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Suicide (Homicide) Bombers Honored by Palestinian Authority

This is the kind of nation if a Palestinian State is created at the behest of President Barack Hussein Obama.


JRH 7/8/12
PA TV: Suicide bombers who killed 19 civilians on buses are "more honored than all of us"

Suicide bombers are a "candle that lights the tunnel of liberty"

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
July 8, 2012

During a Palestinian Authority TV News' broadcast from a burial ceremony for suicide terrorists whose bodies were handed over to the PA last month, the PA TV reporter described the funeral of Ali Ja'ara who murdered 11 and Muhammad Za'ul who murdered 8, as follows:

"This is Palestine, which embraces its Martyr sons, who are more honored than all of us, and which sends a message to the whole world that its Martyrs are not numbers, but rather a candle that lights the tunnel of liberty for the Palestinian people on the way to independence." [PA TV (Fatah), June 1, 2012]

Ja'ara carried out a suicide bombing on a bus in Jerusalem in January 2004, killing 11 people.

Za'ul carried out a suicide bombing on a bus in Jerusalem in February 2004, killing 8 people.
Palestinian Media Watch has reported on the PA's official terminology guide, which instructs Palestinians never to use the term "suicide bomber" but the words "Martyrdom Seeker."

PMW has also documented that PA TV recently
honored suicide bombers and other terrorists.

PMW has reported on this PA policy to
glorify terrorists as heroes and role models
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