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Newbill: BHO and Socialist/Eco-Marxist Agenda 2012

Soros Watering His Garden
Emails sent: 5/21/12 to 5/22/12

The theme of these emails is a mixture of Barack Obama, Socialism and Eco-Marxism.


JRH 5/26/12
The Obama Party of Hope in 4 years became the Party of EPA Nope .......

By Tony Newbill
Sent: 5/21/2012 7:58 AM

They became a Party that says NOPE to anything Business related because of the Earth being more Important than mankind.

They said NOPE to all the resource development that gives Humans a Quality of Life above the standard Caveman approach.

They said NOPE to the Hope that we the people were better off supplying our own needs rather than a Government Mandated rationed Life style and Proved it with the Forced Passage of Obamacare.

They said NOPE you can't build your dream home, your dream business , your dream life style because its Killing the Earth.

So basically they are saying NOPE to your LIFE, instead of Hope for all of mankind . How can Peace come from this kind of Leadership???

It’s time for a New HOPE approach to how we find solutions to what a Sustainable Future looks like.
Young Obama "Communist Revolution Inevitable"

Sent by Tony Newbill
By Steve Cooper
Sent: 5/21/2012 8:33 AM
Posted: 5/21/2012 7:56:08 AM

I was watching a video of Dr. Drew giving a speech about his first meeting with a young Obama at Occidental College. It is chilling that the media is hiding the fact that Obama stated to Drew that "A Communist revolution in the USA is inevitable".

Obama is painted by the Elitist controlled media as a 'moderate', because they are part of the Communist deception to keep the American people in the dark about the coming dictatorship. We are living in dangerous time of lies and deception. Why do you think super wealthy people are throwing cash at Obama? They want to give him absolute power and then be on his "A list" for generously donating to the Marxist cause.

The 'super rich far left' are growing restless with 'Obama the Moderate', because they didn't donate their money with the purpose to fund a 'moderate'. They donated their money with the purpose to fund a Marxist revolutionary that will give the Elite more status and smash the rest of us. These people are power hungry and greedy.

Raising the status of the poor is too expensive and it is NOT going to happen. It is much easier to smash the middle and upper middle class until they are almost equal to the poor people in society. After all, the Elite want to pay lower wages since they always brag about the "Chinese Economic Model' in the NY Times.  The unions have a hard lesson coming. 

Dr Drew brought up an excellent point during his speech when he mentioned that "Communist revolutions only take place in countries that have a 'weak' middle class". Well folks, they are working on that as we speak. It sickens me to write this.

Please check out these two articles by Dr. Drew 

Meeting Young Obama

My first meeting with young Barack Obama raised strong feelings and left me with a positive first impression.  At the time, I felt I'd persuaded a young man anticipating a Marxist-Leninist revolution to appreciate the more practical alternative of conventional politics as a channel for his socialist views. 

I met Obama in December of 1980, a couple of days after Christmas, in Portola Valley -- a small town near Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA.  I was a 23 year old second-year graduate student in Cornell's Government Department, and had flown to California to visit a 21 year old girlfriend, Caroline Boss.  Boss was a senior at Occidental College, where she had taken a class in the fall of 1980 with political theorist Roger Boesche.  She met and befriended Obama in that class.

The taller of the two was Obama, then only 19, who towered over his five-foot-five companion, Mohammed Hasan Chandoo - a wealthy, 21 year old Pakistani student.  Chandoo had a full dark black, neatly trimmed moustache, and was dressed in expensive clothes.  Nevertheless, Obama was the more handsome of the two.  At six foot two, Obama carried himself with the dignity and poise of a model.  The diminutive Chandoo, in contrast, came across as more of a practical, businessman type.  Obama displayed a visible deference to Chandoo when they were standing together at the vehicle.

… Boss, I remember, wanted to make sure I understood that young Obama was not merely an attractive socialite dabbling in Marxist theory.  "You've worked with us," she observed. "You've been at our DSA meetings. You've been active in the anti-apartheid movement."

Boss and Obama, however, had a starkly different view. They believed that the economic stresses of the Carter years meant revolution was still imminent. The election of Reagan was simply a minor set-back in terms of the coming revolution.  As I recall, Obama repeatedly used the phrase "When the revolution comes...."  In my mind, I remember thinking that Obama was blindly sticking to the simple Marxist theory that had characterized my own views while I was an undergraduate at Occidental College.  "There's going to be a revolution," Obama said, "we need to be organized and grow the movement."  In Obama's view, our role must be to educate others so that we might usher in more quickly this inevitable revolution.

