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Tea Party Movement Extols Sarah Palin for Ted Cruz

Sarah Palin
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Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst appear to be the two biggest dogs in the GOP Primary race for the U.S. Senate in Texas. For a significant amount of time Dewhurst has been the favorite in that race. Dewhurst’s emerging problem right now is he represents establishment Republicans than Tea Party style Conservative Republicans. Indeed, Cruz has received endorsements from a slew of Tea Party style big dog Republicans and Tea Party organizations. Those endorsements for Cruz did not seem to close the gap between Cruz and Dewhurst.

Then enters the Sarah Palin endorsement for Ted Cruz! And BAM! The Cruz-Dewhurst gap is closing remarkably. Dewhurst seems to be so concerned he has been using his establishment riches to plant seeds of distrust about Cruz in negative. Cruz has cried foul claiming Dewhurst is lying. If Dewhurst is indeed lying and you Texans couple the lying with a Palin endorsement, I highly recommend joining Palin’s endorsement and vote for Ted Cruz for the U.S. Senate in the great State of Texas.

Below are two emails from two different Tea Party organizations extolling the amazing political pull Sarah Palin has in swaying Republican voters to be faithful Conservatives.

JRH 5/17/12

Join Sarah Palin Supporting Conservative Ted Cruz for Senate!

Sent: May 14, 2012 12:14 AM

Palin Endorse Ted Cruz

Dear Patriot,

Despite literally millions of dollars in false, negative advertising by his opponent, we've seen growing momentum at the Ted Cruz for Senate campaign. It's no secret that America needs conservative leaders in Washington, leaders who will make the tough choices we need to get America back on the right track.

This is why Ted Cruz has received the endorsement from conservative leaders from across the country, including Rep. Ron Paul, Sen. Rand Paul, Sen. Pat Toomey, Sen. Mike Lee, and Sen. Jim DeMint.
And it's exactly why I'm proud to announce that our campaign received the endorsement of Gov. Sarah Palin this week!

Here is what Gov. Palin had to say about Ted Cruz in her endorsement:

"Your conservative principles, passionate defense of our Constitution and our free market system come at a time when these cornerstones of our freedom and prosperity are under attack. Our shared goal isn't just to change the majority in control of the Senate, but to assure principled conservatives like you are there to fight for us."

We are humbled and honored to receive Gov. Palin's endorsement, and I can tell you that her support has triggered another surge of momentum at just the right time! Election Day is May 29, and we are fighting for every vote.

This has been, and continues to be, an extremely hard fought election. We've built this campaign on grassroots support, and we're confident that our millions of supporters will lead us to a big win on Election Day. But it won't be easy.

Our opponent has run one of the nastiest, most negative campaigns in Texas history, spending $1 million a week on false and misleading negative ads. There's something that you can do, however, to help us combat these negative ads and bring Ted Cruz's constitutional conservative, free-market principles to Washington.

Please stand with Gov. Sarah Palin in support of the conservative candidate for US Senate: Ted Cruz. By making a donation today of $25, $50, or even $100 or more, you can join the movement to elect Ted Cruz.

John Drogin
Campaign Manager
Ted Cruz for Senate

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Cruz campaign reports Sarah Palin bounce - election only 2 weeks away

By Amy Kremer
Sent: May 14, 2012 8:34 PM
Sent from: Tea Party Express

Ted Cruz - TPX Podium

Sarah Palin's endorsement has brought momentum to the Ted Cruz campaign at just the right time - the election is in 2 weeks!

We got word from Tea Party Express endorsed Texas U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz that the recent endorsement that he received from Sarah Palin has given his campaign a huge boost and added energy.

Many are referring to it as the Sarah Palin bounce: Just hours after the 2008 vice presidential nominee endorsed Ted Cruz, the headquarters in Austin reported a swift and positive reaction.

Campaign manager John Drogin confirmed that Palin's endorsement "has added HUGE buzz to our campaign.  Phones are ringing, online contributions are pouring in, and supporters are more excited than ever on our social networks."

This could not have come at a better time as the election is only 2 WEEKS away!  We must build on the momentum that Sarah Palin has provided us with.  The polls are tightening and Ted Cruz is closing in on his opponent David Dewhurst. 

Just like in Indiana, the Tea Party candidate is surging at just the right time, but we need your immediate support to push him ahead!

Governor Sarah Palin wrote:

“We’re proud to join conservatives in Texas and throughout the nation in supporting your (Ted Cruz) campaign to become the next Senator from the Lone Star State.”

If you haven't heard about Ted Cruz, here is a little about why we have endorsed him and are fighting to send him to Washington:

Ted Cruz is a self-professed child of the Reagan revolution.  His parents fled Cuba after experiencing an oppressive government and instilled in Ted a profound respect and appreciation for freedom.  He understands that it is not our government that makes America run, but our entrepreneurial spirit.  He made money as a kid by reciting the Constitution from memory to Rotary Clubs in Texas and giving speeches on free-market economics.

As Solicitor General of Texas from 2003-2008, Cruz authored 80 U.S. Supreme Court briefs and personally argued 40 oral arguments, including 9 before the Supreme Court.  Named “a Republican star rising in Texas” and “a great Reaganite hope” by the National Review, Ted Cruz has led the fight against Obama’s offshore drilling moratorium and for private property rights for Americans.  His “Growth and Jobs Agenda” promotes a limited government plan that pledges to repeal ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank, kill Cap and Trade, and dramatically simplify the tax code.

We were honored to travel around the great state of Texas with him last month to endorse his campaign and hope that you will be as excited as we are about his candidacy.  We just held numerous rallies for Ted Cruz all across Texas this last week to rally support as part of our "Restoring the American Dream" bus tour.

 We have a great candidate that we all need to support to send him to Washington!

One of Tea Party Express’ top priorities in 2012 is to elect a conservative majority to the U.S. Senate, and thanks to patriots like Ted Cruz, we are well on our way to doing just that.  But we need your support if we are going to be successful and finish the work we all started in 2010. 
Donate $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or even more! Click here to contribute now!

As always, if you prefer, you may also make a contribution via mail, by sending a check to:
Tea Party Express
8795 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 103
Sacramento, CA 95826-3720

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