Saturday, October 10, 2009

Palin is Finding Political Admirers

On October 6th I posted Bill Warner’s disdain for Lt. General Stanley McChrystal as the military leader in Afghanistan and Sarah Palin for a speech in Hong Kong that included her current thoughts on Islam.

Warner’s complaint is that these two do not have a grasp about the correct actuality about Muslim tenets to be in the positions they are either in or aspire to be in.

Another excellent writer exposing the tenets of Islam picked up on Warner’s piece and focused on the Palin’s Facebook description of her time in Hong Kong.
Ben’s Blog took Palin to task for her ignorance of Islam because she followed the politically correct path of Islam is not evil, terrorists are. Or anyway that is my take on a brief summary.

Ben is very specific and so I cannot fault his thinking; nonetheless I had some thoughts that I posted in the comment section:

Ben you would be surprised how many Conservative Republicans feel Sarah Palin is not bright enough for Higher Office. I am not one those Conservatives.

Palin's total lack of knowledge about Islam is not unique. Leftists and Conservatives alike tend to believe spoon fed information concerning the religion of evil. Would Palin find advisors in the know if indeed she runs for Higher Office? I pray that is the case.

Bush began with Islam is Islamofascism. Whether or not that is a good description of Islam is debatable however at the least it had the seeds of knowing Islam inspired violence and not peace. Then as Bush began to backtrack by describing Islam as the religion of peace. One has to think that Bush caved into State Department Republicans of the nature of James Baker and the deception of American-Islamic organizations such as CAIR.

As it stands now I believe Palin is flexible enough yet political enough to grasp the wickedness of Islam yet not having to commit to a public understanding of such an understanding. To publicly announce Islam is evil would be political suicide in America today.

That is one lesson Palin or any Conservative candidate can learn from President Barack Hussein Obama: Deny everything, promise what your followers and centrists want to hear and attack the attackers' credibility for criticism.

P.S.: No anger here. Palin definitely has to change her vision of Islam.

With those thoughts in mind I discovered an article at concerning Palin’s time in Hong Kong that is more on the positive side.

JRH 10/10/09 (Hat Tip: Don Moore of the Blind Conservative List)

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