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Will Sandusky Serial Pedophilia Lead to Legalized Man/Boy Sex?

Jerry Sandusky & Bunch Kids
John R. Houk
© July 21, 2012

The Homosexual Agenda has gained more and more traction in America over the last few decades. Thanks largely to the promotion of homosexuality by Left-minded Hollywood and Television a homosexual lifestyle has been accepted as normal by a large chunk of Americans.

Thanks to homosexual activism the American government has passed special laws that provide equal rights to a subculture that is ungodly and immoral according to the Bible – the Word of God. The more the government protects immorality the more it will grow. Legalized immorality is justified immorality.

Divorce has been made easy. Bad marriages have taken place because it is easy to claim irreconcilable differences. Pornography is common on TV and the Internet as protected by Free Speech. Pornography is not Free Speech. Porn is immoral.

Largely due the complimenting support of Education Unions and Education activism, homosexuality is taught to our children to be accepted rather than to be vilified as immoral. Leftists and homosexual activists love to dodge the morality of homosexuality because of the problem within the Roman Catholic Church in which celibate Priests have been caught as pedophiles. AND worse the Catholic leadership hierarchy has tried to bury the problem of pedophile Priests by reassigning them rather than defrocking them and turning them over to the police.

So does Pedophile Priest problem justify homosexuality? NO! It is still immoral.

I have been pointed to an opinion piece by Linda Harvey that shows that the promotion of the deviancy of homosexuality as normal is now infiltrating the safety of our children. She uses the conviction of serial pederast Jerry Sandusky – a former Penn State assistant coach – to drive the point home that the Homosexual Agenda has allowed society to look the other way as an adult male molests young boys in their formative years. Guess what this will lead society to accept just as society began to accept homosexuality in general?

That would be the legalization of Man/Boy relationships in which an adult predator can legally solicit sex from a minor boy.


JRH 7/21/12 (Hat Tip: Solid Snake)
Grooming kids in a 'gay' identity
Exclusive: Linda Harvey warns of trap for children to fall victim to homosexual pedophilia

By Linda Harvey
July 15, 2012

An investigative report has found that  Penn State President Graham Spanier, head football coach Joe Paterno and others at Penn State turned a blind eye for years to Jerry Sandusky’s molestation of boys.

They were not the perpetrators, but their cover-up allowed Sandusky’s assaults to continue. When grown-ups who are in a position to prevent predatory behavior fail to do so, the message to the victims is, “This must be OK with them.” That further betrayal adds to bodily assault, the rape of the spirit.

Yet we have turned a blind eye to the same betrayal happening every day to thousands of children in our schools and communities. We should be outraged at the routine “grooming” of children in our schools to become victims of homosexual pedophilia. How are our kids being blithely set up to accept victimization when it happens?

It happens by calling it something other than what it is and by tying it up in a bow and putting a happy, rainbow face on it. The “nice” name for this horrifying manipulation is “tolerance.” Now, even grade-school children are learning that only hateful people object when any elementary-schooler, middle-schooler or high-school student adopts a “gay” identity.

And, here’s the seldom-examined corollary: The activists pushing this give many unchallenged messages to these kids, both in schools and outside, that they not only may, but they have a right to “choose” a same-sex partner of any age. With no fear of pregnancy, this faux “consent” offer can be extended to younger and younger kids.

So, the engraved invitation has been sent to untold numbers of pedophiles and pederasts. School “non-discrimination” policies on “sexual orientation” keep that door open and all protectors of children at arm’s length. The National Education Association has numerous policies supporting the “safe” (read: unchallenged) expression of homosexual behavior by children in schools.  These are often pushed by its “GLBT” Teachers’ Caucus.

Schools feel the increasing presence, whether they like it or not, of advocacy groups like the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, and the Human Rights Campaign. The newest campaigns  of both these groups is to reach elementary students. If we cooperate, it’s easy for some children to become targets.