… Boss and Obama seemed to think their ideological purity was a persuasive argument in predicting that a coming revolution would end capitalism.  While I felt I was doing them a favor by providing them with the latest research, I saw I was in danger of being cast as a reactionary who did not grasp the nuances of international Marxist theory.

Since I was a Marxist myself at the time, and had studied variations in Marxist theory, I can state that everything I heard Obama argue that evening was consistent with Marxist philosophy, including the ideas that class struggle was leading to an inevitable revolution and that an elite group of revolutionaries was needed to lead the effort.  If he had not been a true Marxist-Leninist, I would have noticed and remembered.  I can still, with some degree of ideological precision, identify which students at Occidental College were radicals and which ones were not.  I can do the same thing for the Occidental College professors at that time.

Whatever impact our encounter might have had on him, I know something about what Barack Obama believed in 1980.  At that time, the future president was a doctrinaire Marxist revolutionary, although perhaps -- for the first time -- considering conventional politics as a more practical road to socialism.  Knowing this, I think I have a responsibility to place on the public record my account of this incident from our president's past. (SlantRight Editor: Excerpted from “Meeting Young Obama” by John Drew – Read Entirety)

What would you do if you knew that the top Democrat running for president was lying about his past?

That is the question I was faced with in 2008.  I had met the young Barack Obama while he was a sophomore at Occidental College, and I knew that his commitment to socialism was deep, genuine, and longstanding.  See my earlier article on American Thinker.

I had been a leader of the Marxist students at Occidental College myself, starting in 1976 when I founded the precursor of the Democrat Socialist Alliance on campus.  The young Obama I knew was a Marxist socialist who would have been quite comfortable with Communist party members like his Hawaii mentor Frank Marshall Davis, retired domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers, or active socialist politicians like Illinois State Senator Alice Palmer.

The Obama I knew was nothing like the lifelong pragmatic centrist that he was pretending to be in the 2008 presidential campaign.  When I talked politics with the young Obama, he expressed a profound commitment to bringing about a socialist economic system in the U.S. -- completely divorced from the profit motive -- which would occur, in his lifetime, through a potentially violent, Communist-style revolution.  In this context, I saw my report on young Obama as a key piece of evidence suggesting a profound continuity in his belief system.

Although I was surprised by Barack Obama's insistence on his mainstream ideological credentials, I was shocked that my attempts to spread the news about young Obama's Marxism failed to gain any media traction with reporters, activists, or campaign staffs during the 2008 presidential campaign. (Read more)

Dr. John Drew's Speech on Young Obama

Uploaded by mmunzing on Apr 21, 2011

Dr. John Drew ( speaks to the ladies at the Capistrano Valley Womens Republican Federated meeting, on April 20th, 2011, about his personal meetings with the young Barak Obama. John shares the Marxist & revolutionary beliefs that young Obama was advocating, in 1980, at the age of 19, and the continued Marxist relationships that he has maintained throughout his life. John also explains the importance of defeating Barak Obama in the 2012 election.

Follow John Drew on Twitter

John C. Drew, Ph.D. is an award-winning political scientist and a blogger at David Horowitz's
NewsReal Blog  Dr. Drew earned his Ph.D. from Cornell and has taught political science and economics at Williams College.  Today, Dr. Drew makes his living as an author, trainer, and consultant in the field of non-profit grant writing, fund raising and program evaluation.  To book Dr. Drew for your event, please go here
15 Facts That Even Obama's Biggest Supporters Should Be Able To Admit Are True

Sent by Tony Newbill
Sent: 5/21/2012 3:59 PM
By John Hawkins
Posted: May 18, 2012

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts." -- Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Conservatives and liberals may disagree on reasons, motivations, and excuses for Barack Obama's performance, but the facts are still facts. There may be many reasons that a pro football coach goes 1-15, but everyone can agree that his record is still 1-15, right? Well, here are some basic facts about how the country is faring with Barack Obama in the White House. Take a look at the numbers, sans commentary, and make your own judgment about whether Barack Obama deserves another term in office.

1) Real median household income is down $4300 since Obama took office.

2) The percentage of unemployed workers who've been out of a job for more than a year is over 30%.

3) The country has had the longest streak of +8% unemployment since the Depression under Obama: 39 months and counting.

4) In 2011 under Barack Obama, nearly one out of every seven Americans was on food stamps. That's a 70 percent increase from 2007.

5) Fifty percent of new college graduates are underemployed or unemployed.

6) U.S. home ownership is at a decade long low. So is the number of Americans who say their home is worth more than they paid for it. Home prices are the lowest they've been since 2002.

7) Barack Obama ended NASA's manned space program.

