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Dearbornistan Stones Christians and Police Defend Stoners

Muslims stone Christians freeze-frame Dearborn
John R. Houk
© July 5, 2012

The Muslims of Dearborn, MI have an annual festival. Dearborn is just outside of Detroit. The Muslim population of Dearborn is so significant that many anti-jihadists as me have dubbed the city Dearbornistan.

Religious Freedom is a near holy Liberty in the USA. By the 21st century any religion and cult that can get a 501(c)3 IRS designation is a religious totally free to practice its tenets as long as those tenets do not break the rule of law based on the U.S. Constitution. For example kidnapping, robbery, assault, murder and so on is not condoned by the rule of law even if it is a central tenet of a religion.

This brings me back to Dearbornistan. Dearbornistan is probably one of the best examples of a Kafir Free Zone (Usually called No-Go Zones) in America. In this age of Islam using American Liberty to schmooze the unconstitutional portions of Sharia Law into America one multiculturalist Left Wing Judge at a time,  which which most pundits have labeled No-Go Zones have a titular meaning if they are known as Kafir Free Zones. Roughly the word “kafir” represents a non-Muslim.

The notion of the existence of a Kafir Free Zone in this exceptional American Republic is repugnant to the real meaning of Religious Freedom. Kafir Free Zones in America brings to remembrance the KKK burning down Black Churches in the South because they were considered inferior to White Christians. KKK desired to see the old post Civil War culture of Black people as second class citizens, hence the existence of No Black Zones better known as Whites Only locations.

When the Civil Rights Movement was in full swing to update our culture to all citizens is equal under the law with equal rights enabled the Black minority to an increasing enforced equal treatment regardless of color, race and religion. Are there still race problems in the USA? Duh! Yes there is. However the lot of Black-White equal rights under the law in 2012 is paradise compared to what it was prior to the 1960s. It is only on America’s Left and Black Supremacists like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Attorney General Eric Holder, President Barack Hussein Obama and others that promote the illusion that American racism is as bad as ever.

Astonishingly the racism-religious supremacism in Dearbornistan is perpetrated by the minority religion known as Islam against any non-Muslims that desire to exercise their civil rights in Dearbornistan. For example Christian proselytizing has been an expression of Religious Freedom by all Christian Denominations since our American Republic had formed a Union of States under the U.S. Constitution in 1788 when the ninth State New Hampshire ratified it. Rhode Island became the last of the original 13 Colonies to ratify the U.S. Constitution in 1790.

So think of that! A minority religion – Islam – prohibits demonstrations and proselytizing of the majority religion in America. This prohibition of Religious Freedom in Dearborn is upheld by its Police Chief (What a surprise – Muslim) Ronald Haddad. Answering Muslims has a summary of entering the Kafir Free Zone in Dearborn since 2008: Dearborn.

Dearbornistan has become such a Kafir Free Zone that the Dearborn Police look the other way as Muslims begin stoning Christians exercising there Free Speech and Religious Freedom.

Frankly as a Christian and an American the thought of stoning Christians in the home of the brave land of the brave is extremely annoying. It is time to shed political correctness and Christians of all Denominations – Protestant, Catholic and Eastern Orthodox – need to unite to do our version of the million man march. If Dearbornistan refuses to provide the permits for such a protest of the unconstitutional actions occurring in Dearbornistan by Muslim residents and city officials, then march ANYWAY!

Here is the outrage as written at Stop I am posting two Stop articles and the email from The United West that alerted me about the stoning of Islam. (Trust me, this thing has gone viral and can be found at many anti-jihad bloggers.)

JRH 7/5/12
Dearborn No-Go Zone: Where Islam Rules and Christians Are Stoned

Dearborn Stoning

By Clare Lopez
June 28, 2012

By now, close to 270,000 viewers have seen the video (see below) of the Christian street preachers being assaulted on the streets of Dearborn, Michigan. They were walking in public areas of the annual Dearborn Arab Festival on Sunday 17 June 2012 (Father’s Day), carrying placards and wearing T-shirts bearing mild statements of their belief in Jesus Christ.

