Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jewish legal rights to Judea and Samaria

The Land of Israel (Eretz Israel) belongs to Jews and not Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. Recently I posted an Israpundit book review that utilizes the Sam Remo Resolution as a foundation for a modern validation for this claim that is extra-Biblical. In the mind of the secular West (especially deluded Leftists), extra-Biblical protocols and treaties carry more weight.

Here is further secular validation from Israpundit. This time Ted Belman is the writer. The thing is there seems to have been some discrepancy in an email list sent out that Belman wishes to correct. I missed that email. Regardless here is Belman’s disclaimer:

NOTE: My last email with the subject OBAMA BREAKS U.S. LAW BY DEMANDING FREEZE was not written by me and contained numerous errors. This article should replace it. It is these rights and US law that Obama is violating.

With that disclaimer now you should read “Jewish legal rights to Judea and Samaria.”

JRH 12/8/09

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  1. The Qur'an 17:104 - states the land belongs to the Jewish people

    Any building of housing in The Greater Israel is the right and duty of the Israeli government. There is no such a thing as occupied territory. It is the land of Israel for over 4,000 years.

    A two-state solution was implemented in 1922
    In compliance with the 1920 League of Nations Resolution, two-state solution was implemented in 1922 when British administration of occupied Israel allocated more than 70% of Israel territory to Palestinian Arabs and created Transjordan (now Jordan) where today over 90 percent of the population identify themselves as Palestinian Arabs. Every party, including UN, EU, US, etc., must respect League of Nations Resolutions, adopted and accepted by UN. Therefore, all so called "Palestinians" must be relocated there. Enough stealing Israel land. Britain and Jordan must compensate Israel for stolen land and natural resources. Ref: article “Jewish legal rights to Judea and Samaria” By prominent International Law specialist Ted Belman | 12/08/09 | Additionally, Article 24 of the 1964 PLO Charter addressed to UN stipulates: "Palestinian Muslims do not claim West Bank (Judea and Samaria) and Gaza their territories”

    20 Years of Research Reveals Jerusalem Belongs to Jews