Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hector Aleem Update

Hector Aleem Before-After arrest
It has been awhile since I have updated on the status of persecuted Christian Hector Aleem. Hector’s plight in Pakistan is not as high profile as say the persecuted Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani of Iran. The Aleem family has pretty much depended on Social Media to get information out about Hector legal battles of Blasphemy Charges and other false accusations once the Blasphemy Charge was beat. It is miracle that Hector has not been assassinated in prison as much as Radical Islamic politics is persecuting this guy.

I am ashamed to admit I have not been in a position to help financially; however I have been faithful to put out the call for help whenever I hear or read about the need to pay whatever brave lawyer is taking Hector’s case. There has been more than one. They have had a lawyer that absconded with the legal fee and abandoned the Aleems. The current lawyer is a stickler for his legal fee to continue his legal service. Regardless, representing a Christian in Muslim Pakistan is a precarious position even for money. I get the impression the current lawyer may be a little brusque in his communication pertaining to his legal service.

Below are two Free Hector Aleem Facebook messages from Mehwish Aleem and Simon Yaqoob.

JRH 5/5/12
Mehwish Aleem Update on Hector

May 4, 2012 1:06 am

Greetings friends,

yesterday was
Hector Aleem's bail hearing which was rejected by the judge, we don't know why this decision yet, BUT we will share the decision with you as soon as we get the copy. We are now planning to go to the High Court. As I told you all before that we needed $500, only two sisters Susan Geary and Sheila Ann Young donated the amount which made $160, and I am very very thankful to both of them who regularly donates as much as they can.

I request you all to donate as much as possible because the High Court costs lot more than the lower court.

Here is the paypal link

And those who want to pay through WU please contact me.

You have helped us allot I hope you will help again and I hope this SHOULD be our last donation note.


PayPal is the safer, easier way to pay online without revealing your credit card number.
Simon Yaqoob Update on Hector

May 5, 2012 12:42 am

Christian human rights activist and director of NGO Peace Worldwide, Hector Aleem, was taken into custody in January 2009 because a militant Islamic group accused him of sending a ‘blasphemous’ text message from his cell phone. If convicted, he faces the death penalty under Pakistani law.

Later 17 other false cases were lodged against him to prevent him from getting out of the jail.

Prior to the 55-year-old’s arrest, Aleem was threatened by Islamic groups with assassination attempts and lawsuits because he objected to the illegal destruction of a church by Islamabad’s capital development authority (CDA). Muslim leaders threatened to kill him and his sons, and to forcibly convert his daughters to Islam.

Although a heart patient, Aleem has not been allowed to consume his medication and he has been denied visitation in prison. He was denied bail because Islamic mobs filled his trial courtroom and threatened to kill the judge, Aleem, and Aleem’s lawyer.

On 2nd June 2011, he was acquitted from the blasphemy case as well as many other cases which were lodged against him due to lack of evidence (because all those cases were false). Now there are only 5 cases remaining, but the situation is still very dangerous.

Aleem is the recipient of a peace award by Pakistan’s Prime Minister.

*****WHAT YOU CAN DO*****

- Please donate for Hector's legal fund (and to purchase clothes, hygienic supplies, etc for him and his family):

- Visit his family’s blog, which was set up to raise awareness on his case:

- Follow Hector Aleem's updates on Twitter:

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