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The Power of the President to Cover-Up Past

Joe Arpaio 4-3-12
John R. Houk
© May 16, 2012

President Barack Hussein Obama is using the power of the Justice Department to squelch Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County volunteers known as the Cold Case Posse. Eric Holder has filed civil rights violations against Arpaio. I have to wonder if Holder’s interest is in civil rights violations or is Holder doing his master’s bidding to prevent more exposure of Obama’s cover-ups that at the least shows the President as a blatant liar or at worse the commitment of High Crimes and misdemeanors in relation to BHO’s eligibility to hold the Office of President.

I found this video captured by FOX Nation from ABC News of Sheriff Joe talks about the intentions and integrity of the Cold Case Posse investigating Barack Hussein Obama. It is my opinion this is the actual purpose for Holder’s Justice Department for suing Sheriff Joe.

Sheriff answers about the Obama Administration civil suit harassment filed against him in an interview with Megyn Kelly:

I am going to cross post a FOX News story on Sheriff Joe being sued which will be followed by an email ad from in which Arpaio appeals for support to fight civil suit persecution from the Obama Administration.

JRH 5/16/12

Justice Department planning to sue Arizona sheriff Arpaio over alleged racial profiling

By Associated Press
May 10, 2012

PHOENIX –  Federal authorities said Wednesday they plan to sue an Arizona county sheriff and his office over allegations of civil rights violations, including the racial profiling of Hispanics.

The U.S. Justice Department has been seeking an agreement requiring sheriff Joe Arpaio office to train officers in how to make constitutional traffic stops, collect data on people arrested in traffic stops and reach out to Hispanics to assure them that the department is there to also protect them.

Arpaio has denied the racial profiling allegations and has claimed that allowing a court monitor would mean that every policy decision would have to be cleared through an observer and would nullify his authority.

DOJ officials told a lawyer for Arpaio on April 3 that the lawman's refusal of a court-appointed monitor was a deal-breaker that would end settlement negotiations and result in a federal lawsuit.

The "notice of intent to file civil action" came Wednesday from Assistant U.S. Attorney General Thomas Perez in a letter to an Arpaio lawyer.

Perez, who heads the DOJ's civil rights division, noted that it's been more than 100 days since the sheriff's office received the DOJ's findings report and federal authorities haven't met with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office counsel since Feb. 6 to discuss the terms of a consent agreement.

At a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Arpaio defended himself in the face of the pending lawsuit.

"If they sue, we'll go to court. And then we'll find out the real story," he said. "There's lots of miscommunication emanating from Washington. They broke off communications.

"They're telling me how to run my organization. I'd like to get this resolved, but I'm not going to give up my authority to the federal government. It's as simple as that," Arpaio added.

Last December, the DOJ released a scathing report accusing Arpaio's office of racially profiling Latinos, basing immigration enforcement on racially charged citizen complaints and punishing Hispanic jail inmates for speaking Spanish in Arizona's most populous county.

The DOJ also accused Arpaio of having a culture of disregard for basic constitutional rights.

The civil rights allegations have led some Arpaio critics to call for his resignation, including the National Council of La Raza, a prominent advocacy group for Latinos.

The sheriff's office also is facing criticism over more than 400 sex-crimes investigations -- including dozens of alleged child molestations -- that hadn't been investigated adequately or weren't examined at all over a three-year period ending in 2007.

Arpaio has apologized for the botched cases, reopened 432 sex-crimes investigations and made 19 arrests.

Separate from the civil rights probe, a federal grand jury has been investigating Arpaio's office on criminal abuse-of-power allegations since at least December 2009. That grand jury is examining the investigative work of the sheriff's anti-public corruption squad.

The self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America has been a national political fixture who has built his reputation on jailing inmates in tents and dressing them in pink underwear, selling himself to voters as unceasingly tough on crime and pushing the bounds of how far local police can go to confront illegal immigration.
Eric Holder Sues Sheriff Joe Arpaio; Sheriff Joe Vows to Fight!

From Joe Arpaio
Sent: May 16, 2012 6:24 AM
Sent by

Dear Friends:

You've probably heard by now that the Obama Justice Department has filed a civil rights lawsuit against me.

This lawsuit is purely political and is a blatant and futile attempt to intimidate me from doing my job to enforce illegal immigration laws.

What this Administration really wants is to take over my office.
I will tell you right now, that is never going to happen. I am the duly elected Sheriff of Maricopa County and I only answer to the people who elected me.
I'm happy they're taking me to court. Now we can finally get the facts on the table and have a real discussion about what their motives are.

This Department of Justice has worked hand-in-hand with the ultra-liberal ACLU, radical leftists and the open-borders crowd to weaken my chances for re-election this year.

I have been so humbled and grateful for the outpouring of support from my constituents and the great, law-abiding people of this country who have called me and offered their support.

This is going to be a big, nasty battle. I'm up against the most powerful government in the world. But I'm not going to back down one inch because I know what I'm doing is right. After all, I'm doing the job the federal government is supposed to be doing!

If Obama and Eric Holder don't like the job I'm doing they should change the laws. Period.

So, I need your help today now more than ever before. Will you join me in this fight?

Please know that asking you for a financial contribution is the last thing I want to do. But if I don't I know my political opponents will only be further emboldened to see me removed from office.

Your contribution today of $430, $200, $100, $50 or even $35 to Re-Elect Joe Arpaio will give our campaign the resources to beat back against these ridiculous allegations and help me win another term as Sheriff.

You can join this fight by clicking here.

I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and support and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

P.S. Even if you do not live in Maricopa County, Arizona please know that we have become the gateway for illegal immigration in this country which affects your community as well. Please click here to support my campaign.

And, one final question: Will you forward this email to four or five of your closest friends? I need to get my message out to those who stand with us in enforcing the laws of this country. Thank you!
The Power of the President to Cover-Up Past
John R. Houk
© May 16, 2012
Justice Department planning to sue Arizona sheriff Arpaio over alleged racial profiling

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Eric Holder Sues Sheriff Joe Arpaio; Sheriff Joe Vows to Fight!

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