Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thoughts on Johnson’s Recent SCF Post

John R. Houk
© December 1, 2009

Gary H. Johnson, Jr. continues to write about the influence of Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF) and Dubai World. As I have said before global finance is definitely not my forte, hence I have a few observations that are probably not even close to the message Johnson is trying to get to across to Western finance wizards.

As far as finance goes with comprehending SCF and Dubai World, it is simplistic to point out that the goings on are a twisted convoluted web which I doubt even the most ethical (i.e. by kafir standards) Muslim has a difficult time unraveling. Western finance and corporate law can be tricky for the untrained or ill-educated financial dabbler. SCF almost seems like an illicit scheme by Western standards when one looks beyond interest free sukuk and zakat charity.

Both of these instruments of SCF on the surface indeed sound like the ideal “ethical alternative” to Western finance concepts that can wring the low brow financial participant into a slavery of debt and/or bankruptcy. As most things that appear so good on the surface SCF principles are merely a path to institute Islamic Supremacism in culture whether that culture be dar al-Islam or dar al-harb.

Dar al-Islam SCF is merely the maintenance of Islamic Supremacist culture. Dar al-harb SCF has become a deceptive device to slowly infect Western culture and ethics with Islamic Supremacism. One thing that caught my eye about Johnson’s article is how zakat charity is utilized by Islamic global conglomerate corporations to both invest in something that Islam forbids while simultaneously purifying a Muslim corporation’s relationship with Allah. An investment in Las Vegas casinos is one of many examples. Can you say liquor, scantily clad babes, loose public living and promiscuity? Isn’t that one of the many evils purist Muslims (Salafist-Muslim Brotherhood types) decry as part of the sin of Satan? Is that not the very reason radical Islam calls for the re-awakening of a global Caliphate to complete the subjugation of the world to Islam and Shariah Law?

When writing about the ancient Islamic dream of a global Caliphate by hook or by crook; take note zakat charity is paid to Mosques or Islamic authorities as part of that so-called cleansing. So view those American-Islamic organizations that claim to be charities or non-profit civil rights organizations with a wary eye. Supporting the Islamic dream is zakat. Zakat meaning is intricately fed via SCF to terrorist organizations whose goal is jihad - the kind of jihad that says convert or die, not the kind that partakes in an inner struggle for the faith.

Anyway, I just went on a crusade with my “few observations” concept. Read Johnson’s “Dubai World's Controlled Burn.” For a more sanitized don’t panic your Western market’s analysis read Bloomberg’sDubai Credit Risk Falls Most in 9 Months On Debt Plan (Update1)

JRH 12/1/09

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