Monday, December 21, 2009

We Must Leave the UN

John R. Houk
© December 21, 2009

The concept behind the victors of WWII in creating the United Nations was to perpetuate the principles of Western democracy and the promotion of world peace. This followed a war in which the losers had a global agenda of racial Supremacism, State management based on the rule of man rather than the rule of law and extreme repression to keep the fabric of society tightly under the grip of the ruling elite.

Just before the Cold War went full scale, the Western powers tossed then Communist USSR a bone by including that repressive regime in the power design of the United Nations Security Council. The UN Security Council is the only apparatus within the UN that has any real teeth of enforcement in the world body. That enforcement is based on the five permanent members having an absolute veto which terminates any resolution or action debated by the Security Council.

The thing is the United Nations of the beginning does not look like the United Nations of the 21st century. The members of the UN’s early days were predominantly influenced by Western democracies. The UN’s current members have swayed the world body to be under the greater influence of non-democratic or out right repressive regimes. Many of the despotic regimes of great influence are nations dominated by the intolerance of the theo-political religion known to its adherents as Islam.

It is ironic the UN is more influenced by these despotic nations than did the old Soviet bloc and Chinese satellite States did during the Cold War days. The one world domination principles espoused by the current UN seems to be greater than the old Communist bloc nations of old. The success of the new UN minimizes religious liberty, free expression and human rights more efficiently than did Marxist utopianism. I sense the concept of being politically correct in the West has brought on an unwarranted guilt complex which fears offending other cultural ways of thinking. The guilt complex has allowed Western cultural principles to be whittled away by warped egalitarian political correctness which demands multicultural integration at the expense of the West’s Judeo-Christian-Greco heritage.

Frankly the USA has not yet totally succumbed to this self-immoliating of culture. The growing influence of the Leftist Secular Humanism in America has been like a magnet slowly dragging our culture into the dangerous egalitarian political correctness currently dominating Europe.

For America to stand on the Constitutional Republic initiated by our Founding Fathers, America needs to eschew membership in the world body that is becoming more and more anti-American, anti-Liberty and anti-Freedom.

The UN agenda could actually lead to situation in which the U.S. Constitution is only valid as much as it does not contradict laws initiated by the world body. The power of taxation may not be in the hands of elected members of the House of Representatives if America agrees to pay global taxation. The essence of global taxation is a Leftist concept of spreading the wealth of affluent nations to benefit poorer regimes stuck in repression. It would be a myth to think the poor of despotic regimes would benefit as much as the ruling elites of the repressive regimes themselves.

In essence the political correct guilt complex will rob the USA of sovereignty and take away voter representation away from elected government.

This is not to say that an international organization is bad. In fact a better way to ensure Liberty, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness is to engage likeminded nations that look after each other’s national interest in economics and security. This would entail confronting nations or groups of nations that would threaten the economy or security of likeminded nations grouped in a confederated union respecting each other’s sovereignty.

This personal rant of dislike of the path of the United Nations was meant to be an introduction to an essay by Rick Moran entitled, “United States out of the UN – NOW”.

JRH 12/21/09

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