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Hector Aleem Update 5/19/12

Free Hector Aleem
John R. Houk
© May 19, 2012

I have found another Hector Aleem update. In case you have not been Hector’s story, he was arrested on trumped up charges of breaking Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws. Since Hector was a Christian Human Rights activist his Church advocacy annoyed some of the Mullahs or Clerics or whatever Islamic religious leaders are labeled in Pakistan. There was a very dangerous possibility a conviction would have resulted in Hector Aleem’s death sentence. Indeed Muslim mobs were calling for Hector’s death outside the courtroom intimidating the Muslim Judge.

Praise be to God Hector was acquitted of the Blasphemy charge that would have led to a death sentence; however other charges were brought against Hector. Legal stalling tactics resulted in more years of incarceration without a sentence.

All through the obvious persecution for Hector’s Christian faith his lawyer has been requiring fee payments to continue representation. Hector’s case is not a famous international case such as Iran’s death sentence for Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani for the accusation of leaving Islam to convert to Christianity. As far as I know Hector has had no large international organization picking up the slack for Hector’s legal fees. The Aleem family has been dependent on donations from a handful of supporters. To my knowledge these handful of supporters have been recruited on Social Networks like Facebook. Indeed, most of the updates and information I have acquired for Hector has come from the Facebook group known as Free Hector Aleem. Please go there and “Like” the group and perhaps use the PayPal button to donate to Hector’s legal fees.

In this latest update from Free Hector Aleem I get the impression that Hector’s legal problems may be nearing an end. Nothing is certain though in Iran when it comes to the Islamic Supremacism inherent in Pakistan society and the dhimmi class of Christians in Pakistan.

JRH 5/19/12
Hector’s Status
May 18, 2012 1:16 pm

Dear Friends,

The next hearing will be on 26th May, 2012, the lawyer says that this is the last stage of all five cases of Hector Aleem. He also says that Hector Aleem will be acquitted (released) from all cases because the complainants are not showing interest and are not appearing before the court for the proceeding. But he also said that Hector Aleem will not be acquitted (released) like that, there has to be a very final argument before the court and it does not matter if the applicants appear before the court or not. The lawyer is again asking for his fee for the final arguments, you have all helped us a lot before that and we have come down from many cases to just five cases which will be finished very soon. OR may be we have to go to the High Court for the bail so, it is a request to all of you to please contribute whatever you can to support Hector Aleem who is a Human Rights Activist in Pakistan whose only crime was that he spoke for the freedom of religion. If you believe in freedom of religion, then please support Hector Aleem. And those who cannot [help], please tell your friends and family members about the case and tell them to help us as much as possible.

Any kind of help will be appreciated.
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