8) Going into this election cycle, Barack Obama had raised more money from Wall Street than any President in history. He has also raised more money from Wall Street than all of the GOP presidential contenders combined in this election cycle.

9) Under Barack Obama's leadership, the last time Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats passed a budget was April 9, 2009.

10) Barack Obama's budget was defeated 414-0 in the House and 99-0 in the Senate.

11) When he was running for President in 2008, Barack Obama pledged not to raise taxes on families making less than 250,000 dollars per year. He broke that promise with the tanning salon tax and with Obamacare, which raises almost 500 billion dollars in new taxes, a significant portion of which would be paid by people making less than 250,000 dollars per year.

12) When Barack Obama took office, gas was $1.95 per gallon. Today gas is $3.72 per gallon.

13) In February of this year, the federal government had a 229 billion dollar deficit. That was the largest deficit in the history of the United States.

14) America lost its AAA credit rating (which it had held since 1917) on Obama's watch despite the fact that Timothy Geithner publicly said there was "no risk" of that happening.

15) Barack Obama added more to the debt in just 38 months than George Bush did in two full terms as President.
How much do Americans know about Obama?

By Tony Newbill
Sent: 5/22/2012 8:56 AM

How much do Americans know about Obama? Is He really for a Free World when he gets advice from Henry Kissinger?

Michelle Fields: How much do Americans know about Obama?

Is Obama really for a Free World when he gets advice from Henry Kissinger?

As The Elite Fences Itself In, Kissinger Announces Order Out Of Chaos

In a recent statement Henry Kissinger admitted that social upheaval and mass civil unrest are to be used as a means of merging the US into an “international system”.

“The United States has to be part of an international system that we create domestically”, he told The Harvard Crimson in the beginning of this month. When asked what the most important problems are facing American society today, Kissinger answered:

“Internationally, the problem is that there are upheavals going on in every part of the world, but these upheavals don’t follow the same basic causes, and so the United States has to be part of an international system that we create domestically.”

What the old man is saying here ties neatly into statements he made in the past concerning the concept of seizing crises and upheavals, the causes of which may differ from nation to nation, in order to bring about an international order- thereby following the elite’s golden rule that order is best brought about by chaos. Furthermore, he provides us with a glimpse of the underlying intent he and his fellow-bilderbergers have in mind, stating in so many words that civil unrest- be it economically, politically or socially motivated- must be seized upon in order to merge nations into the desired “international system.” (Read More)
A New World Order | Obama - Kissinger | Charlie Rose

New Kissinger NWO : New World Order & Obama Worship

Kissinger is at the Whitehouse so the fact that he is advising the President is obvious

Obama, Hu toast 'strategic mutual trust' at state dinner

By Christina Wilkie
01/19/11 11:30 PM ET
The Hill

President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao toasted U.S. and Chinese collaboration and mutual interests on Wednesday night at a festive state dinner for 225 guests at the White House.

Their toasts marked the high point of an evening notable for its strict adherence to the protocol and symbolism valued in Chinese culture, but which, at the same time, managed to fulfill the Chinese delegation's request for a thoroughly American dinner party.

Speaking after Obama, Hu alluded more directly to bilateral discussions that have taken place over the past two days, noting through a translator that the U.S. and China had reached an "important agreement" earlier in the day to "increase contacts at the top … levels, strengthen strategic mutual trust … and step up communication and coordination on international and regional issues."

In a reference to some of the more contentious issues addressed during his visit, Hu said that both nations agreed that "we should respect each other’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and the development interests," and "properly handle differences and frictions."

The guest list represented a broad array of distinguished Chinese Americans, as well as statesmen, lawmakers, business leaders and key members of Obama's administration.

In addition to former Presidents Carter and Clinton, former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz were in attendance, as was actor Jackie Chan, cellist Yo-Yo Ma and designer Vera Wang. Also on the guest list were legendary performer Barbra Streisand; Vogue editor Anna Wintour; philanthropist Wendi Murdoch, the wife of News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R); House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.); and Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Dick Lugar (R-Ind.). Members of Obama's administration in attendance at the dinner included Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and newly appointed White House Chief of Staff William Daley.

Notably absent were Republican House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), all of whom declined to attend.

First lady Michelle Obama's choice of a red, one-shouldered gown was viewed by many as an homage to the symbolism of the color red in Chinese culture, as well as a nod to the late British designer Alexander McQueen, whose label designed it. (
Read Entirety)

Kissinger: Obama primed to create 'New World Order'

Conflicts across the globe and an international respect for Barack Obama have created the perfect setting for establishment of “a New World Order,” according to Henry Kissinger, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former secretary of state under President Nixon.

