Thursday, July 5, 2012

General Jerry Boykin: “Go To Dearborn …

Lt Gen Jerry Boykin retired
I find it fascinating that the people of Right Wing Watch posted a 51 second Youtube radio blurb of General Jerry Boykin (retired) saying that Dearborn, MI has become such a Muslim city that it reminds him of Beirut or Damascus.

I know RWW meant the video to make General Boykin and the Right to look foolish; however recent news of Dearborn Muslim citizens stoning Christians while the law enforcement in Dearborn and the Wayne County Sheriff Department just watched then accused the Christians of disturbing the peace while they were being stoned.

Now Right Wingers like me are taking that 51 second video and posting it on our blogs.


JRH 7/5/12 (Hat Tip: Justin O. Smith)
General Jerry Boykin: “Go To Dearborn, Michigan and you would think you were in Beirut or Damascus”

June 28, 2012

During an interview with a radio program in Bakersfield, CA, Retired General Jerry Boykin warned that “every serious Muslim is determined to enshrine Sharia wherever they live,” and that Dearborn, Michigan is “almost 100% Muslim and operating under Sharia law now.”

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