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If Bachmann is a McCarthyist then she is in Good Company

Radical shhhh
John R. Houk
© July 23, 2012

I received an email from ACT for America that encourages readers to continue pressure on Congress to support Rep. Michele Bachmann’s call for an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating sensitive areas of the U.S. government especially since the MB is no friend of the USA.

Within the letter is a link to a David N. Bossie article that addresses the accusation that Bachmann is engaging in McCarthyism to conduct a political witch hunt against Muslims. Of course the word “McCarthyism” is used as an epithet related to the late Senator Joe McCarthy’s investigations looking for Communists in sensitive areas of government which expanded to a search of influential people outside of government that push a Communist agenda. The McCarthy investigations took place in the 1950s when it was evident the now defunct Soviet Union was interesting in spreading its Stalinist Communism to the USA. The USA-Soviet competition became known as the Cold War which many believe ended with the collapse of the Russian dominated Soviet Union.

The thing that Leftist Democrats do not want you to know is that McCarthy was more correct than wrong in looking for Communists in American government. After the Soviet collapse many old Soviet classified document were released to the public that validated McCarthy’s investigation. When Senator McCarthy began receiving resistance because his investigations did begin to extend to civil rights issues (It is not illegal to have a Marxist/Communist world view), then McCarthy began to have a nervous breakdown which ended in the disgrace of alcoholism. Until the little publicized released Soviet documents McCarthy’s name became synonymous with rabid witch hunts looking for people who either did not exist or smearing someone for his beliefs when there is a civil right to have an alternative political world view.

So when the American Left (who is still in denial about McCarthy’s validity) brands Bachmann a McCarthyist, they are saying she is engaging in a smear campaign against Muslims. It is a Leftist path to support American enemies wittingly or unwittingly to use Multiculturalism to destroy American culture’s Christian influence.

So below I am cross posted Bossie’s article that supports Bachmann’s cause followed by the ACT for America email that calls for more pressure on Congress that will take you to a link to contact your Congressmen to support Rep. Michele Bachmann and her request to see if the Muslim Brotherhood has access to classified information via MB sympathetic Muslims at high levels of government.

JRH 7/23/12
Michele Bachmann's McCarthyism?

By David N. Bossie President of Citizens United
Jul. 19, 2012

It would be the height of folly if, in the name of political correctness, “diversity,” “multiculturalism” or a fear of giving offense, the government continues to ignore what our enemies say is their intent to subvert us from within – and evidence of their success in doing so.  If anybody is engaging in “McCarthyism,” it is those who seek to pillory and silence the few courageous enough to speak out.

An independent FBI report making news this morning states that Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan – an Islamic radical – was NOT investigated by FBI agents before the shooting because of “political correctness.”  This fatal mistake led to the killing of 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009.  National security must trump political correctness; people die when our government fails in its duties because they are worried of offending people.

That is why it infuriates me that Sen. McCain and the liberal media blindly attacked Reps. Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, Trent Franks, Lynn Westmoreland and Tom Rooney for doing their jobs. If people actually read the letters they sent (I’m guessing most of the commentators in The ARENA haven’t) to the inspectors general of the State, Justice, Defense and Homeland Security Departments and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence they would see there was no tinge of racism in any of the letters.

The inspectors general should absolutely investigate whether individuals with associations with the Muslim Brotherhood are contributing to the adoption of policies that favor an organization that poses a threat to national security. The Muslim Brotherhood is the driving force behind the effort to impose a totalitarian ideology it calls “shariah.” During the Obama presidency, the Brotherhood has made huge strides towards achieving its goal in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, as is made clear in their own documents – specifically a strategic plan introduced into evidence in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terrorism financing prosecution in our nation’s history – the Muslim Brotherhood also has as its goal “destroying Western civilization from within.”  This goal is being pursued via what the Brothers call a stealthy “civilization jihad” that involves, among other techniques, gaining access to and influencing government agencies.

It is not McCarthyism to state these irrefutable facts. Neither are requests by members of Congress seeking, through the appropriate formal channels, to establish whether the Muslim Brotherhood has gained a foothold and legitimacy – especially in light of the adoption of Brotherhood-friendly policies by the Obama Administration.  These are absolutely legitimate and necessary questions because of the stakes for our national security.
Far from being criticized or suppressed by America’s elites and politically correct police, Reps. Bachmann, Gohmert, Franks, Westmoreland and Rooney should be applauded for their letter and be regarded as patriots.
Update: Grassroots support for Muslim Brotherhood Investigation

Sent by ACT for America
Sent: 7/23/2012 10:15 AM



Over the last few days, ACT! for America’s grassroots have demonstrated a massive force of support for Representative Michele Bachmann and her colleagues Representatives Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert, Thomas Rooney, and Lynn Westmoreland, who recently called for investigations into the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood within certain federal agencies.

See the congressional letters calling for this investigation by

Last week, we asked you to send an e-mail to your Members of the U.S. Congress in support of the legislators’ request. We also stressed that the tangential issue upon which the mainstream media, as well as other politicos (many of whom should know better) were focusing, should not be the main focal point.
The issue is whether the Muslim Brotherhood has positioned itself in our highest levels of government. The American people deserve to know.

David N. Bossie, President of Citizens United,
offered what we feel is an excellent assessment of, and response to, the overall issue. We think you’ll enjoy reading it, which you can do by

While 10,600 e-mails to Capitol Hill is a great start, we know that there are many, many more Americans who support an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence within our government. The only way our federal legislators are going to understand that this level of support exists is if they hear from their constituents. If you have not yet taken the 5 minutes necessary to make your voice heard in the U.S. Capitol, PLEASE do so now by following the simple steps below.

***Action Item***

Please click
HERE to be taken to the Contact Congress page of our website. Click on the Alert in the red box entitled: Support Members of Congress Calling for Muslim Brotherhood Investigation. From there, follow the easy directions and send your e-mails to those who represent you in the House and Senate. It should take no more than 5 minutes of your time.

Note: As you follow the directions to send your e-mail, you will see that we have provided a sample letter addressing this matter. We encourage you to modify the letter as you see fit to personalize it. AS ALWAYS, PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND PROFESSIONAL. OTHERWISE, THIS EFFORT WILL NOT BE EFFECTIVE!

Finally, please forward this Alert to everyone you know who shares our concerns about the Muslim Brotherhood and how the U.S. Government is addressing this threat. Through our online system, writing your e-mail will take only a matter of minutes to make your voice heard. And if we ALL act together, it will be a powerful and effective voice that every Member of the U.S. Congress will hear.

Please act NOW!
Thank you for all that you do.
If Bachmann is a McCarthyist then she is in Good Company
John R. Houk
© July 23, 2012
Michele Bachmann's McCarthyism?

Update: Grassroots support for Muslim Brotherhood Investigation

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