Kissinger has long been an integral figure in U.S. foreign policy, holding positions in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations. Author of over a dozen books on foreign policy, Kissinger was also named by President Bush as the chairman of the Sept. 11 investigatory commission.

Kissinger made the remark in an interview with CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” hosts Mark Haines and Erin Burnett at the New York Stock Exchange, after Burnett asked him what international conflict would define the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

“The president-elect is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously,” Kissinger responded. “You have India, Pakistan; you have the jihadist movement. So he can’t really say there is one problem, that it’s the most important one. But he can give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis.”

Kissinger’s comments are captured at roughly the two-minute mark of the following video:

Read this Kissinger statement - 

Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world. "Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States."

THEY PLANNED THIS 40 YEARS AGO ..........  Is Obama carrying out the Plan???
[SlantRight Editor: Below Newbill wonders if Obama is a next generation depopulation agenda kind-of-guy.]

So today we have our father time of Eugenics and you can bet he is here to see his Plan come to fruition with the prediction of the NSSM 200 study that is the basis for all we see going on today:

And they are still pushing the NSSM200 as recently as 2003 so you know this is Obama’s agenda as he is carrying the water for The CFR and TRILATERAL COMMISSION:

[SlantRight Editor: This is actually a criticism of the NSSM200]

On December 10, 1974, the United States National Security Council promulgated National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM-200), also called The Kissinger Report. This document explicitly laid out a detailed strategy by which the United States would aggressively promote population control in developing nations in order to regulate (or have better access to) the natural resources of these countries.

In order to protect U.S. commercial interests, NSSM-200 cited a number of factors that could interrupt the smooth flow of materials from lesser-developed countries, LDCs as it called them, to the United States, including a large population of anti-imperialist youth, who must, according to NSSM-200, be limited by population control. The document identified 13 nations by name that would be primary targets of U.S.-funded population control efforts.

According to NSSM-200, elements of the implementation of population control programs could include: a) the legalization of abortion; b) financial incentives for countries to increase their abortion, sterilization and contraception-use rates; c) indoctrination of children; and d) mandatory population control, and coercion of other forms, such as withholding disaster and food aid unless an LDC implements population control programs.

While the CIA and Departments of State and Defense have issued hundreds of papers on population control and national security, the U.S. government has never renounced NSSM-200, but has only amended certain portions of its policy. NSSM-200, therefore, remains the foundational document on population control issued by the United States government.

NSSM-200's strategies have resulted in regional population growth rates decelerating so fast that they are already causing severe economic and social problems in Europe, the former Soviet Union, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Many developing nations are now aging even more rapidly than the developed world, which foretells of even more severe problem for their relatively underdeveloped economies.

Over the past 40 years, there has been much disagreement over whether or not population control programs are necessary for those nations with the most rapidly growing populations. There can be no disagreement now, however, except among those organizations whose incomes depend upon it. The time for population control has come and gone. It is now necessary to plan ahead. We have successfully averted a "population explosion," and now we must work just as hard to avoid a "population implosion."

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the promulgation of NSSM-200, therefore, Human Life International calls on the Bush administration to repudiate this document, which advocates violating the most precious freedoms and autonomy of the individual through coercive family planning programs.

Governments do not belong in the business of telling families how many children they should or should not have. NSSM-200 represents the epitome of interference in this most intimate decision.

NSSM-200 does not emphasize the rights or welfare of individuals or of nations, just the "right" of the United States to have unfettered access to the natural resources of developing nations. Instead of the United States positioning itself to take advantage of the natural resources of other nations, it should be supporting and guiding authentic economic development that allows the people of each nation to use their resources for their own benefit, which would lead to an enhancement of human rights worldwide and healthier economies for all. (Read Entirety)

President Obama and the Environmentalist Marxist Revolutionaries

Sent by Tony Newbill
Sent: 5/22/2012 5:34 PM

President Obama and the Environmentalist Marxist revolutionaries have succeeded.

There Is No Recovery. Capitalism is about to die from the lack of growth and rate of consumption that drives  GDP!!!

There Is No Recovery

By Monty Pelerin’s World

John Williams of produces his own statistics based on government data. Most of what he does is merely adjust government data to make it consistent with prior methodology. He has a fascinating website which I encourage you to visit. His is a subscription service, but much information is available to non-subscribers.

Mr. Williams appeared at the Casey Research Recovery Reality Check where he presented information as to why there is no recovery. An interview with Mr. Williams is available here. If you want his thoughts on where we are and where we are headed, take a look. The charts may surprise you. Here, for example, is a chart of GDP:

Edited by John R. Houk

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