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EU Collapse – Tony Newbill

Lord James of Blackheath & 15 trillion scandal
EU Collapse – Tony Newbill

JRH 5/27/12

The European Union is about to crack up

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This is the USA fate under the current economic Leadership in our Government????

The European Union is about to crack up
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The European Union is about to crack up. Its disintegration is now inevitable. This is the real meaning of recent elections in France and Greece.

French voters decided to oust President Nicolas Sarkozy, choosing the Socialist Party’s candidate Francois Hollande. The result was predictable, and in some ways deserved. The conservative incumbent came to power in 2007 promising economic reform, overhauling France’s bloated welfare state and cracking down on illegal immigrants. Instead, Mr. Sarkozy piled up record deficits, imposed massive tax hikes and oversaw the loss of France’s triple-A credit rating. The French economy became subservient to Germany, dependent upon Berlin to keep failing French banks afloat and solvent.

Mr. Hollande, however, is determined to maintain France’s lavish social programs. He is an international socialist who believes in class warfare, higher government spending and the EU project. He says France’s skyrocketing debt can be reined in through further tax increases. The centerpiece of his economic plan is to tax millionaires at the crushing rate of 75 percent. Yet, France already has some of the highest taxes in the world. Mr. Hollande’s new wealth tax will trigger a massive flight of French investors and business capital — probably across the Channel to Britain. It is a recipe for economic stagnation and permanent high unemployment. (
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Wrap you head around this......

In the first of a series of reports on corporate credit markets, S&P highlights a truly unsettling downside scenario that could derail the "fragile equilibrium" in credit markets.

S&P estimates up to $46 trillion in refinancing and new financing needs by companies over the next four years.  The worry is whether or not the credit markets will be able to handle it.

From the report:

The global "wall" of nonfinancial corporate debt maturities coming due from 2012 to 2016 is not new to market observers. Less discussed is the incremental financing that corporate debt issuers will need over this period to fund capital expenditure and working capital growth. Standard & Poor's Ratings Services estimates the total amount of refinancing and new money requirements over the next five years at between $43 trillion and $46 trillion. This demand for funds will potentially compound the credit rationing that may occur as banks seek to restructure their balance sheets, and bond and equity investors reassess their risk-return thresholds. These factors, amid the current eurozone crisis, a soft U.S. economic recovery following the Great Recession, and the prospect of slowing Chinese growth, raise the downside risk of a perfect storm for credit markets, in our view. (Read more)

(Editor's Note: Uncertainty continues to plague global corporate credit markets. Through a series of reports titled "The Credit Overhang," Standard & Poor's Ratings Services will comment on the competing forces that can potentially influence corporate credit quality and alter the fragile equilibrium that currently exists in the global corporate credit landscape. This is the initial article of the series.)

The global "wall" of nonfinancial corporate debt maturities coming due from 2012 to 2016 is not new to market observers. Less discussed is the incremental financing that corporate debt issuers will need over this period to fund capital expenditure and working capital growth. Standard & Poor's Ratings Services estimates the total amount of refinancing and new money requirements over the next five years at between $43 trillion and $46 trillion. This demand for funds will potentially compound the credit rationing that may occur as banks seek to restructure their balance sheets, and bond and equity investors reassess their risk-return thresholds. These factors, amid the current eurozone crisis, a soft U.S. economic recovery following the Great Recession, and the prospect of slowing Chinese growth, raise the downside risk of a perfect storm for credit markets, in our view. (Watch the related CreditMatters TV segment titled "The Credit Overhang: Is A $46 Trillion Perfect Storm Brewing?," dated May 10, 2012.)

Though we believe that this downside risk remains, it is our working assumption that global banks and debt capital markets will largely be able to continue to provide the majority of liquidity to allow most corporate issuers to proactively manage their forthcoming refinancings. However, the balance is fragile, and existing or new sensitivities could flare up, derailing this base case. Governments and banking regulators are now not as well placed to counter another perfect storm scenario given that they have already expended so much of their fiscal and monetary arsenal to mitigate the problems arising in recent years. Furthermore, some countries need to implement austerity measures on multiple levels to deal with their own sovereign debt and budget deficit issues. This priority need may hamper their respective capacity to respond to new macroeconomic problems. In a perfect storm scenario, a wider pool of borrowers than just the highly leveraged ones could find its future funding and refinancing needs in jeopardy.

