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Comparing 911 Deaths to Iraqi Civilian Deaths Idiocy

911 WTC attack
John R. Houk
© July 18, 2012

How many innocent people died from a one day attack on 911?

The body count as of 2008 was 2,977 victims. The body for just the WTC as of 2012 had rolled up to 2,753. I can safely say that nearly 3,000 people died by an Islamic terrorist on unsuspecting civilian on American soil resulting from a one day attack.

Check out this misinformed comment in a post from June 10, 2009:

What is terrorism ... Destruction and mayhem?
So what is all this America causes?
Just because they were suits does not mean they are not terrorists,
Over 300 people died in 9 11.
Do u know how many people and civilians died in Iraq by bombings from America?
Over 2000

Anonymous claims only 300 people died on American soil on that one day attack on September 11, 2001. Loud Buzz!!! Anonymous was of the mark by over 2500 innocent people who were not even close to expecting to die that day!

Now Anonymous is correct in stating over 2000 people died in Iraq that can be related by American from the beginning of the Iraq invasion to rid the world of a psycho-dictator. A psycho-dictator I might add that was hung by a liberated Iraqi government in a near public manner (gruesome alert) so that all Iraqis could know the devil Saddam Hussein would have no ability to return to power to slaughter Iraqi citizens he felt aided in deposing rapacious dictator.

In fact through 2012 4,804 people Iraqis died (I believe this link updates periodically) as a result of 9 years of war by the American led Coalition Forces against Islamic terrorists.

Now let’s stop and think about that. A one day attack resulted in nearly 3,000 unsuspecting people dying. It has taken NINE years of nearly 5,000 Iraqis to die. This is nearly 5,000 people who knew exactly what was coming.

In 2007 the website gives us a better picture of who is doing most of the killing of Iraqi citizens. The big hint is American led troops are NOT the primary killers of civilians in Iraq:

In fact, if you do make it through the donation solicitation pages on the main site and begin to browse their database, you'll notice that the tables are conspicuously missing a column - the party responsible for each attack.

There's a reason for this, as we discovered when we analyzed each incident to answer this question.  It turns out that the vast majority of civilian deaths are caused by Islamic terrorists, and that very few are from American bombs and bullets.  This is because (unlike the terrorists) the Americans aren't in Iraq to kill civilians.

Why does IraqBodyCount vilify Americans, who are literally giving their blood to help Iraqis, while protecting the activities of foreign terrorists, who enter the country specifically to kill civilians?  Because the website and the terrorists both share an anti-American political agenda to which the lives of innocent Iraqis are nothing more than a supporting prop.

In fact, Iraqis are mere statistics to these folks.  And since the value of these statistics is substantially mitigated by presenting the full truth, IraqBodyCount wisely avoids identifying each incident by relevant context.

Since our sympathies are merely for the innocent, and not filtered by anti-American bigotry, we decided to sift through the data to discover the information that IraqBodyCount doesn't want you to know.  We carefully examined their list of incidents from January 1, 2006 through December 31st to come up with some idea of who's really behind all those alleged civilian casualties.

Obviously it would have been easier to do this if IraqBodyCount kept track of the party responsible for each attack rather than, say, the time of day that it took place, but (as we found out) this extremely pertinent information completely undermines their preferred conclusions and so it is omitted (to the indifference of fawning new organizations).

Despite this imprecise science, we feel confident in our general findings.

Since the beginning of the year, we counted exactly fifty incidents involving U.S. troops in which civilians were said to have been killed.  Some were air strikes against terrorists, others were raids against or ambushes by terrorists in which civilians were killed in the crossfire.  Although the Americans aren't trying to kill civilians and the terrorists are, we added most of these to our count anyway just to allay suspicion.

There were thousands of Islamic terrorist attacks in Iraq during 2006.  IraqBodyCount often uses a "who really gives a rat's ass" method of counting deaths that even they have to admit contains overlap, so it's difficult to discern the true number of dead bodies from the beginning of the year, but the site appears to be reporting between 18,000 and 26,000 civilians killed (so much for accuracy).  What's clearer is that only about 225 of these involve American troops - or about 1 in 100. (The Real Iraq Body Count;, Excerpted, Updated 2/02/07)

So Anonymous, the primary perpetrator of civilian deaths in Iraq are Muslims killing Muslims. Probably in Iraq’s case it is Sunni Islamic terrorists killing Shi’ite Muslim, although I would be surprised if the majority population of Shi’ites did their share of revenge killings.

In nine years of an American presence in Iraq statistical analysis demonstrates that the amount of Iraqi civilians killed by Coalition Forces is far shorter than the anti-war and Muslim apologist crowd. I would even hazard a guess it is far below the nearly 3,000 that died innocently in an Islamic terrorist attack on one day on American soil.

JRH 7/18/12

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