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Support Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in Wisconsin’s Recall Election

Rebecca Kleefisch 3 Lt Guv (R-WI)
John R. Houk
© May 22, 2012

On June 5, 2012 Wisconsin is running a Recall Election for incumbents Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. If that Recall Election was held one day later on the sixth an appropriate term for Republicans could be D-Day in Wisconsin. Instead of the Allies invading Normandy on June 6, 1944 to retake Nazi occupied land, the Republicans can storm the polling booths to support the successful changes that Walker and Kleefisch have accomplished in Wisconsin by scaring the daylights out of Wisconsin Leftists and Wisconsin Union thugs. Alas the Election Day for Walker and Kleefisch supporters is a day earlier than historical D-Day. The imagery is still valid nonetheless. You Wisconsin voters, if you wish to see Wisconsin to keep going the road of attracting more businesses and the reduction of the State Budget to turn a deficit to a surplus, then you really need to vote for Walker and Kleefisch.

I have been following the Tea Party Express support of Governor Walker for some time. Now here we are at the last minute in terms of the election process and the Tea Party Express is beginning to throw their weight of support behind Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch as well. That means money is needed to counteract the money of the Left Wing Dems and the thuggish Unions that are more concerned about holding onto a power structure than the future of Wisconsin.

By now I am guessing most Wisconsins have a handle on who to support and to where their campaign money is going. So those Conservatives residing outside of Wisconsin need to understand that a GOP win for the Governor and Lt. Governor will go a long way toward taking a chunk out of the Obama Leftist-Socialist agenda to transform America away from a Free Market Christian Moral oriented goal.

So it is time to not only give to Governor Walker but also to Lt. Governor Kleefisch either directly to their campaigns or indirectly to organization like the Tea Party Express (TPX is one of many of Tea Party organizations that recognize that money is need to offset the Dem-Union propaganda campaign).

Check out just how articulate Rebecca Kleefisch is in expressing Tea Party principles and the real successes of Walker/Kleefisch in Wisconsin – posted 4/16/12. This gal will go further than just Lt. Governor in her future:

Below is the Tea Party Express email drumming up support for Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and a local Wisconsin story about the Tea Party Express endorsement. Be sure to check them out.

JRH 5/22/12

URGENT: She needs Tea Party help in Wisconsin

Sent by Tea Party Express
Sent: May 22, 2012 at 8:07 AM

Someone else needs Tea Party support in Wisconsin and we are there to help - will you join us?

We have been telling you for month about the importance of defeating the union and liberal left led Recall against Gov. Walker, but there is someone else that needs our support that is facing a Recall of her own.

Rebecca Kleefisch at TPX Endorsement

Gov. Walker's Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch is facing a Recall of her own, that is independent of Gov. Walker's, that is being funded by the unions and the liberal left and with the election only 14 DAYS away, she needs Tea Party support to survive.

Although she doesn't always see the front-page headlines that Gov. Walker sees, her Recall election is very important to the Tea party cause.  Lt. Gov Kleefisch is one of the bright rising stars in a group of strong conservative women that we support (if you watch the video of the press conference, I am sure that you will agree). In addition, if Gov. Walker survives his Recall, but Lt. Governor Kleefisch does not, it will make Gov. Walker's job very difficult.

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch deserves our full support as she has been a champion of Gov. Walker's reforms and stalwart supporter of Tea Party values every step of the way.

That is why the Tea Party Express has been fighting for Lt. Gov. Kleefisch and our chairman Amy Kremer was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin yesterday to voice our steadfast support for her and her battle against the unions and liberal left.

Amy Kremer giving TPX Kleefisch Endorsement

Lt. Gov. Kleefisch summed it up perfectly yesterday when she said:

"I wanted to make sure that folks understand how grateful I am for the endorsement and that I stand shoulder to shoulder with those who seek to preserve the liberties and freedoms that we have in this country, but also understand that our Governor needs his best partner on the Lt. Governor's office."

Wisconsin Eye Video of Lt. Gov. Kleefisch showing appreciation of TPX support [SlantRight Editor: Clicking the link will take you to a page asking you to agree not to copy or download video contact, then you will see the video.]

We need your immediate support to stand up to the liberal left and union bosses and to make sure that our Defend Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Kleefisch Campaigns are as successful as last year's Tea Party Express campaigns to defend Republican Senators in their recalls and our campaign to elect Justice Prosser.

She is an strong conservative women that we must defend and needs our immediate support!  Donate $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or even more! Click here to contribute now!

As always, if you prefer, you may also make a contribution via mail, by sending a check to:

Tea Party Express
8795 Folsom Boulevard, Suite 103
Sacramento, CA 95826-3720

Paid for and authorized by the Our Country Deserves Better PAC/, a federal political action committee, which is responsible for the content of this message. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions are not tax detectable for tax purposes. 
Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch Thankful for Tea Party Express' Endorsement

May 21, 2012

The lieutenant governor, who faces a recall election in about two weeks, stood shoulder to shoulder with Amy Kremer, Chairman of the Tea Party Express, at a press conference Monday, May 21.

