Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Jihadist Strategic Dilemma

Here is an interesting feel good analysis of the AfPak portion of the Global War on Terror (GWOT).

George Friedman writes that the Taliban/al Qaeda fractured terrorist consortium has failed in the last eight years of war with the USA. Friedman admits America cannot make a central strike on the terrorists for the very reason that they are fractured and not centralized. On the other hand the Sunni Islam terrorists failed in their objective the last eight years.

Al Qaeda in particular felt a very public attack on American soil would show that American is not an all powerful kafir. They hoped an international display of a successful Muslim attack would inspire Sunni Muslims of dar al-Islam would rise up and through off the hegemony of fitna Muslim governments that kowtow to Western interests. Al Qaeda/Ikhwan theorists had nations like Egypt and Saudi Arabia in mind. According to Friedman the irony of the strategy led these despotic governments to gravitate toward American security to bolster their regimes against jihadists’ designs.

You can read Friedman’s analysis

JRH 12/8/09

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