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CAIR is the Enemy of Everything American

John R. Houk
© December 24, 2009

All Mainstream Media (MSM) outlets (including FOX News) have been failing to report on one of the most obvious National Security and cultural threats to America since the defunct Marxist/Leninist Soviet Union attempted a Fifth Column infiltration. That failure has to do with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and its connections to West hating Muslim Brotherhood and violent Jew-hating terrorist organization known as Hamas.

CAIR was infiltrated on a non-law enforcement sting by the Gaubatz family who were able to collect damning evidence covertly of CAIR’s subversive activities against America in favor of a radical Islamic agenda. Gaubatz son and daughter were able to pull off a fake conversion to Islam and amazingly became privy to files of CAIR’s inner workings of which many are illegal.

The Father - Dave Gaubatz - teamed up with author Paul Sperry to disseminate the covertly acquired data into the book “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that's Conspiring to Islamize America.”

The media failure is in ignoring the verifiable data in “Muslim Mafia.” The enormity of this failure increased when CAIR attempted to use the wealthy Muslim tactic of Jihad Lawfare (aka Legal Jihad).

Because of this media failure whenever I come across a good essay or update concerning the “Muslim Mafia” I will post it. Here is one such essay entitled, “Much Ado About CAIR.”

JRH 12/24/09
Much Ado About CAIR

By Deborah Weiss
Dec 24th, 2009

Is it a mainstream Muslim civil rights organization, an illegal lobbying firm, a terrorist front group or all of the above?

In the eye-opening new book titled Muslim Mafia, former federal investigator Dave Gaubatz and Paul Sperry (author of Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington) provide an inside look into the controversial tax-exempt organization known as Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

In a brazen display of courage, Dave’s son, Chris, feigned conversion to Islam and loyalty to its radical tenets. After winning over the trust of CAIR’s top leaders and inner circles, Chris Gaubatz aka David Marshall became privy to the private meetings and secret documents of this notorious organization. Muslim Mafia tells the story of what Chris and his cohorts discover when they infiltrate the infiltrators.

During a six month sting operation, during which time he earned an award from CAIR, Chris was tasked with shredding confidential documents. But instead, he brought them home for examination. He taped conversations, researched court documents, and investigated the organization’s finances, goals, strategies and key players. What he found is both fascinating and frightening.

Muslim Mafia portrays CAIR as nothing less than America’s fifth column. It is part of a network of organizations including ISNA, NAIT, MSA, and others which front for the Muslim Brotherhood and conspire to incrementally Islamize the west. The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is to sabotage the United States from within, and its main weapon is deceit.

The book demonstrates that CAIR is anything but a true civil rights organization. Rather, it constitutes a turnstile for terrorist-supporters and victimizes mainstream Muslims who seek its aid. It has penetrated major US institutions, derailed counterterrorism training programs, placed moles in law enforcement agencies, and advised mosque-goers to remain silent in the face of FBI investigations.

Sadly, political correctness in collusion with Islamic radicalism has weakened America’s national security. Indeed, some in the FBI notified CAIR in advance of its raids, rendering the raids useless. And until recently, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies employed CAIR to provide “sensitivity training” to their agents, teaching them how to refrain from offending terrorist suspects held in custody. Field agents complained that higher ups seemed more concerned about appeasing organizations with terrorist ties than actually investigating them.

Recently, in the largest terrorism trial in the US, where several defendants were convicted and sent to jail, CAIR and ISNA were named unindicted co-conspirators. Despite this, aspects of law enforcement persist in “Muslim outreach” to these same organizations.

Political correctness is also causing America to lose control of framing the issues for the war on terror. And generally, those who frame the debate win it. Yet, succumbing to Islamist propaganda, the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and the National Counterterrorism Center have distributed memos to their employees dissuading them from using a host of words and phrases ranging from “jihad” to “Islamic terrorism”. If America can’t name her enemies and discuss them, neither can she produce a strategy to defeat them.

It is progress that the FBI finally cut ties with CAIR subsequent to the Holy Land Foundation trial. It is also encouraging that some Congressmen are calling for an investigation of CAIR. However, much work remains. Muslim Brotherhood fronts are still infiltrating other areas of society including corporations, banks, courts, academia and media. Their persuasion tactics range from political donations and carefully crafted public relations messages to lies, propaganda, economic boycotts, name-calling, bogus lawsuits and veiled threats.

For example, CAIR affiliates have managed to obtain congressional staff positions. CAIR still works closely with some congressional offices, drafting legislation and otherwise targeting key committees to influence policy. Among its goals are to strip America of her counterterrorism tools, eliminate immigration restrictions from high risk Muslim countries, outlaw profiling, criminalize criticism of Islam, abolish aid to Israel, and withdraw US troops from both Iraq and Afghanistan. Some politicians share CAIR’s anti-freedom and anti-national security sentiments. Others have been the recipients of purposeful disinformation campaigns by various Muslim Brotherhood front groups that pose as mainstream.

The Pentagon’s Muslim Chaplain program exemplifies another Muslim Brotherhood success story. It was started by Alamoudi, then-head of the Muslim American Society, while he simultaneously raised money for Al-Qaeda. The program provided the Pentagon’s stamp of approval to radical imams. Though Alamoudi now sits in jail, the program he started remains in place.

The Treasury Department and Wall Street are the next targets for Islamists. They are pushing for sharia-compliant financing, the instruments of which are precluded from dealing with alcohol, pork, and any business with Israel. Dispute resolution must be handled by sheiks who are expert in sharia law, rather than by the SEC. The goal is to create a parallel financial system at odds with American values and lacking government accountability. Worse, a portion of the earnings from sharia-compliant financing goes to “Islamic charities” many of which are questionable at best. Never-the-less, the Treasury Department offered its first course titled “Islamic Banking 101” earlier this year.

Allowing Muslims and others of all faiths to immigrate to America and enjoy her way of life is the American way. But America cannot not allow her freedom of religion to be turned on its head and used against her. She ought not accommodate radicals who demand respect for the intolerant, attempt to reduce national security, restrict freedom of speech or ultimately seek the merging of mosque and state.

America must do more than merely defend herself from her enemies. She must be pro-active. America cannot not wait for another 9/11 or until CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups achieve their objectives. She must act now before it is too late.

Muslim Mafia is a fascinating read which, at a minimum, raises critical issues that demand to be asked and answered. To support its claims, it details copious citations from court records, declassified FBI documents, interviews with government officials, counterterrorism expertise, and internal CAIR memos. Get the book and become informed. America’s freedom and national security depend on it.

To order Muslim Mafia, click here.


CAIR is the Enemy of Everything American
John R. Houk
© December 24, 2009
Much Ado About CAIR
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  1. CAIR's chairman is also a North Carolina State Senator - Larry Shaw...whose district includes Ft. Bragg - which CAIR advisor Zaid Shakir has stated is a legitimate target for Muslims

    Shaw, who makes frequent trips to Islamic countries, also mentored a woman who was recruited by Osama bin Laden's mentor (aka the godfather of jihad)...but you never heard any of this in the news...

    Much more at our blog as well...

  2. A CAIR member as an elected State Senator! I am a bit surprised an electorate from North Carolina would do this. I can see this in Minnesota, Illinois and Ohio. I know that Jamaat ul-Fuqra is in North Carolina but surely that cannot make a majority to elect an anti-American Muslim to State government?

    At any rate I encourage all to go to Creeping Sharia to keep informed.