An unruly crowd of many dozens of Arab Muslim Festival-goers, both men and women, old and young, and including children became verbally abusive and then physically violent with the Christians, pushing, shoving, and hurling objects at them that included bottles, eggs, and rocks.

Clearly visible on the video are images of dozens of these projectiles that came flying at the Christians, whose grunts of pain at being struck are as clearly audible as the shrieking mob’s chants of “Allahu Akbar.”

Repeatedly, the Christians asked for protection from Wayne County Sheriff’s Department (WCSD) officers who were present at the melee and, repeatedly, they were denied that protection. WCSD Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar, whose implausible excuses for inaction were caught in their entirety on the video, steadfastly refused to provide even one or two law enforcement officers to defend American citizens who were clearly in imminent danger of physical injury.

Assault and battery are the least of the possibly applicable charges that could have been and ought to be brought against numerous individuals among that mob; dereliction of duty and misprision of assault and battery are among the potential charges that come to mind for Deputy Chief Jaafar and Ms. Ursula K. Henry, Director of Legal Affairs for the WCSD, who was also present. This was as clear-cut an example of law enforcement failure to defend the First Amendment rights of American citizens as will ever exist.
This incident crystallized in a single afternoon what happens when a sovereign nation relinquishes legal control of portions of its territory. So-called “No Go Zones” have become ominously commonplace across Europe: These are places that are effectively off-limits not only to non-Muslims but to the law enforcement and security forces of the country as well. In France, they go by the anodyne name of “Zones Urbaines Sensibles” (ZUS).

By 2006, there were already over 750 of them and they were helpfully published on the internet, complete with town, neighborhood and street information. In Britain, where Islamic law has been enforceable nationwide since 2008, there are dozens of No Go Zones, including all-Muslim enclaves in the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Bradford where “Shariah Zone” stickers went up on utility poles and lamp posts in July 2011.

A group called “Muslims Against the Crusades” openly campaigns for the establishment of autonomous Muslim enclaves ruled entirely by Islamic law outside the reach of the British legal system. In Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Sweden, the governments have allowed unassimilated Muslim immigrants to carve out sharia law zones in numerous cities where local law no longer is enforced, even for violent crimes such as murder.

As Daniel Pipes has noted, the most accurate name for such places is Dar al-Islam, meaning a place governed by Islamic law (sharia). In this case, the No Go Zone, perhaps America’s first, is located in the 45% Muslim city of Dearborn, Michigan. The pattern of behavior seen on this video at the Arab Festival and in Dearborn was spontaneous in one sense, but also follows a plan, one that is well-known to the intelligence and security services of the Western world.

There is a Muslim Brotherhood document, dubbed “The Project,” that was discovered in a November 2001 raid by Swiss authorities on a villa in Campione, Switzerland, that was owned by Youssef Nada, director of the Al-Taqwa Bank of Lugano and one of the top international leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood for more than 50 years.

The 14-page plan seized at Nada’s villa was written in Arabic and dated December 1, 1982. It is nothing less than the Muslim Brotherhood’s 12-point strategy paper for the establishment of “an Islamic government on earth.”

By contrast with the spectacular, violent attacks mounted by jihadist groups like al-Qa’eda, the Muslim Brotherhood plan is flexible, multi-phased and long-term in concept. Immigration and societal infiltration are described as key components of a “cultural invasion” of the West and deception and propaganda are emphasized to ensure the authorities don’t catch on too quickly.

The success of Brotherhood infiltration and influence operations at the top levels of U.S. national security, incredibly, has delivered what used to be the leader of the free world to open support of Brotherhood takeovers in country after country in the Middle East.

Now, with the stoning of Christians in broad daylight in Dearborn while local law enforcement officers stood by refusing to protect them, “The Project” is coming to America. No Go Zones are territories where American constitutional law no longer is enforced.

