Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do You Trust Iran and Russia?

John R. Houk
© October 22, 2009

A negotiating team from Iran has agreed in principle to ship nuclear fuel to Russia for enrichment. The reasoning is if the nuclear fuel is in Russia then Iran would not have enough nuclear fuel to enrich to a weapons grade nuclear warhead of some sort.

The Iranian negotiating to could not give formal approval of the deal because it has to hear from the divine Shi’ite Ayatollah, I mean the leadership of the Iranian government.

Here is the thing. Iran has been rattling sabers with a ‘hands off’ attitude about their nuclear program to concerned governments (primarily Israel followed by the USA with some lesser concerns from appeasers like the UK, France and Germany). At every moment Iran needed to stall for time to reach a nuclear goal, the Mullah dominated government would express an interest at negotiation. Each negotiation was a smoke screen for all negotiation with Iran NEVER amounted to any substance.

Here is the other thing. Russia would be the guarantor of how much enriched nuclear fuel would be sent back to Iran for peaceful energy purposes. Does anyone see a snag in this logic?

Russia has been sending assassinators to the West to kill people of interest to the Russian image.

One example is the Litvinenko radiation poisoning murder carried out on British soil.

Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned by Dioxin. Yushchenko believes there is a Russian connection to the poisoning that occurred during a Ukrainian Presidential campaign he eventually won.

Russia has been belligerent to its neighbors, former members of the Soviet empire and Western governments.

Russia invades its neighbor and former Soviet Republic Georgia and steals land and continues to this day to make Georgia’s life miserable. Georgia was an American ally as part of the coalition of the willing.

Russia has been provoking British air space with military flyers. Not only once but several times.

The so-called new Russia has even been testing the USA ala Cold War style. The Russian excuse is American involvement in nations formerly controlled by the old Soviet Empire. Russia is actually in the beginnings of beginning global hegemonic rivalries that was supposed to have been resolved with the fall of Soviet Communism and the rise of democratic experiments in Eastern Europe. Naturally many of these nations formerly under the domination of the old Bear Claw would be drawn to the successful institutions that have brought prosperity to America. Nationalist egotism is again beginning to threaten global peace with Russia and emerging power China showing a desire for regional hegemony.

President Barack Hussein Obama’s handling of foreign policy is playing directly into the nationalistic fervor of Russian dreams of empire. BHO more than likely feels his election mandate was to handle foreign policy less assertively than the Republican Administrations of Reagan, Bush I and Bush II. It appears BHO believes that weakening American hegemony by taking the blame for all that riles our allies and rivals alike is the path to offsetting emerging Russian nationalism.

What are nations like Russia, China and Iran to think after BHO’s first whirlwind European tour of apologizing for American intrusions that benefitted American interests while policing Western government fears. It sounds a bit like hubris but who have the Europeans turned to in the 20th century for self-preservation during devastating wars and threats of Communist despotism? That nation is the USA. Two World Wars and the existence of NATO to counter the potential aggression of Soviet Imperialist days is the evidence. American might allowed Western economies to grow and actually become competitive to the American economy as a result of American global policing.

BHO’s appeasement policy could actually provoke another global conflict with such acts as scraping Europe’s Missile Defense Shield program at Russia’s command, the policy of no pre-conditions in Iranian negotiations and forcing a threat to Israel’s existence by producing an independent Palestinian State who’s only goal is the annihilation of non-Muslim Israel.

So Iran’s nuclear negotiating team secures a plan to send nuclear fuel to Russia for enrichment. There is no doubt this will add to the myth of Messiahood to BHO’s persona. Keeping in mind the Iranian government has not actually said, “We got a deal.” Does anyone really believe Iran will stop cruising down the path of becoming a nuclear power?

JRH 10/22/09

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