Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Balance Thoughts on Conservatism and Leftism

John R. Houk
© December 16, 2009

The JudgeRight blog has an excellent post which I might label a Conservative Libertarian perspective. Directly below is a comment I posted there.

This real good JudgeBob! The thing is though most people are not good managers of their personal affairs, hence the bondage of individual credit card debt and the inability of to budget an affordable insurance plan.

The reality is these people do need direction on how to manage their affairs. Is government the solution? I can't believe that! Government management of personal affairs is transferring debt bondage to government bondage. No matter how well intentioned government management may be designed, the individual will be lost in the bureaucracy of rules and regulations which tell an individual what is affordable or good no matter the actual need of the individual.

Hence the government managed collective becomes despotism. Not Good!

Do I have a workable solution that would make my fellow accountable responsibility Conservatives happy and placate Leftist collectivism? Dear God in Heaven I wish I did.

In the realm of the dreamer perhaps there is a marketable service that competes to offer individual (or individual families) management services in a free market private basis that is contractual yet under government regulation to limit abuse. This would add a little culpability to the buyer beware paradigm yet keep government management off the table.

It is a little mixture of socialism and capitalism that I am certain that would make both Leftists and Conservatives unhappy at a cursory observational glance.

JRH 12/16/09

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