Sunday, May 6, 2012

Heavy Heart

Marriage in WA State
As is typical of homosexual activism they are warring on Christian values by intimidating registered voters in Washington State that are signing a petition to place Marriage between a male and female on the Initiative Ballot. They are actually publishing the names and addresses of petition signatories and telling their legions of perverts to harass to harass them out their homes.

Below is an email sent by Public Advocate that is drumming up support for the anti-homosexual marriage Initiative as well as exposing the tactics of the homosexual agenda against Christianity.

JRH 5/6/12
Heavy Heart

By Eugene Delgaudio
Sent: 5/5/2012 11:02 AM
Sent by Public Advocate

The National Day of Prayer was just two days ago.  And all this week my heart and prayers have been drawn to the struggle in Washington State.

Right now, brave pro-Family activists are fighting to gather enough signatures to place real marriage on the November ballot.
Already more than a hundred thousand people have taken the step to place them name on the referendum.
But while Public Advocate is sending letters to a thousand churches and community leaders asking for their support -- the Homosexual Lobby has launched a website to advertise the names and home addresses of every Washingtonian who signs in support of real marriage...

...and they are calling on their hordes of supporters to attack the brave signers anyway they can.

They tried these same tactics in California over Prop 8 and countless people were hurt by their terror campaign.

On this special week I ask that you pray for our struggle in Washington that we might defend real marriage.

But I also ask that you pray for those fighting against us; pray that they handle themselves with greater restraint and compassion and even that they renounce this fight altogether.

If you would like to read more about this struggle please see my email below.

God bless,

Eugene Delgaudio,
President, Public Advocate

From: Eugene Delgaudio []
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2012 12:11 PM
Subject: Heavy heart

The Family desperately needs help in Washington State.

You see, the Washington State legislature has forced homosexual “marriage” upon its citizens, despite overwhelming opposition.

The only way to prevent the law from going into effect is if enough Washington voters sign Initiative I-1192 -- also known as Marriage = One Man + One Woman.

The problem is the sheer number of signatures that must be collected before the deadline... nearly 300,000 by July 6th.

The people of Washington know that real marriage is between one man and one woman -- but unless they get enough signatures to place this decision on the November ballot their voices will never be heard by the politicians.

My friend, this is a fight the Family cannot afford to lose.

You and I have watched over the past year as the Homosexual Lobby’s attack on marriage has marched from one state to the next: New York, Maryland, Washington and maybe even California and New Jersey.

They know that if enough states legalize homosexual “marriage” the moderates and sellouts in Congress will just give them what they want nation-wide.

Public Advocate has been hard at work in Maryland for weeks now -- collecting signatures and alerting pro-Family Americans to the fight facing them.

You and I are showing the Homosexual Lobby that Public Advocate can and will defeat them on the ground.

And I know this strategy could work in Washington State too.

But there are so many fights going on right now -- Tennessee’s Classroom Protection Act, California’s Prop 8 before the Supreme Court, and the trio of bills currently working their way through Congress: Homosexual Classrooms Act, Offense of Marriage Act, and the Gay Bill of Special Rights...

...and with all these fights Public Advocate is just stretched to the limit.

But I will still do whatever I can in Washington.

The deadline for signatures is fast approaching and there is a lot of work left to do if you and I are going to defend real marriage in Washington.

Public Advocate is the only national organization who is willing to fight the Homosexual Lobby on every battleground.

Please consider making a special contribution today to help fund the fight in Washington and all the other battleground states.

For the Family,

Eugene Delgaudio
President, Public Advocate of the United States

P.S. Please prayerfully consider chipping in with a donation of $10 or more to help Public Advocate fight for traditional values.
Because Public Advocate of the U.S. is a non-profit, charitable organization that fights the radical agenda of the Homosexual Lobby, contributions are not tax deductible for IRS purposes. This email was not produced or e-mailed at taxpayer expense. Public Advocate's phone number is (703) 845-1808, its address is 5613 Leesburg Pike, Suite 17 Falls Church, VA 22041, and its website is

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  1. Good luck in your fantasy alternate universe. You're losing big in the Fall in Washington. Just check the analysis by Nate Silver (

    Nate was totally accurate in his projected vote for North Carolina, because he has sound numbers. Get ready for a resounding rejection by voters in Washington, Minnesota, Maryland and Maine on November 6.

  2. Gary man-boy I am never ready for ungodly sin to be encoded into law. I wouldn't be the first time a Left Wing analysis proved incorrect.