The national Tea Party Express has been a prominent player on the Wisconsin recall scene for nearly a year, and on Monday, it promised to remain one until Election Day.

In a joint press conference in Milwaukee, Amy Kremer, chairman of the Tea Party Express, publicly endorsed Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, who is facing a challenge from Democrat Mahlon Mitchell in the June 5 recall election.

“I want people around the country to know the accomplishments of the lieutenant governor and how she has been a strong conservative supporter for Governor (Scott) Walker and stood behind him,” Kremer said, as Kleefisch stood by her side. “They have been working hand in hand to make sure (good) things happen for the citizens of Wisconsin.”

Kremer said the Tea Party Express will be in Wisconsin on June 1 for a bus tour through the state. She said it is not uncommon for the group, the largest and one of the most prominent tea party organizations in the nation, to endorse candidates at a federal level, but said Wisconsin is a special case.

“This is, we believe, ground zero heading into going into November’s general election,” Kremer said. “People across the country are paying attention … We’ve been focused on what’s happening here.”

Tea party groups nationwide have been involved with the Wisconsin recalls for some time. In January, Wisconsin Grandsons of Liberty and We The People of the Republic recruited nearly 10,000 volunteers to scour over signed recall petitions to scrutinize the validity of signatures.

Another tea party group, The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, has been sending out emails regularly in an effort to raise money to help fight the Walker recall.

And last August, when six Republican state senators faced recall opposition, the Tea Party Express held several rallies around the state. At a Thiensville rally in the 8th Senate District, where incumbent Sen. Alberta Darling was being challenged by Democratic state Rep. Sandy Pasch, several hundred supporters came out, though Darling herself did not make an appearance.

Kleefisch, however, eagerly accepted the endorsement from Kremer and the tea party with a little more than two weeks before the election. She said she spoke at her first tea party event four years ago, believes in the movement and continues to support the tea party’s direction and beliefs.

“I wanted to make sure people understand how grateful I am for this endorsement and recognition, not just that I stand shoulder to shoulder with those who seek to preserve the liberties and freedoms that we have in this country but also those who understand that our governor needs his best partner in the lieutenant governor’s office,” Kleefisch said.

Kleefisch said as lieutenant governor she has served the role of jobs ambassador, leading several small business roundtable discussions on how to improve the business atmosphere in the state. She said she has approached out-of-state businesses about coming to Wisconsin, and has spent time working on improving workforce development and matching up unemployed workers with open jobs.

The Tea Party Express’ endorsement was met with criticism from Mitchell’s camp, where Kleefisch was accused of relying on “out-of-state right-wing radicals.”

“I am proud to have the support of police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, electricians, and other middle class men and women throughout Wisconsin,” Mitchell said in a news release. “We need to bring Wisconsin back together. Middle class families cannot afford the Walker-Kleefisch Tea Party agenda that is dividing our state.”

Kremer said Kleefisch needs the support and help from “people across the country and people in Wisconsin,” and that the recalls are frivolous and a waste of taxpayers’ money. She said Kleefisch and Walker should be lauded, not recalled.

“Washington and Wisconsin are very similar, except that Wisconsin is on the right path and Washington is on the wrong path. We actually think Washington could take a lot of lessons from Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch and Governor Walker," Kremer said.

"When you look at what’s going on in Washington, where the Senate had not passed a budget in over three years and the only answer is to tax and spend and tax and spend and tax and spend some more, it doesn’t work," she added. "You compare that to what happened here in Wisconsin when the governor and lieutenant governor took office, a budget was passed right away and they closed that $3.6 billion deficit.”
Support Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch in Wisconsin’s Recall Election
John R. Houk
© May 22, 2012
URGENT: She needs Tea Party help in Wisconsin

TPX – History

Our Country Deserves Better – Tea Party Express is considered the largest and most successful political action committee within the Tea Party movement. Tea Party Express began as Our Country Deserves Better Committee, which began its rise to prominence during the 2008 election cycle when John McCain tapped Sarah Palin as his vice president pick. OCDB aired hundreds of thousands of dollars in television advertisements for Governor Palin, including a “Thank You Sarah Palin” ad campaign to help promote her conservative voice in America.

The enthusiasm for the Tea Party movement became obvious to the OCDB team when supporters not only funded the “Thank You Sarah Palin” campaign, but also voiced their desire to keep the organization active by opposing Barack Obama’s radical policies. A poll was commissioned asking supporters if OCDB should take the fight to Obama, and an overwhelming 97% of respondents replied with a “yes.” (READ MORE)
Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch Thankful for Tea Party Express' Endorsement

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