Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pseudo-Palestinian Hate

John R. Houk
© December 17, 2009

I continue to be amazed about the blindness of the EU nations and most Leftists in general concerning Israel and the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. This amazement stretches to America as well because both Republican and Democratic Party Presidential Administrations have been hell bent into forcing Israel into giving up part of their heritage to this group of pseudo-Palestinians.

Here I need to stop and point out the reason for the prefix “pseudo.” I use the prefix because the term Palestine and Palestinian as referenced to the Arabs living in the Holy Land has absolutely no relationship to the history of that word. The word Palestine is derived from a word constructed by conquering Romans of the Jewish land. The Romans gave the boot to most Jews from their homeland after years of putting down revolts against their rule. After the boot came the plan was to give a new name to the area. The name new was based on the Jewish people’s hereditary enemy whom they defeated completely called the Philistines. The Jewish land was designated as Philistia after these enemies of the Jews. The West eventually anglicized the word Philistia to Palestine. By the time of the British Mandate for Palestine, the inhabitants of Palestine were thought to be Jews preparing for a national homeland and not Arabs. The Arabs that call themselves Palestinians have absolutely no heritage to the Holy Land except as conquerors in 634 AD (give or take a few years mingled with Persian incursions).

The hubris of Muslim Arabs has led the West to believe that the descendants of those who fled Israel prior to the Arab invasions of 1948 should be restored to land they deserted to avoid what was thought to be a coming carnage of Jewish lives in the Holy Land.

In spite of all this documented information Palestinian propaganda has convinced the powers that be in the West that these particular Arabs are victims rather than Supremacists dedicated to the destruction of Israel and all things Jewish. Europe’s history of anti-Semitism has blinded them to Palestinian/Arab intent and Muslim Supremacy. The tenets of Islamic Supremacism are the very hate-racism that Palestinian-Arabs utilize to stir up the Arab created refugees of Judea-Samaria and Gaza.

The Islamic oriented thug terrorists that the West has validated as political elites among the residents of Judea-Samaria and Gaza have worked over a half century planting hatred of Jews into the collective consciousness of Arabs called Palestinians via education, media and Mosques. Hate is such a large part of the Arab consciousness that most believe the lies as factual truth.

Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook have written an article exposing Arab anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews that is so pervasive among the pseudo-Palestinians. As you read the article entitled “Beyond mere hatred” those that have not calloused their conscience through Palestinian propaganda should wonder why Leftists in general, EU and America is so bent on creating a sovereign nation of racist hatred whose sole reason for existing is to bring about a Holocaust that will make Hitler’s infamous Holocaust look like a tea party.

JRH 12/17/09 (Hat Tip: ICJS Research)

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