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New American Revolution
When I cross post from another’s website I usually precede the cross post with my thoughts. I have just read a Danny Jeffrey post on his Freedom Rings 1776 blog. Frankly in the brief time I have been a fan of Danny this is the best post I have ever read.

In admiring Danny’s post, it writes up like a call for Conservatives to finally unite to the point of a call to arms if necessary. The reason: The American Left has so infiltrated American government only an extreme confrontation may solve the differences among Americans.

READ Danny’s post and then my thoughts following. Where do you weigh in as an American?

By Danny Jeffrey
July 7, 2012

Albert Einstein is oft quoted as saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Accepting his premise I must then accept the reality that Americans are collectively insane. That said, I must propose that we stop doing those things and do something different. Stay with me for a short while and I shall tell you what that something is.

There is a bit of wisdom that dates back many millennia, and we have been totally ignoring it. It is a simple statement that reads "Know thine enemy!" Today, we have many enemies and we ignore the greatest, and in doing so America has nearly been brought to her knees, and if the Age of Obama is allowed to continue he will complete the process, and the Land of the Free will lead mankind into a new age of darkness.

In time of great danger one must be vigilant, one must be learned, one must be aggressive, and most of all one must be informed. Therein lies the greatest danger of all for, as a rule, Americans are woefully misinformed. There are many, actually a great many, in this nation who care only for their own agenda and will not hesitate to do grievous harm to America if they feel they will benefit from it, but by and large I am confident that the bulk of our citizens, armed with the truth, will do the right thing. That is the pitfall, for on a daily basis they are deceived and betrayed by those who shape public opinions.

Call them the Main Stream Media, the Progressive Media, the Lame Stream Media, the Drive by Media, or call them what you will, they are the greatest danger faced by this nation and freedom around the world for they are the one that direct the thoughts of mankind, and in so doing shape the future. In a recent speech Sarah Palin referred to them as the Old Media while referring to bloggers and the news sources found on the internet as the New Media. She was correct. If the truth is to be found it will be found on the internet, and that is one facet of the danger. Not all utilize the internet and many who do waste their time playing games and spreading gossip.

So a reality we must face is that the MSM is still the most powerful source of information or perhaps I should say, misinformation in America, and as such we have no choice but to deal with it.

Few would argue the premise that it was the media who empowered Obama and put him into the White House. They airbrushed over his shady past, downplayed his deep roots into socialism and communism, and ignored his ties to terrorists and Islam. They glorified his Hope and Change while never asking how he would accomplish all of the glorious promises he made and since his inauguration they have been complicit in covering for his inadequacies, mistakes, and his intentional assault on our freedom.

Diversion and deceit are great tactics in any military or political operation and they have employed both quite well as this man rapidly dissects all that is American and replaces it with oppression through massive power grabs. They are traitors to America and must be dealt with. The question is...How? Read on.

We stand at a crossroad in history. In but a few short months, America will either meet its end under the terms of a dictator or return to Progressive rule under Mitt Romney. Neither is a desirable option. Any way you slice it this nation is in very deep trouble. Even those who are prepared to vote for Romney admit that they are not voting for him but against Obama. We are all aware that Romney is a clear and present danger, but hopefully a little less dangerous than Obama.

Many patriots are prepared for civil strife and oppression should the reign of the Marxist continue, and many of them are planning to resist under the provisions outlined in the Constitution. Should it come to this then only the force of arms will determine the future of this nation. If, on the other hand, Mitt Romney is victorious in November the slower rot that has long been attacking America will come back into play. If that is the case then we have a chance to affect, in a non violent fashion, the future of this nation and it is through the media that has been complicit in bringing us down.

"Hold their feet to the fire" and "Vote em Out" has been totally ineffective. Look at the 2010 election for the proof. Many will defend the Republicans we sent to Congress in 2010 by stating that they are putting forth good bills that are stopped by the Senate. Any fool with half a mind knows that those bills will indeed end in Harry Reid's trash can. The only reason the bills were ever written in the first place was to look good to the conservative voters. They are not expected to pass, and if there was any hope of them making their way through the Senate those bills would not have been written in the first place, for many we had faith in have now joined the Power Elite that knows no loyalty.

So out of frustration Americans "Hold their feet to the fire" and make phone calls, send Emails and faxes" and on a daily basis watch the nation deteriorate. There is no longer a Republican Party. We now have a one party system which I choose to call the Republicrats. One part of the group is farther left than the other but both are left of center. To find the proof of this one need only to look look the the GOP's Golden Boy Mitt Romney. The RNC did not choose a conservative, they chose a Progressive who once ran to the left of Ted Kennedy and as governor introduced his own version of socialized medicine. Holding their feet to the fire is ineffective because our Congressmen and Senator never deal with the issue. They have massive taxpayer funded staffs to answer the phones and delete the Emails.

As for the "Vote em Out" effort: It ain't gonna happen. The only seats gained in 2010 were those occupied by the moderate and right leaning democrats. The Progressive Congressional Caucus and the Black Congressional Caucus remained intact because they are what their constituents want, and you, my conservative allies, don't vote for them so you can't "Vote em Out". They are there to stay! And we must therefore deal with them as well.

