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Obama, Israel and Attacking Iran Nukes

Ahmadinejad shaking hands with BHO - Nuke Explosian
John R. Houk
© May 19, 2012

Danny Jeffrey sent me the Reuters link in which the theme was America is ready for a military strike on Iran because of the WMD potential of uranium enrichment that is ongoing.

Now Danny has written an awesome essay that shines a light on President Barack Hussein Obama’s choices and agenda toward a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Just to get you started in the thinking realm. Does anyone really think Obama had any intention of using the military option on Iran after fairly definitive proof is unfolding of Iran’s agenda to make nuclear warheads? Danny suggests that Obama did not have a military intention in his bones; however it is also becoming clearer that Western nations and a few Arab nations are leery of a nuclear armed Iran and might look the other way if Israel sends their own attack force against Iranian nuclear facilities.

If Obama condemned such an action by Israel when proof is unfolding of Iran’s nefarious nuke agenda prior to Election Day 2012, there probably would political repercussions for Obama to face. Or perhaps Obama throws Israel under the bus after Israel takes an existential military move against Iran which undoubted will be followed by Hezbollah and Hamas and even maybe the Palestinian Authority (PA) attacking Israel in concert with an Iranian counter-attack.

Even after the anti-Israel propaganda from American-Leftists and Pro-Palestinian apologists there is still a lot of love for Israel in this nation. If Obama uses his butt to sit on his hands as a massive counter-attack takes place, Obama will lose reelection handily.

Obama is no political dummy, but he is politically evil in his transformation agenda for America. I think Obama will attempt to use a stall tactic learned from Iran to publicly get Iran to join further nuclear negotiations with a public rebuke of or else in a military response. If Iran is geopolitically savvy enough to take the Obama stall bait, it will allow Obama to push Israel further under the bus. However, if Prime Minister Netanyahu is geopolitically savvy enough he will abandon any Obama stall nuke negotiations with Iran and take the opportunity to force Obama to support Israel for political survival in the White House.

Now this is a good point for me to enlist you into Danny Jeffrey’s thoughts on a military strike on Iran and Obama’s agenda in such a strike. But before you go there read Jeffrey’s blog post “NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN...STILL HAUNTING THE HOPEFUL”. That post is about public wishful thinking versus preparation for the political stark reality. Then read Jeffrey’s “THE STRIKE ON IRAN AND ITS REPERCUSSIONS”.

JRH 5/19/12

By Danny Jeffrey
May 18, 2012

The entire world waits on pins and needles, or perhaps a more appropriate description would be a ticking time bomb, for the anticipated strike to disable Iran's nuclear capabilities. How many nations will be involved remains to be seen. Israel most assuredly will take the lead and if necessary will act alone, but one way or the other it must be done, and done before our 2012 Presidential election. Perhaps the most important question in everyone's mind is what will be Obama's role in the whole scenario?

The Commander in Chief has a long history of offending our most important ally in the Middle East while financially and militarily aiding all of that tiny nation's enemies. His loyalty to the nations of Islam and his contempt for the Jewish state is unquestioned by any who remain abreast of current events. Netanyahu was summarily snubbed by Hussein Obama at the White House in March of 2010. Later in May of 2011 Obama put his foot in his mouth as he said that Israel must return to the 1967 borders and surrender territory to Islam, making Israel totally indefensible.

The great difference between Obama and Netanyahu is that Obama is a second rate corrupt politician, while Netanyahu is an accomplished soldier and a dedicated statesman. In front of Obama and the world Netanyahu stated and explained why Israel could not and would not give into pressure and sacrifice the future of Israel, leaving a shaken Obama to eat his own words. Later, fully comprehending Obama's attitude, Israeli officials announced that when an attack was planned, Obama would be
left out of the loop for fear of his alerting the government of Iran, and costing lives of Israeli pilots.

In the past I have written several essays about a plan of Obama and his Progressive puppet masters for the downfall of Israel and our part in its demise, and it would be initiated by an attack by Israel on Iran and then a subsequent attack on Israel by Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Palestinians. (those essays are at the end of this article) The ideal timing for the implementation of that scenario would be after Obama is reelected in November of 2012, , but now the pot begins to boil prematurely, and for political reasons Obama and his puppet master may be forced to adjust their plan.

Now the news is that "The U.S. Is 
Fully Available
 And Ready For A Military Strike On Iran." Of course they are! Attack scenarios in the Pentagon have been going on for years preparing for just such an event. The only question is the whole thing goes back to what our so called Commander in Chief will do. He would much rather launch an assault on Tel Aviv than the Iranian nuclear sites, but political pressures don't always allow him a total free hand in such an issue.

