Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Political Correctness Runs Amok in UK

John R. Houk
© December 9, 2009

The plague of being politically correct is the blight imposed on culture to sanitize concepts of multiculturalism or diversity. Being PC these days seems to be an attack on Christian Free Speech and Religious Freedom.

The PC assault on Christianity also seems to be strongest during the Christmas season. It could be the PC assault is more noticeable during Christmas because even nominal or secular minded Christians tend to have an awareness of the PC attack for even the MSM reports on such. The MSM reports tends to validate the humanist view which leads to a Leftist love affair with the contrived concept Separation of Church and State.

The implementation of the PC assault on Christianity often has its testing ground in Europe. Secular Humanism has nearly made the faith of Christianity an anachronism in Europe. Thus the concept of French egalitarianism has reinforced the Leftist view multicultural diversity. By extension then the morally corrupt alternate lifestyle of homosexuality or transgenderism has brainwashed a formerly Christian moral society into acceptance as normal.

The PC assault on Christianity unfortunately includes defining as hate speech anything of Biblical Morality that insults the Leftist warped concept of multiculturalism. In Europe calling homosexuality evil immorality could land you in jail or a hefty civil suit as hate speech.

Criminalizing or rendering politically incorrect the act of standing behind Christian tenets of faith can also get one in legal trouble by talking negatively about the theo-political death cult known as the religion of Islam.

The criminalizing of standing against alternate lifestyles or a religion that should be offensive to Christians and secularists alike usually has its beginning in Europe. Such is the case of hotel owners Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang of the United Kingdom.

The Vogelenzangs have been described as Christians. That is a rare breed in Europe today. It seems that most Europeans consider the Christian faith to be a politically incorrect anachronism of yesteryear.

What was the criminal hate crime the Vogelenzangs are accused of?

Let’s look at some possibilities Christians should be concerned about with Islam:

    · Islamic Supremacism: The belief that Islam is superior to all religions or cultural practices to the point of violent intolerance.

    · Women treated as chattel.

    · Islam treats multiculturalism as evil for it insults the supremacy of Allah and the deity’s prophet Mohammed. Hence in the Muslim world atheism, homosexuality, transgenderism et al can lead to a capital crime. In the non-Muslim world (e.g. the West) women can be targets of rape, women can be the recipients of an honor killing for offending the Muslim family, Muslim only zones exist in which Shariah Law is enforced which is counter Western principles Liberty, Freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

    · I could find more reasons to criticize Islam but time to look for specifics eludes me.

Specifically the Vogelenzangs are accused of the heinous crime of describing to a Muslim hotel guest that the hijab is female bondage and that Mohammed was a warlord.

If this kind of multicultural diversity comes to America, God have mercy on our soul and may the legacy of the Founding Fathers forgive us.

JRH 12/9/09

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