In the case of Dearborn, the legal system of sharia, in effect, was enforced by default by officers who are sworn to defend American law, not Islamic law. Sharia law says that any speech a Muslim finds offensive is slanderous, a crime that can be punishable by death under sharia.

In this case, the Christians were “only” pelted with stones. If the U.S. permits Muslim No Go Zones to exist or proliferate across this country, our cities soon could resemble not just Brussels, Malmo or Rotterdam, but Cairo and Gaza.

Dearborn Stoning Surviver Tells the Whole (Unreported) Story

Gadi Adelman Interview
July 2nd, 2012

The video American Muslims Stone Christians in Dearborn, MI from this year’s Dearborn Arab Festival has gone viral with over a million hits in four days (Counting all the websites it was posted on). The group at the center of the incident, Official Street Preachers, is led by Ruben Israel. I sat down for a candid conversation and interview with the man behind this video and got an inside exclusive look at what really happened, including a frightening vehicular attack two days later that wasn’t captured on video.

A little background:  At the 2010 festival, four Christians from the Acts 17 Apologetics group were arrested and charged with “breach of the peace.” Their cameras were confiscated, all for attempting to hand out Christian literature. A jury acquitted all four Christians. Following the acquittal, Acts 17 filed a 96-page civil rights lawsuit against the city, its mayor, John B. O’Reilly, its chief of police, Ronald Haddad, 17 city police officers, and two executives from the American Arab Chamber of Commerce.

In January of this year, a Detroit judge awarded $103,401.96 to Acts 17 for attorney’s fees, and in February, a U.S. district court judge in Detroit, Michigan denied a request by the city of Dearborn to dismiss the civil rights suit.

But this year went far beyond people being arrested for nothing more than exercising their First Amendment right of free speech. This year they were stoned and more. The Christians had bottles, cans, eggs, milk crates, stools, rocks and pieces of concrete thrown at them, all while the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department stood by, watched it occur, and did nothing. Even a female reporter from ABC 7 WXYZ Detroit was hit with a water bottle while reporting live from the event.

Police waited an hour after the barrage of the group — until they were bleeding and injured — and then told the Christians that if they didn’t leave, they would be arrested.

Gadi Adelman

Gadi Adelman: What do you think of those that compare you and your group to the Westboro Baptist Church?

Ruben Israel: “I don’t like Westboro Church. I don’t like them protesting soldiers funerals. I don’t like people burning the American flag, but it’s under the [right] of free speech; but I don’t go beat somebody up because they burn the American flag.

Gadi: Was there any point at all during any time at the Arab festival that you or your group did anything that was physically violent to these people?

Ruben: We never pushed anybody, hit anybody, shoved anybody. The only thing we do, and you can see this in the video, is if anyone comes up to us we raise our hands, palms up, and this is because [if] we go to court [then] the attorney doesn’t freeze frame everything and blame us for pushing.

Gadi: Could the banners that you carry be used as weapons?

Ruben: They are vinyl banners. They are legal and we have been flying them for over thirty years and not had any issues. It’s a good thing that they are vinyl so they could be cleaned very easily with all the stuff we were pelted with.

Gadi: Why did you go to the Arab festival?

Ruben: We had our attorney send a letter to the Sheriff and the attorney of Dearborn, a letter that we were coming. They knew who we were based upon last year, and [that] we were going to show up with our signs. The megaphone was only going to be used to compete with noise. If the noise level was high, we would use the megaphone.

We were going to do some preaching and the preaching would provoke some good conversation and conversation is what’s good, and the crowd is gathered around us, and that’s the purpose for the large signs because they display exactly who we are and what we believe.

That’s all we were going to do. We wanted to hang around there for a few hours, pack up and leave. We weren’t going to stay there until the end of the event; we didn’t want to be there at night because we knew that when you preach to Muslims there is a reputation that things can happen to you and that is why we asked the police to stand around us.

Gadi: You were there last year as well?