Surely Obama wishes that the whole Iran problem would just go away, but wishing doesn't make it happen. The problem is real, it is imminent, and it must be dealt with before his chosen window of execution. Obama, somewhat more contrite than when he snubbed Netanyahu in the White House has recently requested that Israel wait until after November to act. Israel is not going to wait, thus forcing Obama's hand. If he joins Israel in the assault he will lose voters from his far left base and make gains from the more moderate and the right. It is all a balancing act,  and he will still have months to placate his socialist and green friends before election day.

The biggest part of the political skulduggery would be supporting Israel while they attack Iran's nuclear sites and the promptly turning around and supporting terrorists as they attack Israel, but it could be done. Obama is an outstanding orator as long as his teleprompter is working and he does have some excellent speechwriters who are quite adept in the fine art of double think. They would be able to make both ventures sound humanitarian and allow the usurper to portray himself as a hero of the underdog even as he aids in the attempted conquest of Israel.

For those familiar with my predictions of Israel's near future, the above paragraph needs no explanation. For all others, the details are spelled out in the recommended reading links following this essay. Everything falls into place once you understand the Soros doctrine Responsibility To Protect (R2P).

Hezbollah is Iran's proxy army and they are not only well trained and dedicated, they are also very well armed. They have a bare minimum of 60,000 rockets aimed at Israel, many with far greater range than anything that Israel has ever been subjected to. Some of those rockets can now reach every city in the nation of Israel, and may well be equipped with chemical or biological warheads. Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are also well supplied for an extended attack on the Jewish state. It stands to reason that as soon as Iran is attacked, so too will be Israel, on multiple fronts. The people of Israel have long been preparing for the inevitable assault on their homeland and are well aware that their casualties will be heavy. Their first line of defense is the Israeli Air Force, and for the Islamist assault to be successful the Israeli pilots must be rendered ineffective. That is where R2P comes into play.

Recently we have learned that our military does not answer to Congress, as stipulated in the Constitution, but to
international concerns. It was the UN that ordered NATO pilots into action against Qaddafi's military, to protect "innocent civilians", under the guise of R2P, thus allowing Al Qaeda to overrun a sovereign nation. That was no more than a precedent, to later be called upon in the attack against Israel. This is why Obama tried to get Netanyahu to delay the Iran initiative until after November when Obama would be confident that none could oppose him. The Israel High Command is well aware of the danger presented by R2P and know they cannot allow Obama to employ his time table to their detriment.

Now Israel is calling the ball and leaving it up to Obama to aid in disabling Iran nuclear capabilities and appearing to be a bold Commander in Chief or standing idly by as they take on the difficult role alone while he plays golf and campaigns.

Exactly how the people of the Arab nations will react is hard to anticipate. Israel has implied that there will be other nations assisting them. Saudi Arabia may well be on that list as they too fear Iran's nuclear ambitions and don't wish to enter a nuclear arms race. Turkey, China, and Russia will most assuredly protest the assault. Syria may well decide to enter the fray banking on the Syrians hating Israel more than they fear their own government. Should Egypt decide the time is right to destroy Israel they have but to cross the Sinai. The UN as a whole will condemn Israel as an aggressor nation and will support Hezbollah and associates in their endless barrage on Jewish cities. We may as well expect a disruption in the flow of oil and a vast increase in the price of gasoline and so when it begins go immediately and fill up your gas tank before the prices jumps occur.

A final thought...If Obama and the UN are foolish enough to try implementing R2P on Israel there will be hell to pay. That Soros doctrine is designed to create a no fly zone in support of Hezbollah and if Israel gives in that will be the end of their nation. They will not give in, and the pilots of Israel will not stand down. If necessary, in the defense of their homeland, they will meet our airmen and the airmen of other nations in aerial combat, and it will be costly for both sides as Israel has some of the finest fighter pilots in the world.

No good news can come out of the Middle East. We can only hope that the bad news is not as bad as we expect it to be.
Recommended reading
Obama, Israel and Attacking Iran Nukes
John R. Houk
© May 19, 2012

About Danny Jeffrey:

I'm sixty seven and since Ronald Reagan left office I have watched my country slowly deteriorate as freedoms are lost and the value of our currency dwindles. This has been a slow but steady decline until Barrack Obama entered the White House. I will not refer to this man as President. That is a job that deserves respect and he has earned none at all. I am convinced that were it not for the Tea Party stirring up the public we would now be living under a total dictatorship. He seeks only power and has no loyalty at all to the United States, and as long as he is in office I shall write to any who will read and speak of what he is and what he is doing to this country.

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