Thursday, July 12, 2012

No Money – No Freedom for Hector Aleem

Hector Aleem Family
John R. Houk
© July 12, 2012

On July 7, 2012 I posted Mehwish Aleem’s plea for donations to pay the legal bills to the Pakistani (probably Muslim) lawyer of Hector Aleem. Hector was railroaded on false blasphemy charges in January 2009. Local Judges experienced the pressure from Muslim mobs to convict Hector of violating Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws even though there was no evidence except the accuser’s word. The motive for framing Hector was his aid as a human rights advocate for a Christian Church. I believe the accuser or the accuser’s Islamist group wanted the property the Church was located on and Hector stood in the way.

Hector was arrested and beaten and incarcerated in jail all the facing the possibility of a death sentence for allegedly insulting Islam. Praise the Name of Jesus – Hector was eventually exonerated of the Blasphemy Charge; HOWEVER Hector’s detractors somehow (I don’t really understand the legal reasons) managed to keep Hector incarcerated facing other legal challenges.

In each legal hoop Hector’s lawyer (he has had at least two and one of them absconded with the legal fees abandoning Hector at the worst moments) has required payment or NO SERVICE.

Guess what readers – we have failed Hector. The Aleem family was not able to raise sufficient funds to pay Hector’s Lawyer. He refused service. Evidently Hector is incarcerated in a place that utilizes some kind of travelling circuit judge. With no lawyer for Hector the judge moved on to his next assignment leaving Hector in jail. Mehwish seems to have indicated that this could have been the moment Hector could have been liberated from incarceration!

Now Hector and the Aleem family have to await for the next judge to arrive and pray they have enough money to pay the amount Hector’s Lawyer requires for service.

Mehwish’s update that will be posted below is more even tempered than my thoughts. Mehwish just posts the facts about the lack of cash and thanks those few that have donated to Hector’s legal fund.

As you read Mehwish’s update on her father please note there is a link to PayPal in which one can donate either with a PayPal account or by using your Credit-Check Card via PayPal.


JRH 7/12/12
Hector Aleem Update

By Mehwish Aleem
July 12, 2012 5:06 am

As you all know that June 10, 2012 was Mr. Hector Aleem, chairman Peace WorldWide's court hearing, as there was not enough money. The lawyer refused to proceed. And now the judge has left the court because he has been posted to some other place, we now don't know when the new judge will come. There could be acquittals but now we will apply for the bails because of the absence of the judge.

Thanks to all those who are still donating and who have donated.

To donate through Pay Pal, here's the link:

And for those who want to donate through Western Union, Please contact me.


  1. Thank you John, for your persistent faithfulness to getting the word out on behalf of the Aleems. Bless you for doing this. I do not understand why people have not responded more; donating only a small amount would make a big difference.
    Blessings, Sue

  2. Sue I believe the primary reason Hector is not getting support is because there is no high profile group keeping Hector in the public's eye. The more people that aware the more people donate.