§  A formidable wall of debt maturities and new money requirements over the next five years or so (which Standard & Poor's estimate at $43 trillion to $46 trillion), along with a volatile geopolitical climate that is causing skittishness in financial markets, poses downside risk of a perfect storm for global credit markets.

§  Notwithstanding this downside risk, our current view is that most nonfinancial corporate debt issuers will be able to continue to manage their forthcoming refinancings, although credit rationing may constrain new term bank financing to fund growth.

§  Governments and central banks have less fiscal and monetary flexibility to prevent serious problems emanating from future market disturbances. A perfect storm scenario would likely cause financing disruptions even for borrowers that are not highly leveraged.

The Height Of The Wall

Standard & Poor's has long highlighted the wall of upcoming debt maturities as a massive future refinancing risk (see "U.S. Refinancing Study: Rising Maturities Could Increase Refinancing Risk," July 20, 2011 and "European Corporates Face Significant Refinancing Risk In Extremely Difficult Market Conditions," March 31, 2009). Our study of corporate and bank balance sheets indicates that the bank loan and debt capital markets will need to finance an estimated $43 trillion to $46 trillion wall of corporate borrowings between 2012 and 2016 in the U.S., the eurozone, the U.K., China, and Japan (including both rated and unrated debt, and excluding securitized loans). (Read More)

Is this what Snagged J.P. Morgan costing them 2 plus billion?

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May 6, 2012 – The White Hats Report #41

Truth That Dared To Speak Its Name

Is this what Snagged J.P. Morgan costing them 2 plus billion? In this first link it talks about J.P Morgan’s Involvement in the Counterfeiting of Bonds

May 6, 2012 – The White Hats Report #41

Truth That Dared To Speak Its Name

On the 16th of February, 2012, in the House of Lords, one courageous man, akin to Churchill attempting alone to warn of the Nazis threat to peace, Lord James of Blackheath, showed the vision, integrity, and fortitude to stand up, be counted, and expose to the House of Lords, the stark evidence of Global Fraud, which he so eloquently stated “there may have been a massive piece of money-laundering committed by a major Government who should know better.”   Also, in his words, “a major American department has an agency which has gone rogue.”  This is a scam of major size and a key to the recovery of the money needed to immediately boost America’s economy, stabilize the EU and fund the Global Settlements.

Lord David James of Blackheath

Lord James invited The House of Lords to assess the implications of his concerns and requested a full inquiry.  While MI6 played around the edges, focused Treasury minds have still not commenced with the thorough investigation needed, nor has the UK Treasury or Foreign Office stood-up and sought to establish the truth.  Lord Sassoon missed the whole point by passing it off with a presumption that, if the Gold claimed was bogus, it was just a scam from Wilfredo Saurin.  He purposely overlooked the real issue; money raised against gold that does not exist is fraudulent.  Sassoon should know that grandstanding can make or break careers. 

The consequences of what Noble Lord James was seeking to expose are far reaching.  He was offering a key to the Pandora’s Box of the uncontrolled Cabal and corrupt US agency, with activities carried out not in the interests of Sovereign protection, but for the usurping interests of corrupt banking, political and agency greed.  The extent of the fraud may be too great for State Agency staff to understand, as Sassoon has shown by failing to look into it, so perhaps someone needs to help them all understand our real dangers and risks.  This may help a significant group of international leaders and governments to finally grasp what has been and still is happening.   What follows will expand consciousness of this very nasty reality to focus on the key issues and to assist prosecution.

The “agency” Lord James previously raised concerns about in the House of Lords, which he prudently referred to as Foundation X, is in fact the Pureheart Investment operation run by General Lorin William Rossier and assisted by dubious Chief Attorney Marlon McCall.  This “agency” is claimed by McCall to be a subsidiary of Homeland Security, a fact supported by the UN and Homeland codes interjected into their SWIFT transfers for the identified 15 Trillion USD raised by FRAUD, with no Congressional awareness, oversight or permission.   Why is the US Congress not getting this?  15T USD was heisted on YOUR watch Congressman Issa!  Where is our Standards Committee now? 

Lord James had originally been approached by Marlon McCall, in turn linked with Sandip Goyal and the notorious Asian Con Man Wilfredo Saurin, with dual intent.

