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18 Venn diagrams showing how corrupted American ‘democracy’ really is

Tony Newbill sent a link to a story that is about government corruption and the players of private organizations that have entered government. You will see a connection between government and the Leftist agenda of people that represents everything from corporations to lobbyists.

The author of the article places 18 double circle charts demonstrating his point at the beginning of his article. In my opinion this causes a loss of interest after you get to the 3rd or 4th chart. So I am cross posting the article and following with charts that drive home the point of government corruption.

JRH 5/12/12

18 Venn diagrams showing how corrupted American ‘democracy’ really is
April 18, 2012.

This phenomenal series of Venn diagrams shows in painstaking detail just how corrupted our political system in the United States has become.

When I look at the the connections of Goldman Sachs, it makes me wonder how anyone thought that people actually had the brazenness to claim that those pointing out the revolving door between Wall Street and Washington conspiracy theorists.

Thankfully, as is often the case, the so-called “Government Sachs” conspiracy theorists were right all along, and when it is laid out as it is above it makes it obvious why this is the case.

These are perfect visual representations of how what should be our government has become a government that serves corporate interests to the detriment of the American people.

Take the White House’s move to block the release of a Monsanto-linked lobbyist’s e-mail, for instance. This is hardly shocking when one considers the numerous connections the global corporation enjoys on Capitol Hill shown above.

Even when the products they are hawking are linked to birth defects and necrosis, these individuals seem to have no problem with actively circumventing everything democracy is supposed to be in order to pursue their corporate interests.

Just like the thoroughly reprehensible activities of the war profiteers who knowingly profit off of death, destruction and suffering, those who lobby for corporations like Monsanto are actively contributing to the problems of the many for the benefit of the few.

It’s truly disturbing to see all of this laid out in such an easily comprehensible manner, especially when one observes the high level positions many of these individuals either once held or currently hold.

Of course, this is only a small portion of the individuals involved in the widespread corporatist corruption that has infected so much of the United States.

There are countless connections to be explored and exposed, especially those which are thrown right in our faces, as is the case with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Corporatism, which can also be called crony capitalism, is, in my opinion, one of the most dangerous forces at work in the United States and the world.

It works to turn governments against the people they are supposed to be working for while not only reducing the standard of living for those who aren’t manipulating the system but also destroying the environment for future generations.

The following clip from last year shows Chris Hedges breaking down exactly how destructive corporatism is in America today on RT’s the Alyona Show:

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Govt Corruption - Goldman Sachs

Govt Corruption - Monsanto

Govt Corruption - GE

Govt Corruption - Pharmaceuticles

Govt Corruption - Big Oil

Govt Corruption - Media

Govt Corruption - Comcast

Dem Connection - Keystone Pipeline

Govt Corruption - Enron

Govt Corruption - Defense Contractors

Govt Corruption - Green Energy

Govt Corruption - Fannie Mae

Govt Corruption - Disney

Govt Corruption - AFL-CIO

Govt Corruption - Planned Parenthood

Govt Corruption - Social Networking Sites

Govt Corruption - Big Tobacco

Govt Corruption - Motion Pict. Assn of Amer.

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