Adults may approach them, and they won’t realize it’s not only outrageous, but illegal. It may be a coach or assistant coach. It may be the college student who was the invited speaker at your school’s “gay-straight alliance” meeting. It may be a 24 year old you met as a 12 year old when your school’s homosexual club marched in the town’s pride parade, carrying the school banner to support “LGBT” youth.

No one will draw boundaries that used to be clear. Why? New regulatory permission has been accepted by those who have bought the lie that people are born this way. There’s also fear of the real possibility of being labeled a “homophobe” or much worse: receiving death threats, losing one’s job and being put on an official enemies’ list by the Southern Poverty Law Center or others. (All these things now happen routinely.) The straight, male dads, granddads and protectors of our youth have been lulled into submission by a vicious and unaccountable “gay” lobby with a track record of tearing the personal lives of opponents apart.

The aggressors have leftist judges on their side, a complicit media, Hollywood, the teachers’ unions, even the federal Department of Education under its misleading “anti-bullying” programs. Those who point to the pro-homosexual nature of these recommendations are falsely impugned as being “pro-bullying.”

And, of course, there’s Barack Obama, who appointed Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN, to a high position in the Department of Education. Jennings left last year, but his deceptive legacy continues. Also, the pedophile lobby is trying to establish credibility and its own “rights” campaign, including the delusion that children are not necessarily harmed by adult sexual contact.

It goes beyond schools. The Boy Scouts have stood firmly to keep open homosexuals from becoming leaders, to minimize the chances of this happening, although it now has one board member pressuring the group to drop this protection. The Girl Scouts are not so kind. They are active proponents of “LGBT” identity politics and allow open homosexuals to lead local girl groups.

And we complain about Penn State? The unreported molestations facilitated daily by the “gay” lobby’s insistence on access to children must surely dwarf anything done by Jerry Sandusky, horrific as his actions were.

One of the most troubling and unchallenged trends is the growing number of community-based “gay” groups for youth. Virtually every large town has at least one now, and they pride themselves on “confidential” services. This means parent-free access to kids as young as 11 or 12, who are allowed to socialize with older youth and adult homosexuals and then leave the premises to continue whatever grooming activity took place on site.

One former attendee has publicized what went on at his group in Maine, including predatory behavior by adults. Now, five years later, this young man wants to recant his story and is even suing one brave pro-family leader, Brian Camenker, who refuses to take the previously offered testimony down from the Mass Resistance website. Why? Because it’s critical to get the truth about these centers out to the public.

Over the years, I have heard tales of sex between kids in the restrooms, drug use and, of course, access to porn on computers. There are also accounts of teen-adult “hook-ups” in some nonfiction books published for “gay” youth.

Yet many of these centers are the off-site gathering places for local middle- and high-school “gay-straight alliance” kids and sometimes receive funding from reputable groups like the United Way and Kiwanis.

As bad as heterosexual molestation is, it isn’t being packaged as the natural outgrowth of a “right,” an element of “social justice.” Same-sex molestation has always been easier to facilitate in venues for children, since children and adults of the same sex do sometimes use the same restrooms, go on camp outs and – as we saw with Sandusky – shower in the same facilities. Access is easier, and the blind eye we are turning due to the repositioning of truth by the “gay” lobby is making the risk greater than ever.

What’s the answer? Recapture our once clear sense of judgment about the immorality of all homosexual behavior and stop promoting sexual activity to kids, period. Until we do that, we will continue to have school-enabled, adult-ignored homosexual seduction and the despair it is producing in vulnerable, precious kids every single day in America.

If we fail to act, we are all Graham Spaniers now.
Will Sandusky Serial Pedophilia Lead to Legalized Man/Boy Sex?
John R. Houk
© July 21, 2012
Grooming kids in a 'gay' identity

Linda Harvey is president of Mission America and hosts a talk show on Salem affiliate WRFD in Columbus, Ohio

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