalog. There is one disclaimer that puts the burden of responsibility on the buyer, not the seller. It refers to the:

“Legal Status of these Products: It is the responsibility of the buyer, not the seller, to ascertain and obey all applicable local, state, federal, and international laws in the regard to the possession, use and sale of any item purchased from Information Unlimited, Inc. Absolutely no sales to minors. By placing an order, the buyer represents that the products ordered will be used only in a lawful manner and that he/she is of legal age. Information Unlimited, Inc. will not be held liable for the misuse of any product purchased from us or any of our direct distributors or dealers. Also, whereas no product is 100% effective against attack, Information United Inc. assumes no responsibility if a personal safety product purchased from us is not effective in preventing bodily injury or death.

“Some of the items we carry are ‘DANGEROUS’ and may be ‘ILLEGAL’ in your state or country. Please be sure to check local laws ‘BEFORE’ ordering.”

The company does offer a hazardous equipment affidavit for various items, compelling the purchaser to sign and acknowledging that the person understands the hazards involved.

It adds that, “Hazardous devices are only made available to qualified and established companies in these related fields,” but it doesn’t explain what constitutes a “qualified” company.

And that’s it.

There was no response to WND attempts to contact Information Unlimited through its website for a further explanation on how it goes about determining a company is “qualified” to obtain the equipment.

Some mail order catalogs that sell ammunition, for example, require the would-be buyer at least to submit a photocopy of a driver’s license or state-authorized identification card to determine some modicum of bona fides to determine age and list the person’s address. Such an approach also includes a photograph of the purchaser.

If the FBI then would launch an investigation following an electromagnetic attack on a facility, aircraft or any number of other targets that would result in widespread damage, then such information would offer a potential lead.

However, located in the “Live Free or Die” state of New Hampshire doesn’t have such a requirement.

For the individual who wants to increase the capability of an existing system or build one from scratch, open-source websites offer insight into how to make an RF weapon and make available all of the necessary components.
F. Michael Maloof, staff writer for WND and G2Bulletin, is a former senior security policy analyst in the office of the secretary of defense.

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