Ruben: Yes we were, and the first day that we showed up the police put us in a “free speech” area with barricades. They had mounted police, uniformed and undercover. They brought in the Dearborn Police, police from Detroit and there was a helicopter overhead. It was almost as if we were a threat to the city. The second day we showed up they said, "No more, we’re not giving you barricades, you’re on your own," and then a fight broke out. They came at us punching.

Gadi: So you were attacked last year as well?

RI: Yes, that was last year and that is why this year I went there with a pig head. To the Muslims a pig or the blood from a pig is like a crucifix to a vampire. I knew the sheriff was not going to assist us, because they had not responded to our letters from our attorneys. So I figured we would be on our own, and since the sheriffs weren’t going to be around us, I brought the next best thing and that’s a pig head on a stick.

In the video you can see that around the pig head we didn’t get pelted as much as where there was no pig head. I got a lot of heat for taking one pig head; I think in reality we should have brought 15 pig heads, that would have maybe soothed them a little bit more from throwing debris at us.

Gadi: You said that last year a fight broke out — what did the police do last year?

Ruben: They rushed in after the fight was over and they took one of our guys to jail. All they did was parade him by the angry Muslims, which showed them that they took care of it. They put the guy in a squad car, took him to jail and once they got to the sheriff’s station they just let him go. It was just a show. They just wanted to let the Muslims know "we got one of them," and we have video footage of the sheriff’s department cheering the crowd on when we were getting thrown out of the event last year.

This is a police officer in uniform cheering the crowd on as they throw us out. Now, let me explain something. We preach to a lot of venues. We go to Mardi Gras, spring break, the Academy Awards, baseball games, plus we preach to a lot of religious people as well. Such as Salt Lake City, when the Pope comes to America, we have signs for him and we follow him in the city that he is in; some of the Evangelicals that are on TV that are nothing more than money hungry devils, we preach to them too.

Nobody gets violent except the Muslims. Yet they are under the umbrella of the "Religion of Peace." They are nothing more than people just waiting to attack us, and because the sheriff’s department did nothing to those little kids throwing debris at us, all that did was fuel fire for these kids because they feel invincible. They threw things at us for an hour and a half, they got away with it, they screamed and hollered and we got kicked out of the event. They just fueled a monster that one day is going to strap a bomb on themselves and blow themselves up for their god and this sheriff’s department actually fueled that monster.

Gadi: It amazed me that in the video when the police were talking to you they said, “Somebody could get hurt” and then added, “you are already bleeding.” You were already bleeding from the head and he said, “For the safety of the crowd you have to leave.”

Ruben: You are right. The officers come up and tell us that we were going to get hurt, so basically he knew what was going on. The problem was, these sheriffs walked away from a crime scene. They purposely walked away from a crime scene. What you don’t see on the video is the other fellow in charge, he’s the sheriff, he is a Muslim, he is a known Muslim, and he allowed his faith to dictate the rules of the land. He hated us from last year and just wanted us to leave and didn’t have much to do with us.

Gadi: Were there occasions while you were being pelted that you could see police and they didn’t do anything?

Ruben: All we saw was they came by, looked a bit and then they all walked away. At one point we actually tried to follow them and you can hear the items hitting the vinyl banners. We were walking behind the police and they were just walking away from us, and they purposely walked away.

Somebody made the call within that sheriff’s department to leave us alone, let the crowd have their way. We know that the sheriff’s department had people filming us, and I think they were hoping that we were going to fight back. We’re labeled “bullies,” we’re labeled “provocative” and we did none of the above. We just went there with some signs and conceded to everything the police wanted.

Gadi: Did the police at any time help you?

Ruben: No. The only time they came up to me was to tell me to go, and when I asked for officers to be around us, they said, “That’s not going to happen” and they walked away. They made it very clear they were not going to be involved.

Gadi: At the end of the edited video it shows you getting pulled over. What happened there?

