Monday, July 9, 2012

Bartlett Comment to ‘A Change of Tactics’

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Dennis Bartlett comments on the post “A Change of Tactics” by Danny Jeffrey which I cross posted at quite a few of my blog sites. In this case the comment was at my social network blog at America Conservative 2 Conservative (AC2C). I immensely enjoyed the comment.

It is at the grassroots level that America's Left will fall. Thus I am grateful Dennis that you are making an impact on the local level. Indeed I am becoming more and more convinced that it is at the local level that our Constitutional Republic will survive under the vision of our Founding Fathers. Your comment is excellent Dennis!

If America comes to a civil war against the Left, grassroots organization will be the path to arm and train for the fight to stand up for the American Way of Life.

JRH 7/9/12

Bartlett Comment to ‘A Change of Tactics’

By Dennis Bartlett
July 8, 2012

John, You can see how popular this blog is when everyone should be vested in it. These "patriot" based blogaspheres don't seem to have any meaning when every day there are another dozen blogs. No one is focused and because of that nothing gets done. They are fanning the flames but it doesn't accomplish a damn thing. It's very easy to put out several small fires instead of a firestorm, well meaning but misdirected.

People don't have a clue about the two parties, actually one masquerading as two. Both see the Tea Party as a rogue and out of control group of complainers.

The heads of these groups are in bed with the establishment. I see no other explanation for them with their power (past tense) not to have made and make a difference. These groups have lost the passion because now they seem to have no direction.

The interest in the upcoming election is very mixed knowing that whom ever is elected things will remain the same. It has been designed that way by the World Powers and not the American people yet very few know it or understand it. In the end it isn't about America, it's about World Dominance!

I'm dismayed and discouraged at the lack of knowledge these groups have and don't attack the root cause. I have quit posting for the most part because of commitments to our County, a place where you can "change" things.

I've been involved in our County Assembly for the last 3 years and we grow stronger by the month. The people on these sites talk of the Founding Fathers the Bill of Rights, Constitution blah blah blah yet don't understand the workings of it or 'how' this nation was formed.

The founders started by forming Assemblies from their Colonies. Today we start with County Assemblies, a "Lawful Body Politic" which was forgotten when FDR took over, literally!

How’s that working in DC thing working for you? It doesn't and won't yet as Einstein said about insanity just proves that people just don't get it. PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Republic starts at the bottom NOT at the top.

I say it as I see it and not here to make friends. This is my Country and I took an Oath to protect it and not the other way around. It is my view that eventually we will wind up fighting for it because we still expect "them" to take care of us and we will not win regardless of what many think.

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