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Sheriff Arpaio's conclusions on the birth certificate

Joe Arpaio
In light of the last post relating to the smoking gun evidence that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is forged. We must call/write our Congressman to at least look at the Cold Case Posse evidence to see its value. Remember all crooks say they are innocent even the ones in prison.

Below is a NoGuff email that is based on a Washington Times article relating to Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

JRH 7/29/12
Sheriff Arpaio's conclusions on the birth certificate

Sent: 7/18/12

So Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a great patriot and public servant, has concluded through examination of the evidence that Obama's birth certificate is a total fraud.

But he doesn't know who to refer the evidence and conclusions to for the furtherence of justice. The Dept. of Justice won't give a shit. And Congress is too timid.

Does the Constitution, that "old and outdated" document, have a solution? Yes. The reason Dr. Orly Taitz and others have been refused their time in court is due to "a lack of standing." Democrat, Liberals, and assorted Obama nuts have taken that to mean the complaints and evidence have no merit. They are, of course, liars. It means those bringing the complaint have no legal standing to bring the case to court. Meaning, since Obama is the President, a federal leader, and not elected by or representing the People specifically, but rather the states, then only those whom he represents directly can bring the complaints. Meaning, the states.

So Arpaio needs to take it to the states and they must take it to... oh, wait. The 17th Amendment took away the representation of the states in our federal government, by stipulating Senators be elected through direct popular vote.

Oh well. You see, the Framers of the Constitution weren't in error and don't need correction. They got it right the first time. The lesson is, beware of those trying to change the Constitution to make it "more progressive" and "work for today" and other sort of BS propaganda ruses.

"Arpaio calls Congress to move on Obama eligibility"

By David Isaac
Washington Times 24/7

At the conclusion of a press conference led by Cold Case Posse chief investigator Michael Zullo that detailed the reasons the long-form birth certificate of President Barack Obama is a forgery, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said it's time for a higher authority to investigate the issue.

Mr. Arpaio said he would like Congress ... "someone" ... to look at the material his investigative team had gathered. As he had told WND earlier: “Although I am having a difficult time deciding who to forward this information to given the fact that the obvious choices report directly to the president, I cannot stand by and hold on to information that threatens to weaken national security.”

The press conference held Tuesday clarified some of the issues discussed in an earlier press conference held in Phoenix on March 1, at which the Cold Case Posse presented its initial findings of a six-month-long investigation into the authenticity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate. "I cannot in good faith report to you that these documents are authentic," Mr. Arpaio said at the time.

Tuesday's press conference added weight to the Cold Case Posse's earlier findings. In addition to the electronic evidence that the president's long-form birth certificate had been altered, the investigators introduced supporting evidence related to a box titled "Race of Father." In it was written the word "African." Not only was "African" not used as a race identifier until 1989, 28 years after Obama's birth, but the box is also coded with a number nine. Nine signifies that no information was provided, meaning the box should have been empty. The fact that there is information in the box suggests someone had tampered with the birth certificate, investigators say.

The press conference also discussed the recent trip to Hawaii by lead investigator Michael Zullo and others to further investigate the anomalies associated with the president's birth certificate. Mr. Zullo and his team received a cold reception and most doors were closed to them. Hawaiian officials also tended to over-react to their presence. In at least one case, local police were called.

In Hawaii, investigators succeeded in meeting with Verna K.L. Lee, the clerk who signed Mr. Obama's long-form birth certificate. The investigators learned that if Mr. Obama had been born at the Kapioloni Medical Center, a birth number assigned to him should have been lower than those of a pair of twins who were born after him at Kapiolani that same day. Yet, his birth number is higher. "This proves that Obama could not have been born at the Kapiolani Medical Center as reported. The numbering on his certificate is more consistent with a birth certificate that had been turned in from one of the outlying areas," investigators said.

Sheriff Arpaio's conclusions on the birth certificate

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"Arpaio calls Congress to move on Obama eligibility"

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