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The Bitter Truth

Mullah gags Lady Liberty
Justin Smith writes the Clash of Civilizations that the Left is so intent to deny in the case of the West and Islamic culture. My point of view of Justin’s conclusion is that there is no way Islam and American Constitutional government are compatible. Read it and tell me what you think.

JRH 7/14/12

The Bitter Truth

July 9, 2012 at 3:21pm
Printed in 'The Rutherford Reader' July 13, 2012

If one concedes that perhaps only 20 to 25 %… heck, just say 10%… of all the Muslim world subscribes to Islamic Fundamentalism… pure unadulterated Islam as decreed from the very beginning by their False Prophet Mohammed, who could not differentiate as to whether his vision was from Satan or God until his favorite wife persuaded him that it was from God…then this means that there are millions existing in the “extreme fringes”?…”the fanatical minorities”?…They are millions and millions, the extremists…the fanatics…from the squares of Nairobi to the streets of Islamabad and the mosques of Tehran! And, when one “legend” such as Osama or Khomenei dies, there is always another fanatical, extremist new hero standing in line to take their place!

Ask any True Believer…any devoted Son of Mohammed…”What happens if Your highest most exalted leader in this Holy War is killed or dies?”….They will simply reply, “We find another one!” In other words, the one who guides them is only the tip of the iceberg: the part of the monolith that emerges from the deepest inner most recesses. Thus the real catalyst in this war of religions is not any man/leader and even less any Arab/Islamic nation that hosts him, but it is the Monolith of Islam itself…this Islam which in 1400 years has not risen from the abyss of its blindness, has not reformed itself in any way, shape or form in a real endeavor to enter the civilized community of nations and has not ever seemingly desired any knowledge about progress, democracy and freedom. It has not changed in 1400 years!

Islam which in spite of its masters shameful wealth still reduces its followers to poverty and still stifles itself…drowns itself…in the monstrous darkness of a religion that produces nothing but religion. Islam that drowns in a sixty percent illiteracy rate wherever it holds the majority. Islam whose adherents are given information piecemeal…little strains here and there….by power mad and controlling imams. Islam which has always been secretly jealous of the West, and at the same instance as it represses its own desires for greater normalcy, Islam throws the blame…the responsibility…of its material and intellectual miseries upon all of us residing in the Western Civilization!

Wrong is he or she who believes that this Holy War has finished with Obama’s announced withdrawal from Afghanistan; wrong are those who rejoice over the Arab Winter/ “Spring” and the winning of Egypt’s presidency by the Muslim Brotherhood member Morsi, which far too many erroneously equate with the advent of freedom and democracy within Egypt and the Islamic ummah. And, wrong are those who feel avenged by the fall of Ghaddafi and Mubarak and the current assault against Assad in Syria, because the present winners or so-called winners pray to Allah just as much as the defeated ones. In fact, not much has changed, as the people of the entire Middle East are just as afraid of the “new guard” as they were of the old guard with the same exact humiliations and inequities being cast upon them as I write this.

The clash between America/Western Civilization and Islam is more than a simple military clash….it is a cultural and a religious one. And, Our military victories do not solve the offensive of Islamic terrorism as we witness them currently living among us throughout Europe and the US. On the contrary, Islam is only encouraged by our engagement and military “victories” because we are still fighting as if in a “police action” rather than an all out war. We must step away from the notion of waging limited wars that last 10 to 15 years or limiting civilian casualties, as we bleed the enemy to a real and definitive defeat just as we did by firebombing Dresden and dropping nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Our so-called “victories only exacerbate and multiply Islamic terrorism and the Islamists’ new found boldness across the entire Middle East. The worst is still to come…Here is the Bitter Truth!

And the Truth does not necessarily stay in the middle; sometimes it stays on one side only. I believe the Truth resides at home within Western philosophies, the ideas that all men are created equal in freedom and liberty, and Our American heritage founded in the Judeo-Christian principles!          

By Justin O Smith

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