Ruben: What we did, [we did] for our own safety — and I talked to the Dearborn Police — once you leave the festival you now are in the jurisdiction of the Dearborn Police, not the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department. I told the Dearborn officer, we are coming in a white van down this alley, and we have no license plate. Once we go up a block, we will put the plate back on. Its only for security purposes. He said, “Hey, no problem, I understand.” Well, the Dearborn Police understand, but the Wayne County Sheriff did not.

So the sheriff’s department cut in front of us and had several cars behind us, and it’s almost like they wanted to find something with us, and they cited the driver for not having a plate. They cited him for no plate even though he put the plate back on in front of them and the sheriff’s department confiscated his driver’s license and said, “When you get this all taken care of then we’ll send you your driver’s license.”

Gadi:  When the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department pulled you over there were at least 14 officers there, but they couldn’t spare two for your safety while you were at the festival?

Ruben: Actually there were more. By the time we left more police had shown up, mounted police, police on bikes, police on foot, there were a lot. It was almost as if there was an “officer down” put out on the radio with the amount that had shown up. It was unique.

Like you said, at the festival they couldn’t spare two officers, but when we left they got 14 there easy. They knew we were coming [to the festival]. they had plenty of notice. And yet they said that they weren’t prepared.

Gadi: What happened on Sunday [two days afterwards]?

Ruben:  On Sunday we went to the mosque in Dearborn. [There was no sidewalk, so] we stood by the street where the side walk would be. Of course, the Dearborn Police showed up instantly. We were able to use our megaphone. We were able to fly our banners and there was no problem. The officers said everything was fine and we’re doing good. There were two squad cars, and they flanked us just to make sure we were safe. Some of the Muslims came out and were screaming at us, and we yelled back and forth, and we did not go on their property, and according to police it was fine.

Unfortunately, one of the Muslims got in his SUV, drove up over the hill, accelerated and came right at us where we were standing. This guy came directly at us, and we had to jump out of the way, and he came screaming by us. Both of the police cars stopped him, pulled him out and cuffed him and he showed no remorse. The police actually have it on video because both police cars had their dash cameras on, so it’s not like it’s my word against his.

Then mosque security came out and said that they knew this guy and that we provoked him and the Dearborn Police officer yelled at the security guard and told him if he didn’t back off he would also be arrested for hindering a police investigation.

Gadi: Did the guy in the SUV pull over or was he forced to?

Ruben: They had to block him in. Once he was on the street they were headed his way, and he was blocked in. He is now officially charged with nine counts of attempted murder.

Gadi: This never hit the news, not even in Dearborn?

Ruben: No, of course not, but if I had attempted to run down a Muslim that would be the head news on CNN, CBS, NBC, but when a Muslim wants to take out nine Christians ... We were the visiting team. This guy's out on high-dollar bail and from what I was told by the detective in charge, he does have a high-dollar attorney, so he’s not going to go down easy. He’s going to fight this thing.

Gadi: Did you have the pig head with you at the mosque as well?

Ruben: No we didn’t, because we didn’t know what to expect out there. But, my recommendation for anybody visiting Dearborn, Michigan is to bring your passport and a pig’s head ... We are supposed to go back to Dearborn on August 2 to get all the witnesses and everything in order, meet with the prosecutor and get everything on record. You get a city that’s turned over by this religion, and you’ve turned a monster into a giant and that’s what Dearborn is. When they rule a city you see a different side of this religion. It’s not a religion of peace. They would have killed us had it not been for all the cameras we had, so all they could do was just stone us.
MUSLIMS "STONE" CHRISTIANS - in DEARBORN -- President Obama's Muslim Paradise.

Sent by: The United West
Sent: Jun 26, 2012 at 9:02 AM





If this extremely disturbing video does not result in a Federal investigation into the human rights violations of those Christians physically attacked at the 2012 Dearborn Arab Festival then we are watching the beginning of a new America, a  "MUSLIM AMERICA."