Here is how to deal with all of the above: Attack the media! We all know that the media lies, distorts, and engages in cover ups. We post videos of the trash they utter on the alphabet media and we post articles from the New Media we will never see in print in the New York Times. We, on the internet read of events they refuse to cover. We see the truth that many Americans never do. If you want to change America we have only one course of action. We must look to the media and Hold Their Feet To The Fire.

Recall the glory days of the Tea Party? I doubt that you will ever witness such a sight again. Look at these people. They are troubled. They know that Obama is leading America unto destruction. They don't want to be transformed.

Today they are ridiculed, scorned, and cast aside by the Republican Party. These were the people who in 2010 went to the polls casting conservative votes, trusting in and gaining power for the GOP. Today they are thanked by those they trusted by having Progressive Mitt Romney offered as their only hope for a better tomorrow. That is a grand betrayal! After all their efforts, the members of Congress who support the Tea Party can be counted on your fingers.

Why? Why has such a loyal force been cast aside? Why has their efforts been tossed into the dust bin of history? The answer is simple. Votes! Obama has opened the floodgates that will destroy America and few in DC have the courage to oppose his efforts. A reader left a comment on one of my essays and said that once the spigot of entitlements are turned on they can never be turned off. If the GOP supports our laws they will lose the Latino, black and Islamic votes and so from the viewpoint of the GNC they must lean farther left and court the vote of those who seek a government subsidized life style, Both political parties are convinced that the Tea Party is a thing of the past. Wrong! They can be rejuvenated. They can make their voices heard again and they can increase in numbers and power.

Many could not make a trip to our nation's capitol for such a protest as we see in the above photo, but they can make a trip to their city hall, their state capitols, and their local media outlets. Picture the people above spread across the nation, protesting not Obama policies for one day but protesting week after week the local media itself who mislead America and make those policies possible. Picture the Tea Party surrounding ten thousand newspapers and TV news outlets demanding that all America, for the first time, be told the truth.

The Holy Grail of the televised news media is the Nielsen ratings. Those rating will plummet overnight if all conservatives turn off the news, and protest at their local station. Another Holy Grail, this one for the printed media, is their paid subscriptions. That grail will bite the dust if millions of conservatives speak with cancellations and letters to the editors explaining why the are cancelling their subscriptions.

David Letterman and Bill Maher of Palin bashing fame would have retreated if a thousand marchers had paraded up and down the streets in front of their homes and TV stations demanding that the truth be told. Till now we have been polite and losing our nation in the process. The people who turned thirteen colonies into a nation were not polite. They were determined. They saw what needed to be done, and they did it. Are we any less patriotic than they?

In a recent essay I stated that the greatest danger to America is our media. I awarded them this distinction because they are the mouthpiece for the entire Progressive movement. It is they who back the agenda of those who would enslave America. It is they who shape public opinion. It is they who daily spread lies and slanted half truths for all to believe, and those who believe vote accordingly. Therefore it is they whom we must attack. We must expose them for what, their agenda for what it is, and show once and for all, the danger they present for our republic. The media is our mutual enemy and  everyone should know it.

Billboard- Citizen Guide to Revolution

Such billboard are beginning to dot America's landscape. Never in my life did I ever imagine that such a day would come and our people would be on the verge of civil war. Let us hope that the day never comes, but at the rate things are going it may very well be part of our future and to all I would offer this advice... "Prepare!" Meanwhile let us engage the enemy with this different tactic I propose.

Those individuals or groups with the funding can buy ads in your local paper, not advocating civil unrest like the above billboard, but simply countering lies put forth by the media. If a newspaper refuses your ad then include their name in your message and go to another newspaper.

Protest at media outlets and have pages available to handout to the curious. Include URLs to responsible conservative sites. Avoid the sensationalists as they bring forth the image of us as kooks in foil caps. I must stress Responsible Sites only. For those who are not on the internet have printouts of truth they won't find with the MSM.

Time has already shown that we cannot depend on those we sent to Washington. Now the burden of Freedom rests on the shoulders of the American patriot. Short of civil strife exposing the agenda of the media is our last hope. Use it.

These are but a few methods available to us. As the concept of a nationwide media protest grows others will undoubtedly use their own creative thoughts to further the agenda of freedom.
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John R. Houk
© July 7, 2012

Danny you are a sooner than later guy. I am a later than sooner to see how things play out guy.

I want you to know I agree with everything you wrote in this article. In advocating in a wait and see how things play out I might be missing the mark by placing more faith in American voters than I should. If political disaster happens in a rapid pace as you predict with Americans following the MSM above common sense, then I am on board with you.

I still would like to wait and see how Americans as a voting mass can comprehend what is going on. If they cannot comprehend then indeed a bloody civil war will occur in America that will unfortunately make the USA vulnerable to foreign intervention.

I fear there are no geopolitical rivals of the world's left leaning powers that would aid the cause of a Conservative America. A second civil war in American history would truly be a perilous time on the scale of America's war of Independence which we label the Revolutionary War.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence faced hanging for insurrection if the old Red Coats won the Revolutionary War.

In a second civil war in which Conservatives finally decide to take a stand for Original Intent Constitutionalism, will undoubtedly face the same charge of treason since the U.S. is so entrenched with a Leftist bureaucracy.

In either case Danny, I will stand with you.

JRH 7/7/12


About Danny Jeffrey:

I'm sixty seven and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country. View my complete profile
My Thoughts on ‘A Change of Tactics’
John R. Houk
© July 7, 2012

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