Wilfredo Saurin

On one hand, they were seeking to offer a too-good-to-be-true 6 billion pounds loan to Her Majesty’s Government, which they had on deposit at HSBC.  They also sought Lord James’ assistance to get HSBC and others to acknowledge the 15T USD, which had been wired previously by JP Morgan, on behalf of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, via HSBC, for further credit to the Royal Bank of Scotland, for the Pureheart account, now sequestrated by rogue RBS bankers.  Poetic justice prevails, as scammers got scammed by the Bankers.

The LWR, GOT S.A., and Pureheart Investments, appears to be a vehicle operated in conjunction with the US Fed, Treasury, and selective US Agencies, with even UN complicity as shown by the attached SWIFTS.  All these entities were cross-compromised by McCall having spent eight weeks in the hospital, preventing the Agency from playing its full role in the US Debt ceiling crisis in August 2011, where the 15T USD debt shortfall was miraculously solved out of thin air utilizing this fraudulent operation. 

Pureheart is an unregulated and covert operation of the US Government, with possible links to the Revenue Sustainability Fund (RSF), which funds should have been utilized by the Fed /Treasury to prepare the way for the imminent Global Settlements, which continue to be blocked by the self-interests of the Rothschild’s, Bush’s, and the Heritage Funds.  These funds, once released, would help prepare the way for the critical and necessary re alignment of all major global trading currencies, but most importantly, the consolidation of substantial sovereign debts owed. The world’s biggest problem is lack of economic stability, which we can begin to solve by taking this money and paying the Settlements.

In some areas the RSF has been using Pureheart for several years as a means of clandestinely distributing large volumes of dollars into sovereign economies as a means of maintaining the image of stability. However, this has been a double edged sword, which will be addressed later.

What took place was, in effect, a massive money laundering scheme. The US Treasury had run dry, so they defrauded the global monetary system by illegally creating additional money, which was subsequently stolen.  WE NEED TO DEMAND THIS MONEY BACK AND PAY THE GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS.  There is enough incriminating evidence to hold them all accountable.  The scale of collusion defies belief, yet it happened and still continues.  Congress and the House of Lords need to establish a Joint Task Force to immediately recover this money, and in one swift action, rebalance the world’s economies.

Pureheart functions with no direct oversight and with investigating parties being told “hands off” by key Central Banks, the Treasury, and by major intel agencies.  In an operation created by Pureheart, utilizing the notorious Wilfredo Saurin, the well-known international fraudster; a scam was set up to wire a total of 15T USD in three separate tranches of five trillion dollar SWIFT transfers from the Federal Reserve to the account of LWR, GOT S.A., Pureheart Investment to HSBC London, for further credit to Royal Bank of Scotland Global Plc.  The attached SWIFT transfers and confirmations reveal the smoking gun, including the SWIFT regarding the bogus gold.  This was a very sophisticated cross-agency and bank criminal operation known and colluded to at the highest level.  All the money can be traced.

§  On the 20th of April 2009, the first tranche of five trillion dollars was wired using USD SWIFT transfer N: 400930153. The onward transfer from RBS to RBS Group used SWIFT transfer No: 8163708748 with confirmatory tracking and onward SEQUE 851962 at 4.53pm.

§  On the 27th of April 2009, the second tranche of five trillion dollars was made USD SWIFT Transfer No 4319901756. Confirmatory tracking SEQUE 924573 at 1.28pm.

§  On the 4th of May 2009, the third tranche of five trillion USD SWIFT Transfer No 1186308258. Confirmatory tracking and onward SEQUE 259043 at 2.14pm

§  On the 11th of May 2009, a 50 billion Euro transfer was made by SWIFT Transfer No: 4027105584.  Confirmatory tracking and transfer SEQUE 275903 at 2.25pm. (This was later to be pursued for release from HSBC by no other than the Fed Chairman himself coming out of the woodwork.) (Read More)

The White Hats Strike Back.... in this video it talks about the Counterfeiting of Bonds

Uploaded by WhiteHatsreport on Feb 26, 2012

The White Hats, a group of military, intelligence and civilian patriots have come together to fight and end financial corruption here in America and throughout the world. This video pays tribute to the cause with humor, but also shows some urgent information and explains the reasoning for this collaboration on truth, justice and The American way.

  British Lord fell for $15 trillion federal reserve scam

England’s House of Lords heard a stem-winding speech on Feb. 16 from a nobleman who claimed $15 trillion had been secretly transferred into British banks by a man he estimated was the world’s richest person.