In this new America, a "MUSLIM AMERICA," shariah-compliant Muslims have succeeded in striking fear into the hearts of the infidels. In the case of the Dearborn Arab Festival, you will see that the infidels are NOT the few, brave Christians who withstood the physical attacks by the blood-thirsty Muslims, but the fearful are those who have taken an oath to protect Americans. The fearful, are the Dearborn Sheriff and Police. Sadly, you will see the Police fearful of confronting the criminals and enforcing the law as they stand by watching "Muslims Gone Wild,"  attack the helpless Christians.

The United West predicts that success of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt combined with the mounting fury of the "Arab Spring," coupled with the support of President Obama will result in an expansive, "strong-horse" onslaught of Muslim physical aggression, similar to this Dearborn disaster, all across the new,  "MUSLIM AMERICA."


If any normal America can watch this video and NOT be infuriated with the brazen attack by Muslims in the middle of the day, while police stand by and watch, then you no longer deserve to be considered a normal American.

America, we are losing our country before our very eyes.

You have two choices:












(NB: The United West did not tape this video nor do we know the Christians who were attacked. We found the raw video on the internet, produced this version and want to send it out to America)


[SlantRight Editor: Below is the non-email version]

American Muslims Stone Christians

June 26, 2012

If any normal America can watch this video and NOT be infuriated with the brazen attack by Muslims in the middle of the day, while police stand by and watch, then you no longer deserve to be considered a normal American.


Dearborn, MI Police Allow Muslim’s to Stone Christians at 2012 Arab Festival

By Alan Kornman

Wayne County Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar summed up his situational awareness of the 2012 Dearborn Arab Festival in the Dearborn Patch by stating, “No official arrests were made, and Jaafar said his team was pleased with the overall outcome.”

Unfortunately for Deputy Chief Jaafar, this video exposes what really happened on 6:10 PM at the Dearborn Arab Festival. This reporter can assure you, Deputy Chief Jaafar, there will be an entire country outraged by the overall outcome of your willful and possibly criminal conduct exposed in Mr. Ruben Israel’s video.

Wayne County Sheriff Department (WCSD) Deputy Chief Jaafar, in the video, appears to be part of the top leadership controlling ground operations at the festival along with Ms. Ursula K. Henry, Director of Legal Affairs for the WCSD.  Deputy Chief Jaafar is shown in the video consulting Ms. Henry on what to do with Mr. Ruben Israel.  That is until Chief Jaafar lost his professionalism,  got in Mr. Israel’s face and unloaded an emotional rhetorical barrage for the whole world to see.

It would take a psychiatrist to tell explain why Deputy Chief Jaafar snapped, but this is what led up to Jaafar’s emotional outburst.  Chief Richardson said to Mr. Israel, “…your going to leave now”, Mr. Israel responded, “…we’re not going to do that.”

Deputy Chief Jaafar immediately got into the camera frame and said, “It’s not your call, we’ve been very gentle and very very respectful to you and you are jeopardizing public safety.  And you need to understand it’s gone overboard.  We don’t have the coverage to protect you and if we have two officers who can protect you it would work great but it’s impossible to do so.  Your attracting a crowd and your affecting public safety, you need to understand that.”  Chief Jaafar then told Chief Richardson to take over from here and left the scene rudely without listening to Mr. Israel’s response.

Deputy Chief Jaafar articulated the solution to the problem by saying that if he had two officers assigned to Mr. Israel’s group everything “would work great”.  This reporter believes Chief Jaafar because he has special training in Executive Protection according to his bio.   It is beyond belief that Chief Jaafar could not or would not, pull two officers out of all those officers standing around to protect Mr. Israel’s right of free speech without fear of bodily harm.  This reporter believes there was criminal negligence on the part of Deputy Chief Jaafar and the WCSD because Mr. Israel and his friends were the victims of Assault and Battery, injuries were sustained, and Chief Jaafar did not intervene to protect the victims of a possible 3rd Degree Felony happening under his and Ms. Henry’s supervision.  The WCSD has a duty to serve and protect.

