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The big lie

Judson Phillips TPN Founder
Judson Phillips has some excellent insights on President Obama the liar.

JRH 7/24/12
The big lie

July 24, 2012 at 7:54am

What ever else you want to say about Barack Obama, he is very good at the big lie.  He will go any place and say anything with an absolute straight face.

What is the latest big Obama lie?  You won’t find that lie as shocking as where he tried to pull it off.  Where did that happen?

Obama has several standard big lies.  He claims the Great Obama Depression is not his fault.  Of course, it is Bush’s fault.  He claims the massive federal deficits are not his fault.  And yesterday, he went to the Veterans of Foreign Wars and claimed the Republicans were the ones who wanted to cut defense spending.

One of Obama’s favorite big lies is that he had nothing to do with the massive deficits.  He glibly smiles, saying we must raise taxes because of the deficits while denying any responsibility for the spending that created them.

One of Obama’s greatest accomplishments is the Budget Control Act of last year.  The act calls for sequestration or automatic budget cuts.  Half the budget cuts are going to come from defense.

This did not magically appear.  Granted John Boehner did raise his freshly laundered white flag of surrender on this one again, but this was the brainchild of Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

Even before the Budget Control Act, Obama had been slashing the defense budget.  Even before sequestration, Obama’s defense budget between fiscal years 2011 and 2013 cuts spending by 18%.  If the sequestration kicks in that will be a 25% budget cut.

Right now, under Obama, over 50 major weapons systems were cut.  These cost $300 million.  Obama already has in the works another $600 million in cuts over the next few years and that does not include any cuts from the budget control act.

Where is our military now?

Right now we are in Afghanistan.  We have to contract Russian aircraft to deliver American supplies.  Recently an Air Force general wrote an article about his son who had just qualified as an Air Force pilot flying the very same F-15 he had first flown almost 30 years ago.

Most of our weapons systems date from the Reagan build up in the 1980’s.  These systems are old.  The USS Enterprise, which is now coming back from deployment in the Persian Gulf, is 53 years old.   The B-52, which remains one of the Air Force’s primary aircraft, was first designed in World War II!

The Navy is now smaller than it has been at anytime since World War I.  The same is true for the Army and the Marine Corps.

The left likes to scream that we are spending the same as we did during the cold war.  In terms of dollars, not taking inflation into account that might be true.  During the cold war, we spend almost 9% of our Gross Domestic Product (the sum total of all goods and services produced by the economy) on defense.  Under the Obama budget, it is falling to below 3%.

Meanwhile, both China and Russia are increasing the size of their militaries.  China in particular is giving its military a double-digit percentage increase every year.

Even within the budget, Obama is making the Defense Department waste much of the money it receives.   It is forcing the Air Force to spend almost $59 dollars a gallon for bio fuels.  It making the Navy buy bio fuels at $26 dollars a gallon.  Regular fuels normally run about $3 a gallon.

Obama’s big lie is that he is not responsible for the gutting of America’s defense.

He is.

His motive, as with everything else he does, is to diminish and destroy America as a great nation.

This is why, no matter what we think about the eventual Republican nominee, Obama must be defeated this fall.
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