Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bussel: The Advancing Storm

Ari Bussel seems to be a Center-Left pro-Israel hawk. This means I agree with many of his pro-Israel writings but disagree with many of his solutions or conclusions.

Here is a brief profile blurb on the Conservative oriented Canadian Free Press:

Ari Bussel is a reporter and an activist on behalf of Israel, the Jewish Homeland. Ari left Beverly Hills and came to Israel 13 weeks to work in Israel Diplomacy’s Front from Israel. Ari runs a website Ari can be reached at

Here is a profile from the Leftist oriented

Ari Bussel is an activist with a deep passion and commitment to truth. His continuous fact-finding missions to the Middle East to secure truthful and factual information about the status of the situation are disseminated to a worldwide audience through his letters, journals and articles. Bussel is a graduate of UCLA and Stanford. His area of expertise is Israel's Public Diplomacy. Since October, 2008, Bussel has collaborated with award-winning investigative journalist and author Norma Zager in a series of essays "Postcards from Israel - Postcards from Home." (About

With this in mind here is an interesting outlook by Ari Bussel sent to entitled, “The Advancing Storm.” Bussel writes about Jewish Settlements in Judea and Samaria (aka West Bank or to Leftists as Occupied Territory), Settler’s Rights, Jewish Construction, Arab Construction and the how possible choices may lead to an all out war for Israel’s survival.

JRH 12/2/09

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