Let’s see how the law defines Battery:

A battery is the willful or intentional touching of a person against that person’s will by another person, or by an object or substance put in motion by that other person. Such an offensive touching can constitute a battery even though it does not cause physical injury, and could not reasonably be expected to cause injury. A defendant who emphatically pokes the plaintiff in the chest with his index finger to emphasize a point may be culpable for battery (although the damages award that results may well be small or nominal). Similarly, a defendant who spits on a plaintiff has committed a battery, even where the only injury is to the plaintiff’s dignity.

The video clearly shows multiple counts of assault, battery, and aggravated battery were inflicted upon Mr. Israel and his friends by the crowd shouting Allahu Akbar.

Let’s see how the law defines Assault:

While references to “assault and battery” make it seem like the two acts are inseparable, within the context of personal injury law they are usually considered separate acts. An “assault” is an act which creates fear of an imminent battery. A “battery” is an unlawful, offensive touching.

Both assault and battery are intentional torts, meaning that the defendant actually intends cause harm to the plaintiff, be that the fear inspired by the assault or the offensive contact resulting from the battery. For a battery, there is no requirement that the victim suffer a physical injury. A battery may be indirect, caused by contact through a thrown stone, or spitting, and need not cause any harm beyond the contact itself in order to be actionable.

Based on the wounds inflicted on Mr. Israel’s forehead a case could be made for Aggravated Battery which is a Class 3 Felony.  Otherwise according to Section 750.81 of the Michigan Penal Code simple battery is a misdemeanor punishable by no more than 93 days in jail or a $500 fine or both.

The result of the Wayne County Sheriff’s office failure to protect Mr. Israel and his friends safety exposes a deep and systemic problem inside the WCSD.  The WCSD leaving Mr. Israel unprotected knowing violence would happen is criminal.

The bottom line is Mr. Ruben Israel and his friends were viciously attacked by an angry mob and the WCSD watched it happen.  It is not the issue if you like or dislike Mr. Israel’s speech.  Our Constitution protects free speech and our taxpayer funded law enforcement agencies are sworn to uphold the right of free speech for everyone equally.  Mr. Israel caught everything on film from the minute they arrived until the minute they left and very soon I imagine the WCSD, Arab American Chamber of Commerce, and the Mayor of Dearborn will have to answer for their actions.

The basics of Executive Protection skills Deputy Chief Jaafar possess and with the number of uniforms on the ground,  Mr. Ruben Israel’s group of street preachers at the 2012 Dearborn Arab International Festival should have been protected by law enforcement when they were under attack.  This reporter will go further to say Deputy Chief Jaafar was negligent in his duties and allowed scores of Class 3 Felonies to occur under his direction and oversight.

In the video, Mr. Israel told Deputy Chief of Operations Dennis Richardson  his attorney had sent a letter of their intentions to the WCSD and received no reply.  Deputy Chief Richardson acknowledged Mr. Israel’s letter and that Mr. Israel and his group would be at the festival just as they were the previous year.

The Arab American Chamber of Commerce is one of the main sponsors of the event and is responsible for the cost of providing adequate security, comfort stations,  and all the other details in putting on a citywide fair costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.  In past events the City of Dearborn partnered with the Arab American Chamber in managing the Arab Festival.

The City of Dearborn / Arab Chamber of Commerce partnership resulted in the City of Dearborn loosing (sic) a 2010 freedom of speech lawsuit filed by George Saieg a Christian street preacher.  This bigoted, hateful, and intolerance towards Christians shown by Dearborn Mayor John O’Reilly cost his city $100,000.  The following year David Wood and his team were falsely arrested for breach of the peace.  The Thomas More Law Center took David Wood’s case and won.

Dearborn, MI is a small town of around 100,000 people.  People are asking, why is all this animosity and hate towards Christians manifesting itself in Dearborn.  The answer may be in the fact Dearborn is 46% Muslim.  Dearborn has the largest Muslim population of any city in America.  It is up to the reader come to their own conclusions.