No, not Mexican investor Carlos Slim Helu, whose wealth Forbes magazine estimates at $63.3 billion. This alleged money man, according to Lord David James of Blackheath, was worth trillions.

Yes, trillions.

Lord James told his colleagues that $15 trillion of the $36 trillion personally held by a Mr. Yohannes Riyadi wound up in the HSBC Bank ”for onward transit to the Royal Bank of Scotland.” He claimed the United States had been gradually stealing Riyadi’s money “for the specific purpose of helping to support the dollar.”

“Mr. Riyadi has sent me a remarkable document dated February 2006,” Lord James continued, “in which the American Government have called him to a meeting with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.” That meeting, he said, “was witnessed by Mr Alan Greenspan, who signed for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York of which he was chairman, as well as chairman of the real Federal Reserve in Washington. It is signed by Mr Timothy Geithner as a witness on behalf of the International Monetary Fund. The IMF sent two witnesses, the other being Mr Yusuke Horiguchi.”

“These gentlemen have signed as witnesses,” he continued, “to the effect that this deal is a proper deal. There are a lot of other signatures on the document. I do not have a photocopy; I have an original version of the contract.

“Under the contract, the American Treasury has apparently got the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to offer to buy out the bonds issued to Mr Riyadi to replace the cash which has been taken from him over the previous 10 years. It is giving him $500 million as a cash payment to buy out worthless bonds. That is all in the agreement and it is very remarkable.” (Read more)

Next Leg Of The Ponzi Revealed - Foreign Central Banks To Begin Buying US Stocks Outright Starting Today

We were speechless when we read this from Bloomberg.

The Bank of Israel will begin today a pilot program to invest a portion of its foreign currency reserves in U.S. equities.

The investment, which in the initial phase will amount to 2 percent of the $77 billion reserves, or about $1.5 billion, will be made through UBS AG and BlackRock Inc. (BLK), Bank of Israel spokesman Yossi Saadon said in a telephone interview today. At a later stage, the investment is expected to increase to 10 percent of the reserves.

A small number of central banks have started investing part of their reserves in equities. About 9 percent of the foreign- exchange reserves of Switzerland’s central bank were invested in shares at the end of the third quarter, the Swiss bank said on its website.

The investment will be made in equity index trackers and will include between 1,500 to 2,000 shares, among them stocks like Apple Inc. (AAPL), Saadon said.

More from Globes:

The Bank of Israel today began investing a small part of its $77 billion in foreign currency reserves in US stocks. The central bank's latest Markets Division report states that the new Bank of Israel Law (5770-2010) allows the Bank of Israel to make equity investments, and that it began to do so today.

The Bank of Israel will invest $1-1.5 billion in US stocks, 2% of its portfolio. The report adds that the Bank of Israel has been investing in public bodies in developed countries since 2010.

The Bank of Israel said that the investments in US stocks would be made through UBS AG (NYSE; SWX: UBS) and BlackRock Inc. (NYSE: BLK) The Bank of Israel's Markets Division, which specializes in bond investments, will not be handling the equity investments. It added that the traders will have very limited discretion, and that they may only quote leading indices, in order to reduce the risk.

"We have almost no exposure to countries with big problems. We constantly examine where we invest the foreign currency reserves, and I can promise you that you can relax," Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Stanley Fischer said at a closed conference in mid-January.

"The Bank of Israel does not disclose the currency composition of its portfolio, especially not the composition of its equity portfolio," says the Bank of Israel. At the January conference, Fischer said, "Imagine if we were to begin publishing where you invest, so when you stop buying the bonds of a particular country, and this is published, we'll get complaints. That is why we do not publish." He added, "We have an external committee that conducts the examinations. You can assume that we're aware to the fact that there are problems in certain countries."

In other words, while the Fed's charter forbids it from buying US equities outright, it certainly can promise that it will bail out such bosom friends as the Bank of Israel, the Swiss National Bank, and soon everyone else, if and when their investment in Apple should sour.

Luckily, this means that the exponential phase in risk is approaching as everyone will now scramble to frontrun central bank purchases no longer in bonds, but in stocks outright, leading to epic surges in everything risk related, then collapse and force the Fed to print tens of trillions to bail everyone out all over again, rinse repeat, until this chart becomes asymptotic. We say luckily, because it means that the long overdue systemic reset is finally approaching. (Read More)

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Hidden financial system

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