The multiple violent attacks on Mr. Ruben Israel and his friends was the most violent to date at the Arab Festival.  The fact the violence by the predominately Muslim crowd against Christians was allowed to continue freely under the watchful eye of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department is criminal.  The WCSD, through their inaction in protecting Mr. Israel’s freedom of speech has sent a disturbing crystal clear message to the citizens of Dearborn that rioting and battery will be condoned by those entrusted to enforce the law.  The message is that Dearborn Law enforcement will turn the other way when violence is  inflicted on non-Muslims and that freedom of speech will be silenced in the no-go zone of Dearborn, MI.

On April 18, 2012 President Obama came to Dearborn and warmly introduced his friends Mayor John B. O’Reilly and Wayne County Sheriff Chief Benny Napoleon as providing the “change you can believe in.”  Rarely seen in public the President referred to himself as President Barack “Hussein” Obama while emphasizing his middle name.  Both the Mayor and Chief Napoleon the last two years have been knee deep in expensive and divisive free speech lawsuits pitting Muslims against Christians. Was the President sending a signal the escalating friction between Muslim and Non-Muslim in Dearborn is the change we can all believe in?

In the 1940 and 1950’s it was not uncommon to hear stories of small white controlled rural towns, about the size of Dearborn, allowing crimes against blacks and Jews to go unpunished and in some cases covered up.  The Civil Rights movement righted those societal wrongs and those type of bigoted stories are a thing of the past.

Fast forward to 2012 In the City of Dearborn, MI,  replace the blacks with Christians and the same bigotry and hatred of the 1950’s was on display at the 2012 Dearborn Arab American Festival by Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar who was “pleased with the overall outcome.

Ruben Israel Mike Jaafar Deputy Chief

Mayor O'Reilly - Deputy Chief Richardson

Benny Napoleon WCSD Chief - Ursula Henry Dir. Legal Affairs

The Wayne County Sherrifs (sic) Department had their legal affairs Director Ms. Henry making decisions on the ground during the violent riots.  The fact she was there at the same time Ruben Israel and his friends were there makes me very curious about what was in the letter Mr. Israel’s attorney sent to the WCSD.

Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar admitted on video tape that if he had two officers available to shadow Mr. Israel and his friends “everything would be OK” and he chose not to do it shows willful misconduct.

The State of Michigan needs to conduct a serious outside investigation into this violent attack and remove those individuals found responsible.

Imam Al-Qazwini needs to use his position as leader of the Dearborn Muslim community and get actively involved with the festival demanding peace and tolerance from his followers. Imam Al-Qazwini must teach peace and tolerance towards Christian street preachers no matter how provocative they may be.

Article VI of the U.S. Constitution states  United States law shall be the supreme law of the land not Shariah compliant blasphemy laws.  All eyes will be on the City of Dearborn between now and next years (sic) Dearborn Arab American International Festival.  And this reporter would not be surprised if a lawsuit or two are in the City of Dearborn’s Future.

God Bless American and God Bless our Troops

Alan Kornman
Regional Coordinator

(NB: The United West did not tape this video nor do we know the Christians who were attacked. We found the raw video on the internet, produced this version and want to send it out to America)
Dearbornistan Stones Christians and Police Defend Stoners
John R. Houk
© July 5, 2012
Dearborn No-Go Zone: Where Islam Rules and Christians Are Stoned


Dearborn Stoning Surviver Tells the Whole (Unreported) Story

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American Muslims Stone Christians

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Beginning with the Florida Security Council in 2007, Tom Trento’s team quickly established a national impact through speaking, writing, video presentations, grassroots activism and investigative reporting. With trips to Europe in 2009, relationships were developed which resulted in a united effort to fight the encroachment of shariah Islam in North America and Europe. In mid-2010 it became apparent that the national and international activity of “Team Trento,” had expanded beyond the borders of Florida. Therefore, extensive effort went into developing an organization The United West (TUW) functioning as an “umbrella entity,” overseeing and managing coordinated divisions, all based upon unifying principles but lean and efficient in its implementation.

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